Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 15


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 15

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This body of Zhi Yan was too exhausted, it involuntarily leaned towards the side and I could not control it. Mo Qing reached out, grabbed my arm, and gently pulled me closer into his chest.

Instantly at this moment, Zhi Yan’s body seemed to be burdened with a thousand catties and yet I unexpectedly felt Mo Qing’s chest and arms containing slight uncontrollable tremors.

*catties – a traditional unit of measurement in China

I did not understand what he was trembling about and I just felt a little unwillingness.

I blocked the old man’s staff as if I went down to hell and walked a circle. But he only had to berate one phrase that stopped all disputes. An impressive and dashing air like this… Before, it was obviously all done by me!


“Sect Leader.” Yuan Jie said, “This subordinate was punishing the escaping celestial cultivator, and this disciple of yours, did not hesitate to place herself in danger to save him. This action…”

“So what about it?” Mo Qing opened his mouth, these four words directly made Yuan Jie choke. Nobody ever thought that Mo Qing could unexpectedly utter these four words.

I included.

I distractedly raised my head to look at Mo Qing and caught sight of the perfect contour of his smooth jaw. I heard him not tolerating other people’s opinion and coldly commanded: “I have my own decision, you can go back.”

In these words, it possessed his dignity and decisiveness. In the end, he was different from the Ugly Little Monster of the past.

Yuan Jie’s hand that grasped the Qing Gang Staff tightened, the blue veins on the back of his hand appeared prominently but it subsided just as quickly again. In a low voice, he just answered with a single “Yes,” then his figure moved and in a split second, he disappeared on the spot.

Mo Qing swept his eyes towards the side and looked at the group of terrified guards: “Go get South Mountain Lord.”

South Mountain Lord, Gu Han Guang, was Wan Lu Sect’s greatest doctor. That year, I spent a lot of efforts, used so many methods, and was finally able to drag this hermit already secluded from the outside world that the common people circulated into legend as the “Medicine God” to join Wan Lu Sect.

It was because I feared that one day in the future I could sustain serious injuries or if I was severely poisoned the subordinates below did not have enough time to find a Medicine God for me, and then I would die. Therefore, it was necessary to first find a Medicine God to be prepared.

But matters in the world were hard to anticipate, when it was my time to die, I still died. I prepared the Medicine God and wasted it on Mo Qing to benefit from.

But now Mo Qing… Wanted to let Gu Han Guang heal me?

I was a little dumbfounded. He practically did not speak reasonably and favored me in front of the North Mountain Lord because of this Zhi Yan and this body. Now he wanted to utilize the South Mountain Lord to come and heal me? This and that cold face, bad temperament, and indifferent style of his before, the difference was a little bit big…

I did not see him all day, what happened to him?

In my heart, I recalled that the last time I saw him was the day before yesterday day in Cang Shu Pavilion. I carried out little tricks to seduce him, afterward, he became… Melancholic and left without uttering another word.

Look at his expression today, could it be that…

The seduction of that day, in actuality, already existed deep within his heart and it left a great imprint that created a profound influence on him?

He returned and contemplated for an entire day, struggled through countless thoughts and immeasurable mental activities. He originally had intended to renounce me, this suspicious mannered celestial sect disciple. However, I absolutely did not expect that I would be injured today which made his heart ached. He was finally forced to admit to himself that in fact, he had already fallen in love with me. Then he was unable to control his rising emotions and rushed to protect me. He favored me in front of the North Mountain Lord and even requested the South Mountain Lord to examine my wound.

I felt that my own reasoning was very logical because was that not how of all those love stories out there were written.

I raised my head to glance at him and saw him bowed his head to also gaze at me. His eyes were as dark as the depths of an abyss but because I was completely reflected in his eyes, the light colored clothes on this body made his eyes appear to glow brightly. The corner of his mouth pursed up tightly and the sound of his voice was a little hoarse, he asked me, “How is your injury?” It seemed like he was enduring pain, too.


I thought to myself, although I had saved his life a hundred years ago, had raised him for a short time, and eventually died in his hands. However, I was still forced to admit that for so many years, I truly did not understand him at all.

Ugly Little Monster, you are unexpectedly so pure and innocent. I just smiled and touched you, and you actually took the bait! I also prepared a series of seductive maneuvers for you but who was going to watch it now?

Anyways, this would save time and inconvenience.

