[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 45 – 46 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

I have to say that I am not happy with any of the two episodes today. So the recap is kinda meh and me ranting…

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Episode 45

~~ Qing Bo Hall ~~

Late at night, Zhao Yao went to find Mo Qing. Mo Qing asked her what she was doing here. She came to talk about love with him and asked him to go for a walk in Qi Zhi Di.

~~ Qi Zhi Di ~~

Mo Qing and Zhao Yao went to Kong Kong Shop. Zi You greeted them and found out that Zhao Yao found a cure from the effects of the Ultimate Kong Kong Pill. The Shop Boss rushed out and asked how did she do it? They told him and he yelled that she was so lucky!

Then Zi You started telling Mo Qing a little bit more about eating too many things from Qi Zhi Di, it would be hard to leave. Mo Qing found out that Zhao Yao had to cleanse her body of Qi Zhi Di’s essence in order to get out. Then Zi You mentioned that Zhao Yao experienced a lot of pain during the process. Mo Qing was very concerned. Then they walked back to their tree and saw Jiang Wu trying to chop the tree.

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

Jiang Wu felt something was amiss. He woke up from his nap and followed Mo Qing’s and Zhao Yao’s trail to the tree in the Hong Shi Lin Forbidden Area. He tried to enter but could not. So he decided to chop his way in.

Zhao Yao and Mo Qing went out of the tree. Jiang Wu demanded that they both could not enter that place again or he will chop down the tree. Mo Qing agreed but told Jiang Wu that it was his last concession.

Then Mo Qing went back into Qi Zhi Di to Kong Kong Shop. He bought ten Ultimate Kong Kong Pills.

The next day, the ten of the nine pills were put into a soup and A Da pretended to bring it to Mo Qing. As he passed by Jiang Wu, Jiang Wu asked where he was going. A Da told him that Zhao Yao made soup for Mo Qing, so he was bringing it to Mo Qing. Jiang Wu took it and drank it all. (Huhuhuhu!)

Jiang Wu had a stomachache all day. Mo Qing found out from A Da that all Jiang Wu had was a stomachache, so Mo Qing had A Da take the last Ultimate Kong Kong Pill and put it in Jiang Wu’s food.

(Jiang Wu did not blow up in fireworks like Mo Qing planned. Jiang Wu is an inner demon, he’s not human. Only humans who had experience both life and death situations can enter Qi Zhi Di. I bet Mo Qing’s plan was for Jiang Wu to end up in Qi Zhi Di, eat all the food there, can’t leave the place, and then slowly forget everything. Stuck in that place forever. Didn’t work because Jiang Wu is not human.)

~~ Zhuo Chen Hall ~~

Zhi Yan asked Zhao Yao if she was worried that Jiang Wu would steal Wan Lu Sect. She said that Jiang Wu was only at Wan Lu Sect to play. Once he was done playing, he would leave. They just needed to be patient and wait. (In this aspect, Zhao Yao is wrong. Jiang Wu is not about all fun and games. He did not come to Wan Lu Sect to play. Besides, he killed many of her people and she forced her disciples to play nice? I feel like as the series is getting close to the end, our heroine has lost some significant amount of brain cells.)

Then Jiang Wu came and yelled for Zhao Yao to come out. He asked her what did she put in the soup. She told him that she did not know what he was talking about. Then Jiang Wu realized that it was Mo Qing. (If she had brain cells, she should’ve had the forethought to say that it was her to protect Mo Qing. It’s her Wan Lu Sect, too, and she doesn’t really know what the heck is going on!)

Jiang Wu: Hey, I want to ask you. Why do you like him so much? Is it because he treats you well? I can treat you well, too.

Zhao Yao: No, you cannot.

Jiang Wu: Why not?

Zhao Yao: Because from the time that you met me, you had already lost.

Jiang Wu: What does that mean?

~~ Lin Zi Yu’s Hideout ~~

Jiang Wu figured that he would get on Zhao Yao’s good side by bring back her stolen sword. Jiang Wu found out where Lin Zi Yu was staying and went there to get the Liu He Tian Yi Sword back. Mo Qing heard and followed Jiang Wu, and then Zhao Yao saw them both leaving and she followed suit.

