[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 47 – 48 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

I am so sad that A Da and Gu Han Guang had to both die!

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Episode 47

~~ Wan Lu Sect ~~

Jiang Wu and Mo Qing were fighting and then Zhao Yao got between them. She made them stop fighting. Zhao Yao implied to Jiang Wu that it was because of him that his friend, Xiao En, died. Then she said that they will talk about this matter tomorrow.

Therefore, Jiang Wu angrily left and returned to Wu E Hall to wait for tomorrow’s answer. Jiang Wu and Song Yi got in an argument about Xiao En’s death and Lu Zhao Yao. Then Song Yi reminded Jiang Wu that the three of them were blood brothers. They pledged to go through thick and thin together and even die together.

Song Yi said that because of one woman, Jiang Wu changed. Jiang Wu told Song Yi that nothing in the world can compared to one Lu Zhao Yao but he would still get revenge for Xiao En’s death.

So the next day, Zhao Yao and Mo Qing went to Wu E Hall to tell Jiang Wu their decision. Zhao Yao and Mo Qing agreed to both abdicate the Sect Leader’s position to him so that Wan Lu Sect would be his. However, Jiang Wu refused because he specifically wanted a life as repayment. Jiang Wu forcibly walked out of Wu E Hall, and then he attacked A Da with his dark energy.

Jiang Wu killed A Da! (No! Not A Da! I knew that was going to happen anyways! A life for a life! A Da didn’t even get to say any lines before he died unlike Xiao En before his death scene.)

Mo Qing was so heart-broken and his inner demon flared up! (Good-bye bromance.)

He tried to attack Jiang Wu but Zhao Yao stopped him. (She had to stop him, you guys. Mo Qing can’t become evil just quite yet.)

~~ Gu Han Guang’s Place ~~

Si Ma Rong visited Gu Han Guang. Si Ma Rong convinced him that Mo Qing could not wait five years for the Huan Gu to grow. Mo Qing’s situation had gotten worse since he killed Xiao En. Therefore, Gu Han Guang agreed to go see his senior brother, Jiang He, to ask for the Huan Gu.

Qian Jin was tasting her pastries when Gu Han Guang came in. He wanted to try it thinking that she had perfected the recipe. However, she told him that he could not eat it yet because that batch was short on sugar. She wanted to perfect the recipe so that when he eats the goodie, it immediately fits his taste buds. So he had to wait.

Anyways, Gu Han Guang told Qian Jin that in the next two days, he was going to Xu Zong Sect to ask for medicine. He would be back in three days time.

Qian Jin: Can you obtain it?

Gu Han Guang: I don’t know but I need to try. You don’t need to be too worried. If I can or cannot obtain it, I will still be back in two to three days.

Qian Jin: Then you must be aware of your safety.

Gu Han Guang was about to leave but then he turned back to Qian Jin and caressed her face.

Gu Han Guang: Qian Jin, even if the things that you make for me are short on whatever. It can never be short on sweetness. (Aw, Gu Han Guang’s last words to Qian Jin.)

~~ Xu Zong Sect ~~

Gu Han Guang saw his senior brother and asked for the Huan Gu. Jiang He refused because Gu Han Guang should know what that Huan Gu means to him. Jiang He did not want to talk about it anymore and changed the subject. Jiang He still kept Gu Han Guang’s room the way that Gu Han Guang had left it many years ago. He told Gu Han Guang to go retire in his old room.

As Gu Han Guang was walking to him room, he saw something out the corner of his eye. Gu Han Guang attacked with two acupuncture needles but his attack was blocked. Then his left hand got cut in a counterattack by Luo Ming Xuan.

Gu Han Guang found out that Luo Ming Xuan had been recuperating at Xu Zong Sect. Gu Han Guang was incredulous that his senior brother would help someone like Luo Ming Xuan. In order to shut Gu Han Guang up, Jiang He pressed Gu Han Guang’s pressure point and he lost consciousness.

Luo Ming Xuan told Jiang He that now Gu Han Guang knows that he is alive, Gu Han Guang is going to go back to Wan Lu Sect and tell Lu Zhao Yao and Mo Qing. He implied to Jiang He that Gu Han Guang needed to die. Jiang He was torn between Gu Han Guang and Luo Ming Xuan, so he had no other choice than to lock Gu Han Guang up in the prison.

