[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 41 – 42 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

What I love most about today’s episodes are Mo Qing trying to propose to Zhao Yao and their incomplete wedding. BTW, Shi Qi is still so adorable.

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Episode 41

~~ Wan Lu Sect ~~

Zhao Yao was drinking in front of her gravesite waiting for Mo Qing to come out of Qi Zhi Di. He came out and they went to drink wine near the lake.

They were reminiscing about before.

Zhao Yao: That year, you were also sitting here like this, in front of the mountain gate watching the bright moon, stars and constellations, wind and frost, rain and snow.

Mo Qing: And also you.

Then Zhao Yao took off her Spying Heart Mirror and put it on Mo Qing.

Zhao Yao: How about today, I will also listen to the worries in your heart. It said that you are worried about me. You want to endure adversity in my place. You are scared of losing me. I like the last words. It said that you love me. Look, did I hear it right?

Mo Qing: Every word, verbatim.

The next day, Mo Qing went to find A Da to ask him about how to propose to a girl. (I LOVE THIS! I also love A Da, he’s such an endearing character.)

A Da: Li Sect Leader. We, An Luo Wei, are usually busy with administration affairs. All the things that we do are killing people and capturing people. When do we have time to talk about love with a young lady, let alone propose.

Mo Qing: What you’re meaning to tell me is that you want to be on leave.

A Da: No! No! No! Sect Leader, that’s not what I meant. I think if you really want to propose to Former Sect Leader it is harder than climbing a mountain full of swords or plunging into a frying pan. Please forgive my incompetence. Sect Leader, how about going to West Mountain Lord’s place and ask.

Mo Qing and A Da went to Si Ma Rong’s place in Wan Lu Sect to get some ideas on how to propose to Lu Zhao Yao.

Si Ma Rong: I think based on Zhao Yao’s personality, how about directly go to her and immediately tell her openly that would be more neatly done.

Mo Qing: Directly telling her, can it be too direct? Particularly, how should I do this?

Si Ma Rong: This poem has mysteries. The son went to marry a girl/ he greets her with a parade of hundreds of vehicles. (This is where Classical Chinese is not my repertoire. I give you the best of my abilities.) How about we attach horses to a carriage and make it super big.

Mo Qing: Zhao Yao’s Zhuo Chen Hall and my Qing Bo Hall is separated by one wall. Attaching horses to a carriage, will that not be too over-the-top?

Si Ma Rong: The peach is young and gentle/ the flowers blooms brightly and luminously. (More poems that simply kills me.) Chen Lan, the day of the proposal, the atmosphere must be romantic and natural. How about you take a branch of peach blossoms and go present it to Zhao Yao.

Mo Qing: I had already given Zhao Yao the Spying Heart Mirror. The Spying Heart Mirror carries a deep meaning, no other presents can compare.

Anyways, Mo Qing did not like any of Si Ma Rong’s ideas, therefore, Si Ma Rong suggested they go see South Mountain Lord. Then they all went to Gu Han Guang’s place to get some ideas.

Mo Qing blurted out that he wanted to propose to Lu Zhao Yao. Gu Han Guang choked on his tea and spit it out. (LOL!)

Gu Han Guang: You want to propose to Lu Zhao Yao.

Mo Qing: It’s just that right now, I have no idea how to execute it. A Rong said you are always elegant. So I came to ask you if you have any ideas.

Gu Han Guang: On this table (his calendar looking-thingy) doesn’t have this matter. I also can’t do anything about it.

Qian Jin came in with desserts and sat down. Then Si Ma Rong went on to that no matter what, the atmosphere must be sweet and beautiful. Qian Jin listened to them talk and then Gu Han Guang had an idea.

Gu Han Guang: This Lu Zhao Yao’s working style is usually not too detail-oriented. This proposal business must be carried out when she least expects it, attack her when she’s not prepare. Give her a dose of strong medicine. (What? He’s crazy!)

A Da: I think that marriage proposal is a happy matter not suitable with something heavy like murderous aura. It must be done big! Have to be big!

Mo Qing: Big. How big?

A Da: … … … (LOL!)

Awkward silence, Gu Han Guang rolled his eyes and Qian Jin chuckled. She said it was just a proposal that made them all become like this. So Si Ma Rong and Mo Qing asked for her opinion.

Qian Jin: I just think that although women are more moody and sensitive but there are differences in each and every one, too. Especially a unique person like Miss Lu. She definitely is unlikely to stand on ceremony nor likes to be restricted. As long as Li Sect Leader is true and sincere, let her feel your heart’s intentions, then you succeeded.

Mo Qing, Si Ma Rong, Gu Han Guang, and A Da planned for the marriage proposal.

Mo Qing: I want to set the location in front of the mountain gate. I will give Zhao Yao a skewer of sugar-coated Chinese hawthorn. That’s her favorite thing to eat, that’s how it started. Next, I will openly tell her my intentions, direct and plainspoken. Then after that there will be a sky full of fluttering flowers to create the background.

A Da: Sect Leader, why must the location be set in front of the mountain gate?

Si Ma Rong: There are some things that are done well but are hard to say.

Zhao Yao was suppose to meet Qian Jin in front of the mountain gate. Instead, she found a nervous Mo Qing. (Time for the proposal!)

