[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 43 – 44 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

What I like most about today’s episodes is that Zhao Yao is finally saved! No more fireworks in her future. No more fireworks but in exchange freaking Jiang Wu stays for awhile! About the only time that I like Jiang Wu is when he’s being playful and fun.

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Episode 43

~~ Zhuo Chen Hall ~~

Zhao Yao was tied up by Jiang Wu’s magic rope. Jiang Wu went to see her. He sat with her and asked her how was her siesta.

Jiang Wu: Lu Zhao Yao, are you not curious?

Zhao Yao: Not curious.

Jiang Wu: You don’t want to know why I suddenly like you?

Zhao Yao: Don’t want to.

Jiang Wu: You don’t want to know, I still want to tell you.

Zhao Yao: What are you wasting words for.

Jiang Wu: Do you believe that in this world there is a person that was born because of you?

Zhao Yao: I believe it, is that not exactly you.

Jiang Wu: You knew.

Zhao Yao: Qin Qian Xian told me all about it.

Jiang Wu: You don’t think that the circumstances right now are similar to that day?

Zhao Yao: What day?

Jiang Wu: The day you captured Qin Qian Xian. All of you say that I am Qin Qian Xian’s inner demon. But the way that I see it, he, Qin Qian Xian, was only the body that was used to house my soul, nothing more. I was born because of you. Because Qin Qian Xian, himself, was powerless to resist and grow in strength. I grew up in his heart. I could control his will and make him enter the darkness. The battle at the Sword Tomb, he stole your body and put you in the ice wall of Su Mountain. I had not once thought that he could chant incantations every day to purify his heart and ultimately cast me out of his body.

Anyways, he went on to say nobody understands a inner demon. Even he, himself, did not understand inner demons. However, he found out that he had another type of power, he could absorb other people’s fear, resentment, and anger which made him grow and became stronger. Then Zhao Yao told him that she did not care about how he came to be. Then Zhao Yao was able to break out from his magic bind, she attacked him but she lost. (I don’t know about you but I’m tired of watching a weak demoness. )

Jiang Wu demanded that Zhao Yao tell him that she loves him. She refused. He declared that if she does not tell him those words, he will kill one prisoner a day.

~~ Wan Lu Sect’s Prison ~~

Mo Qing was remembering what happened during his wedding. Then he told Si Ma Rong that he wants Jiang Wu to help him save Zhao Yao. Jiang Wu absorbed Qin Qian Xian’s powers, therefore, he was the only one who could open the power in the Heart Lotus.

~~ Zhuo Chen Hall ~~

Jiang Wu roasted chicken for Zhao Yao. She refused to eat it. Then he requested a kiss, so Zhao Yao pretended to kiss him but slapped him instead. He got mad, grabbed her, tried to kiss her, and then Zhao Yao turned into fireworks, again. This was her third time.

~~ Wan Lu Sect’s Prison ~~

Jiang Wu went to the prison where Mo Qing was imprisoned to wait for Lu Zhao Yao. A super weak Zhao Yao came into the prison with her sword and tried to save Mo Qing. Zhao Yao could not defeat Jiang Wu, Jiang Wu tried to kiss her again. Mo Qing saw this and his inner demon flared up. Zhao Yao saw this and got out of Jiang Wu’s grasp to stand in front of Mo Qing. She begged him to not enter the darkness, then Zhao Yao turned into fireworks in front of Mo Qing, again. This was now her forth time. (The movie is using this up quick. Thank goodness! I got tired.)

Mo Qing screamed and cried. (Aw, it was heart-wrenching, poor him.) Then he rushed to the tree where Zhao Yao’s grave site was.

~~ Hong Shi Lin Forbidden Area ~~

Zhao Yao once again walked out of the tree knot and fell into Mo Qing’s arms. She told him not to be afraid, she was just a little tired. Mo Qing told her that he will definitely find a way to save her.

Zhao Yao: Do not worry. What sorts of stormy seas that I, Lu Zhao Yao, had experience or have not seen? Did I not overcome it all?

Mo Qing: I hope that all of the stormy seas that you experience in the future will fall on me. Zhao Yao, this is already the forth time. I am truly afraid.

Zhao Yao: Afraid of what? A notorious demoness like me lands in the netherworld even the ghosts, who sees me will be worried. Even the King of Hell will not willingly accept me.

Mo Qing: Even if I have to kill to enter hell, I will definitely fight to get you back, Zhao Yao.

She fainted, and then Jiang Wu appeared. Jiang Wu attacked behind Mo Qing’s back, Mo Qing’s inner demon force field came up and protected him.

Then Mo Qing used his telepathic connection with Wan Jun Sword to fight Jiang Wu. Wan Jun Sword was beating Jiang Wu’s derriere. Mo Qing laid Zhao Yao down, went up to Jiang Wu, and asked him to help save Zhao Yao. Jiang Wu demanded that Mo Qing give him three kowtows, then he will help save her. Mo Qing complied. (I had a hard time watching this part.)

Jiang Wu agreed to save Zhao Yao and told Mo Qing that it was not because he begged, it was because Jiang Wu likes Zhao Yao.

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Episode 44

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

Mo Qing and Jiang Wu were setting up to save Zhao Yao. Jiang Wu used Qin Qian Xian’s powers and direct into the Heart Lotus to cast the Six Direction Diamond Spell Formation. Mo Qing used Liu He Tian Yi Sword to guide the spell formation and Wan Jun Sword to maintain stability of the spell formation.

Something was not going right with the spell formation. Zhao Yao appeared to be experiencing some discomfort. Jiang Wu’s evil aura was leaving his body and going into the spell formation. Jiang Wu understood that his and Qin Qian Xian’s powers are not the same, they’re clashing. So Jiang Wu ripped out his green heart to separate the two powers. (He’s not a human, he’s an inner demon, so he can definitely live without a heart.)

While Mo Qing and Jiang Wu were busy, Lin Zi Yu sneaked into the dungeon to let A Da and everyone out. Then they went to Wu E Hall to see what is going on. A Da trusted Lin Zi Yu to save the two Sect Leaders, so he took everyone to the other dungeon to get the Mountain Lords and other people out.

Lin Zi Yu thought it was a great opportunity for her to kill Lu Zhao Yao. However, Lin Zi Yu could not achieve her wish because she was stopped by Jiang Wu and Mo Qing. At the last possible moment, she grabbed Liu He Tian Yi Sword to stab Zhao Yao but Mo Qing used his body as shield. Lin Zi Yu told Mo Qing that this was the last time she was going to save Wan Lu Sect and him. She also said that in this lifetime, he let her down, then she left. (Crazy woman! Mo Qing didn’t let her down! He never saw her in the first place. Her love was too one-sided, anyways, like Jiang Wu’s.) As she feld, she stole Zhao Yao’s Liu He Tian Yi Sword.

Anyways, Zhao Yao was saved, she woke up and found out that Jiang Wu ripped out his heart to help save her life. She felt indebted, therefore, agreed to let him become one of Wan Lu Sect’s Sect Leader. Now there are three Sect Leaders. (Ridiculous…)

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3 thoughts on “[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 43 – 44 Highlights

  1. Yea, the 3 sec leader arch was so dumb! It wasn’t funny or helpful at moving the story along, because MQ never care about that position ( he was only holding on when ZY die) and ZY basically already gave the position to MQ.

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