Anyways, Jiang Wu came onto the scene first and attacked Lin Zi Yu. Then Mo Qing came onto the scene next and tried to get the sword back but was stopped by Jiang Wu. Then finally, Zhao Yao came onto the scene and asked them what they were doing. Then she found out that they were after Lin Zi Yu, so they all chased after her.

Zhao Yao and Mo Qing blocked Lin Zi Yu’s path and fought. (I don’t understand this, Mo Qing and Zhao Yao are clearly more powerful than Lin Zi Yu but they couldn’t get the sword back… I have to remind myself that the script wanted Lin Zi Yu to live several more episodes.)

Anyways, Jiang Wu helped Lin Zi Yu. Mo Qing got stabbed by the electric sword. (That’s really bad because he’s got an inner demon that’s trying to take over and he keeps getting hurt by the sword that can hurt inner demons. He becomes weaker and then he will enter the darkness…)

Lin Zi Yu escaped and Zhao Yao yelled at Jiang Wu. Jiang Wu told Lu Zhao Yao that it was always his ultimate goal to kill Mo Qing and take over Wan Lu Sect. His goal had never change.

Zhao Yao rushed Mo Qing to Gu Han Guang’s place.

~~ Gu Han Guang’s Place ~~

Gu Han Guang treated Mo Qing. Then Gu Han Guang angrily told Zhao Yao and Jiang Wu that he could only save people and not inner demons. Then Zhao Yao and Jiang Wu realized that Mo Qing has an inner demon within him. (I feel that it was wrong on Gu Han Guang’s part, he just gave the enemy some important information about Mo Qing that he’s going to use later on in the show!)

Mo Qing hurriedly put his clothes on and left. Zhao Yao chased after him. (Now Zhao Yao knows that Mo Qing has an inner demon but he didn’t tell her how he got it. He got it from his daddy, in case, you guys forgot.)

Zhao Yao: What are you running for? From early on did you know that you suffer from an aura of darkness? Were you planning to always hide it from me?

Mo Qing: I don’t want to hide it from you. I just, I just didn’t know how should I tell you.

Zhao Yao: Between you and I, what else is there that we can’t say to each other?

Mo Qing: This kind of feeling was the same like before, when I had blue scars on my face. It makes me feel ugly. I am afraid that you will abandon me. Many times, many times, although you are always in front of my eyes, I still think that at any given moment I could lose you.

Zhao Yao: Mo Qing, remember this, I will never abandon you again. Even if this world is destroyed, you must also remember these words. Do you understand?

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Episode 46

~~ Zhuo Chen Hall ~~

Zhi Yan asked if Zhao Yao would ask Jiang Wu if there was a way to save Qin Qian Xian. Zhao Yao promised her that she would ask.

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

Zhao Yao went and asked Jiang Wu if there was a way for Qin Qian Xian to wake up. Jiang Wu answered that for Qin Qian Xian to wake up was if Jiang Wu dies. (A part of Qin Qian Xian is inside Jiang Wu, so it makes perfect sense. But he’s not going to let other people know that a part of the Big Beauty is within his mind.)

Jiang Wu asked Zhao Yao if she wanted to kill him now? Zhao Yao answered that she was indebted to him, therefore, she would not kill him. She also said that Mo Qing would not kill him because he does not kill people who Zhao Yao was indebted to. As Zhao Yao was leaving, Jiang Wu said to himself that he would not have a problem killing Mo Qing. (All I can say is, Zhao Yao lost a lot of brain cells and character after her first fireworks explosion.)

~~ Qi Zhi Di ~~

Mo Qing came into Kong Kong Shop and asked the Shop Boss if he had a pill to cast out inner demons. Shop Boss told him no, but they would work on it. Zi You said that there was probably somebody that would be able to help. Zi You took Mo Qing to see Tea Shop Boss. (Father and son meet again.)

Mo Qing asked him if there was a way to cast out inner demons. Tea Shop Boss had forgotten a lot of things but he told Mo Qing what he could remember. He told Mo Qing that he only heard of two people who were able to cast out their inner demons, one was Qin Qian Xian and the other was the Demon King. Anyways, Mo Qing looked sad when Tea Shop Boss mentioned the Demon King.