Mo Qing: Tonight the moonlight is very beautiful.

Zhao Yao: Dark clouds cover the moon, there is indeed beauty in obscurity.

Mo Qing: Zhao Yao, today is your mood good?

Zhao Yao: Mood? Still pretty good. But you didn’t think that today everyone in Wan Lu Sect was weird?

Mo Qing: Weird?

Zhao Yao: You didn’t notice, forget about it.

Zhao Yao was about to leave to go find Qian Jin because she thought that Qian Jin was lost. Mo Qing hurriedly stopped her and she turned around and saw him holding a skewer of sweetness.

Zhao Yao: This late at night, where did you buy the sugar-coated Chinese hawthorn skewer?

Mo Qing: I… Zhao Yao… I… I… You…

Everyone was hiding opposite of the mountain gate restraining and gagging Shi Qi. Si Ma Rong told Gu Han Guang to use one of his acupuncture needles to make Shi Qi unconscious. Gu Han Guang tried but Shi Qi’s body is not the same as ordinary people. He said her body is ridiculous because it does not speak logic.

Shi Qi was struggling so hard that she kicked off one of her shoe. Her shoe hit the handle of the blower machine filled with flowers and it started.

Then Zhao Yao heard Shi Qi yelling at her to run, that Ugly Little Monster wanted to propose.

Zhao Yao laughed, grabbed the skewer of sweetness, and ate it. Mo Qing was entranced.

Zhao Yao: So planning for half the day, it’s actually about a marriage proposal. Okay, not a problem. In these past few years, we did a lot of things in Jiang Hu. This time, let’s have a happy event.

Mo Qing stared at her speechless. She repeated herself twice of having a happy event. She asked if he heard her and then they kissed.

Shi Qi: I’m telling you guys, Sect Leader is mine. You guys cannot be happy for Ugly Little Monster! Hmph!

The next day, everyone in Wan Lu Sect was busy getting the place ready for wedding. Zhao Yao went to look for Mo Qing but he was busy making sure that they had everything they needed for the wedding day. Mo Qing felt that the wedding planning was too hurried. Zhao Yao disagreed and then she joked.

Zhao Yao: I want the stars in the sky. You will pick it for me, too?

Mo Qing: Yes.

Zhao Yao: Ugly Little Monster, it is already in your eyes.

Then they found a Taoist priest to see which day would be great for their wedding. He had to match Zhao Yao’s and Mo Qing’s eight character birth date. He told them that their eight character birth date does not match, they are unsuitable to marry. Zhao Yao ripped Taoist priest’s book and said that they will get married tomorrow. The priest said that tomorrow is a really, really bad day to get marry especially when their birth date does not match.

Zhao Yao: From when I was young, I was a malignant star (She was born on one of the worst days, guys.) Also, he always did not have good luck. Our matters does not need to be calculated by him. I know myself that tomorrow will be very chaotic. So what if it’s chaotic? I, the demoness, and him, the great demon, what terrifying tribulations that we have not seen? Yet to be afraid of the fortune-teller’s words? This marriage will be tied tomorrow.

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Episode 42

~~ Xu Zong Sect ~~

Chi Zhi Shi went to visit Luo Ming Xuan. Chi Zhi Shi caught Luo Ming Xuan up to speed about what is going on in Zong Sect. He also told Luo Ming Xuan that Jin Xiu is working with Jiang Wu because of Zong Sect’s leader position.

Luo Ming Xuan told Chi Zhi Shi that he wanted to learn the Xu Zong Sect’s forbidden technique to restore his body from the magical seal’s damage. He said that since his body is immortal, he will not die like Xu Zong Sect Leader’s family. They all died at the age of 30.

A Xu Zong Sect disciple was overheard the conversation but was caught and killed by Luo Ming Xuan. Then another disciple saw Luo Ming Xuan killing his martial brother, he ran and told Xu Zong Sect Leader. Zu Zong Sect Leader told the disciple it was probably a mistake and to keep quiet. Sect Leader will go ask Luo Ming Xuan about it on another day.

~~ Zhuo Chen Hall ~~

Zhao Yao got ready for her wedding. Shi Qi sat beside her and whined, telling her not to marry Ugly Little Monster. Zhao Yao consoled Shi Qi about food.

Mo Qing happily came to pick up his bride, Zhao Yao. (I really like that song playing in the background.)

~~ Wan Lu Sect’s Mountain Gate ~~

Jiang Wu and his subordinates watched the mountain gate. Then a moment later, they attacked Wan Lu Sect.

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

Si Ma Rong was the spokesperson and he recited a poem to wish the two of them a happy and long marriage. Shi Qi was not there, so Zhi Yan went to find her. Then Jiang Wu made it up to Wu E Hall to ruin their wedding.

Jiang Wu and Mo Qing fought. Jiang Wu was stronger now since he took Qin Qian Xian’s powers and Mo Qing was still hurt and did not tap into his inner demon. So, Mo Qing lost. Then Jiang Wu wanted to kill Mo Qing, he could not because Qin Qian Xian’s powers prevented him from doing it.

In the end, they were all captured and placed in prison while Zhao Yao was kept at her place, Zhuo Chen Hall.

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