“Master…” I weakly opened my mouth and called him. I no longer wasted any effort to support my body and let myself to completely fall into his embrace. He caught me quickly. I raised my hand, pretended to grab his clothes, and placed my hand on his chest, where his heart was. At this moment, I just needed to manipulate my energy, turn my fingers into sharp claws, pierce his chest, and then dig his heart out.

My eyes became cold as I mobilized the energy in my body…


Ah, damn his uncle…

I actually forgot that Zhi Yan’s body was extremely useless. To my surprise, at this time there was not even a little bit of internal energy available.


So I had no other choice but to really cling to Mo Qing’s clothes, I raised my head and connected with his gaze. He stared at me; it was exactly these eyes that made me felt as if he saw through me every time. The time before my death was like this and now it was also like this.

At this moment, I suddenly felt that he already knew who I was and what I also wanted to do to him just now. But he remained calm and collected like even if I really wanted to dig out his heart, he would not say a word and allow me to dig it out just the same.

But for a person like Mo Qing to get to this point, for what reason would he let me dig out his heart? On top of that, for what reason after he knew that I was Lu Zhao Yao, he still allowed me to live and threaten his position?

Could it still be because he likes Lu Zhao Yao?

I chuckled silently at this really naive thought.

Even if Mo Qing destroyed the Whipping Corpse Stage and removed the Hanging Corpse Pillar but he could never reject this reason within the demon path that every human heart desired for power. In this path, everyone was like this. There was no type of love in existence that could overcome the pursuit of power.

Therefore, he did not kill this body and even fell in love with it now. It was because he believed that although this body was strange but it would not pose threats to his position or cause harm to his interests.

I need to seize this moment while he was in the stages of love, and then find an opportunity to eliminate him.

“Master… Just now I thought I would not be able to see you again.” I tried hard to make Zhi Yan’s body squeeze out glistening teardrops that reflected the setting sun and overflowed in waves as I watched Mo Qing. A person in love always felt bad for his weaker counterpart.

As expected, the light in Mo Qing’s eyes shook slightly.

“No, no.” These two words he uttered were so profound and he answered so solemnly, I was a little surprised.


“If you want to see me, I will be by your side.”

In this moment of distraction, I slightly understood why I died in Ugly Little Monster’s hands at that time because all of his words and mannerisms were impossible for me to comprehend. When I still felt that I had not seduced him, he had already fallen in love with me. I felt that I needed to entice him further to deepen his feelings, and then he would pledge his undying love for me.

I barely released the hook and the fish already jumped into the basket. It truly scared the fisherman.

I coughed and unexpectedly did not know what I should say next. Suddenly, a passing wind came to the side of our bodies to break the awkward silence.

It was Gu Han Guang.

Over the past few years, he had not changed much. He still had the appearance of a child but his face had matured. It was already the beginning of spring but he was still bundled in thick ferret fur and his lips were pale: “You looking for me?” He spoke to Mo Qing, even though I was in Mo Qing’s embrace, he did not bother to look at me. The tone of his speech was no different from before when he talked to me, not in the least respectful.

Only because he was Gu Han Guang, the only person in this world who could snatch a human life from the King of Hell, so I implicitly allowed him to have that privilege.

“Yes.” Mo Qing told him, “Look at her injury.”

Gu Han Guang heard that and he looked at me now. He had the form of a child and probably would never become an adult in his lifetime. When he stood, he was as tall as Mo Qing half kneeling. His gaze only swept around my body once: “A little superficial wound, excessive internal energy loss, no need for treatment, take some supplemental medicines to recuperate the energy, and then will be better in a few days.” Then after, he asked Mo Qing, “On the contrary, that one behind you is injured more seriously.”

I heard that and suddenly remembered. Oh, yeah, it was because I saved that Liu Cang Ling that I became a virtuous assistant now.

I moved against Mo Qing’s embrace and looked over his shoulder. Behind him, I only saw Liu Cang Ling lying on the ground, not moving like he was dead. While Zhi Yan knelt beside him, turned her head to watch me and cried: “Hurry up, don’t flirt anymore. Brother Cang Ling is about to die. I won’t be able to see him anymore.”

In that case, I would help him get a little treatment.

I had not said anything yet, Mo Qing straightened, carried me up, and was about to leave: “Execute him.”

Huh, what?

Once again, I did not understand. Mo Qing, did you depend on your moods and your preferences to supervise your sect? Did you not do things like give out porridge, why are you executing people now? Where was the farming penalty?