~~ Gu Han Guang’s Place ~~

Zhao Yao went to Gu Han Guang’s place to ask if there was a way to cure Mo Qing. Gu Han Guang said that he would not cure Mo Qing. Zhao Yao got angry and told him that if he treats the person that she likes bad, then she will do the same to the person that he likes. Gu Han Guang told Zhao Yao if she dares to do anything to Qian Jin, then he will poison Mo Qing. (Zhao Yao was in the wrong here, she should not have threatened her friends.)

Zhao Yao left and went to Si Ma Rong’s place. She persuaded Si Ma Rong to go talk to Gu Han Guang and so he did.

Gu Han Guang: I will tell you clearly. I will not cure Li Chen Lan’s inner demon.

Si Ma Rong: Is it because of that medicine from Fu Zong Sect hard to get?

Gu Han Guang: How did you know about this medicine?

Si Ma Rong: Before Qin Sect Leader went into a coma, he mentioned it to me.

Gu Han Guang: For this Huan Gu to grow, it takes 30 years. One plant only has two fruits. My master cultivated this medicine, one fruit was used on himself but had no results. The other fruit was given to Qin Qian Xian.

Si Ma Rong: Qin Sect Leader had said that during that time he was able to cast out his inner demon it was completely dependent on Fu Zong Sect’s Former Sect Leader’s donated medicine.

Gu Han Guang: This year’s medicine, Jiang He donated me one Huan Gu. I already used it to treat Li Chen Lan. If not, how did you think he was able to recover? Now Li Chen Lan’s inner demon has taken a deeper hold and my senior brother is already almost 30 this year, a matter of life and death. If you make me go right now, it is not to ask for medicine but to accelerate his path to death. You tell me, how can I agree?

Then Gu Han Guang told Si Ma Rong about the Huan Gu that he was growing. He just needed five more years and then it will fruit. Gu Han Guang said that if Mo Qing carefully follow the doctor’s orders, he could safely wait until that time for the plant to fruit.

~~ Wan Lu Sect ~~

Xiao En told Lu Zhao Yao that they were returning to Xin Mountain because Jiang Wu had played enough. Then he said that Jiang Wu wanted Lu Zhao Yao to send them off in front of the mountain gate. She agreed to it.

Mo Qing went to Zhuo Chen Hall to find Zhao Yao, instead, he found Zhi Yan going through the Wan Lu Sect’s official documents. He asked where was Zhao Yao and she told him that Zhao Yao was in front of the mountain gate with Jiang Wu. Zhi Yan did not get to finish her sentence, Mo Qing’s inner demon flared and he flashed out of there.

Jiang Wu and his subordinates were leaving and Lu Zhao Yao went to see them off. Jiang Wu saw Mo Qing appeared and he pretended to shake hands with Zhao Yao as a goodbye. Instead, he pulled Zhao Yao in for a dipping kiss. (I hope this was fake that Jiang Wu did not make contact with Zhao Yao’s lips. She saw those lips coming, she could’ve blocked! I’m already peeved by how weak the great demoness is becoming. Remember that episode where Zhao Yao was at Si Ma Rong’s house and she went to ask Si Ma Rong if he wanted to go eat with her, Mo Qing appeared behind her and she felt his presence. Anyways, Mo Qing appeared behind her this time, too, with his inner demon present and she felt nothing! Also, I don’t understand why Zhao Yao must keep hanging out with Jiang Wu, it’s driving me nuts. I just want to watch Luo Ming Xuan now.)

Mo Qing saw this and his inner demon was unleashed and he slashed at Jiang Wu with his Wan Jun Sword. Of course, Jiang Wu evaded but the blow still slashed someone else, Xiao En. (Good riddance. Jiang Wu should’ve seen it coming that he was going to lose someone.)

Mo Qing killed Xiao En. Zhao Yao tried to calm Mo Qing but had no success. Jiang Wu shed a tear for Xiao En and then they proceeded to fight.

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  1. Thanx for the recap.
    I was kind of surprise with MQ’s reaction until he accidently kill JW’s underling. I mean when he slashed JW, did he not affraid it will hurt ZY too. Since JW was held ZY atm.

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