“Master…” I grabbed the clothes on his chest, “He is… Uh…”

Zhi Yan was quick-witted, she saw that I could not remember her relationship with Liu Cang Ling, immediately hurried to one side and supplemented: “He’s my senior brother, we grew up together. Brother is my childhood sweetheart…” As she spoke, it seemed to touch the bitterest places in her heart, the corners of her mouth trembled, “He is the man that I still have an arranged marriage with.”

Therefore, I summed it up a little: “He is extremely close to me.”

Mo Qing furrowed his brows: “You want to save him?”


“Yes.” I spent so much effort, not to send a dead person out of Chen Ji Mountain.

Mo Qing tightened his lips slightly. I watched his expression. He unexpectedly was not very willing to save Liu Cang Ling.

Ugly Little Monster, are you really not merciful now? Why was it that I hope for you to be a little merciful at this time, you are determined to viciously make up your mind?

I suddenly became enlightened, Mo Qing likes me now. This expression of his, could it be that he was… Jealous?

In order to save another man, I put myself into a difficult situation like this — this made Mo Qing unhappy.

Ah, you men are insanely possessive. You precisely wished that in my heart and in my eyes there was only you. In this world, besides you, everyone else was ugly. I just had to satisfy you, there was no need to cause murder.

“Master.” I rubbed against his chest, “Let him go. When my heart is filled with you, I don’t want to leave a place for the guilt of another person to occupy.”

Zhi Yan cried and pointed at my nose, she scolded: “You don’t use my mouth to say such evil words!”

Hmph, little girl, what do you know. When people are in love, this was how they talk.

Look, was Mo Qing not silent. He was still silent for a long time! Obviously, there was no resistance to my sweet speech and honeyed words.

“After treatment, throw him out of Chen Ji Mountain.” He coldly commanded.

Gu Han Guang crouched next to Liu Cang Ling, started to feel his pulse, prepared to place the needle, and found the time to say: “Leave quickly.” Still his same old self, only he dared to chase off the Sect Leader. He could not bear even a little to see other people in his presence form pairs and become couples.


Mo Qing did not delay and carried me back to Wu E Hall.

I looked around for a bit, he took me back to this sleeping chamber. Actually, it was my former sleeping chamber.  The Sect Leader’s sleeping chamber was probably where Mo Qing resides. Yet he unexpectedly brought me here.

Uh… As expected, it was the torrential waves of love that made him lose his bearings among it.

“You should rest well first.”

He put me on the bed, went to the side, lit the lamp, went to the outer room, and came back with a box of medicinal pills. When I saw the box of medicinal pills, my eyes lit up.


Nine Reversal Original Pill was a pill that protects and saves a person’s life, increases a person’s strength, and raises a person’s cultivation base. It was extremely beneficial! Disciples of celestial cultivation similar to Zhi Yan’s level, they just needed to eat one pill, meditate for one night, and then their injury would heal completely and their cultivation base would increase dramatically.

“Master, this… I can eat this? Is it all for me?”

“Yes. It is all yours.”

I glanced into the box and roughly counted that inside the box there were about six Nine Reversal Original Pills. If I eat all these pills, within a month, I could definitely make Zhi Yan become more powerful than the average mid-level demon path disciples. This was the level that people cultivated for twenty to thirty years and not necessarily was able to achieve.

“Although, Nine Reversal Pill is good but within a short period of time it should not be used continuously.” Mo Qing said. From inside the box, he took one pill and gave it to me, “Today, your internal aura was severely damaged. After taking the medicine, concentrate on meditating and adjusting your aura. Ten days later come and find me. I will give you the second pill.”

What, why are you so stingy. You gave people stuff and still divided it into sequences? I knew that the Nine Reversal Pill could not be eaten every day but it did not need to be one pill every ten days. This way it would drag my agenda from one month to complete to fifty days to settle.

Forget it, he was the Sect Leader now. He had the final say.

I accepted my misfortunes and ate one Nine Reversal Pill.

The medicinal pill slid down the esophagus and entered the stomach. Immediately an abundant stream of spiritual aura rose up from inside my body and slowly circulated to my four limbs and all my bones. I closed my five senses and immersed myself in total darkness. In the past, I used to practice my skills every time like this but this time, I felt like there was a sixth sense. I continuously felt that Mo Qing’s eyes were at my side staring intently at me. For the entire night, his eyes were reluctant to leave me.


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