Apparently three days had passed, Gu Han Guang woke up in the dungeon with a festering wound. He asked the disciples to give him acupuncture needles and medicine wine but they refused. (These disciples are horrible! They know that Gu Han Guang is their Sect Leader’s junior brother and refused to help him. Also, Xu Zong Sect is a sect that practices medicine to save lives. What a bunch of hypocrites!)

Anyways, Gu Han Guang had no strength and fainted again.

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Episode 48

~~ Jiang City ~~

When Jiang Wu was killing Wan Lu Sect’s disciples, Lin Zu Yu appeared before him. She wanted him to join forces with her and help her kill Lu Zhao Yao. In return she would give him Liu He Tian Yi Sword because she knew that it could hurt him.

Jiang Wu: You found the wrong person.

Lin Zi Yu: Up to this moment, don’t you have even a little hatred towards Lu Zhao Yao?

Jiang Wu: I love her. I am willing to spoil her, just like how you are with Li Chen Lan. Today, I will not kill you that is because you are very pitiful. If I know that you dared to touch Lu Zhao Yao even a little, I will take your life.

Jiang Wu refused Lin Zi Yu’s offer and left. (In this scene, I like the contrast between these two characters. Jiang Wu’s love for Lu Zhao Yao did not change but Lin Zi Yu’s love for Mo Qing changed into hatred.)

~~ Xu Zong Sect ~~

In the dungeon, Gu Han Guang woke up and found both his arms chained up in spread eagle style.

At the ancestor memorial hall, it was Jiang He’s 30th birthday, he had his disciple prepare the Huan Gu, and then he dranked it. After Jiang He drank the medicine, Luo Ming Xuan appeared. Luo Ming Xuan had an appointment with Jiang He for a treatment. Jiang He’s disciple wanted to stay and watch the treatment to learn from it. Jiang He told his disciple that today’s treatment would be dangerous and if he was next to them, it would cause a distraction. Therefore, Jiang He refused his disciple’s request and the disciple unwillingly left.

Luo Ming Xuan asked Jiang He what method of treatment was it that could be so dangerous. Jiang He told Luo Ming Xuan that it was Xu Zong Sect’s Forbidden Technique. Then Luo Ming Xuan followed Jiang He down into the hidden room under the dry well. However, unbeknownst to them, Jiang He’s disciple also followed them down and hid in a big trunk.

Jiang He gave Luo Ming Xuan the Xu Zong Sect’s Forbidden Technique book and proceeded to tell Luo Ming Xuan to follow the meridians pictured in the book as he is doing the treatment. Jiang He started his treatment on Luo Ming Xuan.

Four acupuncture needles later, Jiang He pushed his soul onto Luo Ming Xuan’s body. Jiang He’s ultimate goal was to steal Luo Ming Xuan’s immortal body and disrupt his bloodline’s curse.

Jiang He: This body is worthy to be the body of Jin Xian. It’s exactly this Jin Xian’s body that can endure the immense power of my Giang’s family bloodline.

Luo Ming Xuan: Jiang He, you save me just so you can seize my Jin Xian body? Up to this moment, how can you face your ancestors and family!

Jiang He: How can I face them? I broke the curse of Giang’s family bloodline. I went against heaven and changed fate. My ancestors and family will be proud of me, Jiang He.

Luo Ming Xuan: Absurd! Preposterous!

Jiang He: Preposterous? That time when Zhang Yu Sheng Master (Liu Su Ruo) wanted to wake you, she cruelly killed Qin’s family bloodline, why did you not think it was preposterous then? When you wanted to prevent the news from coming out, you cruelly killed my disciples, why did you not say it was preposterous then?

Luo Ming Xuan: No! Jiang He, I take into account that you saved my life once, I will not hurt you.

Jiang He: Fake gentleman.

Luo Ming Xuan: You are obviously begging to meet your doom!

Jiang He: So ridiculous! Who do you think you are?

Luo Ming Xuan: Jiang He!

Jiang He: In fact, we are both the same. Even the great Zong Sect path is dead but you are still alive.

Luo Ming Xuan: No! You are talking nonsense!

Jiang He: So ridiculous!

Luo Ming Xuan: The great path is not dead! Not dead!

Luo Ming Xuan and Jiang He had an internal struggle inside Luo Ming Xuan’s body but Jiang He lost. After that Luo Ming Xuan took the forbidden technique book and killed everyone in Xu Zong Sect. Then Luo Ming Xuan returned to Feng Mountain.

While everyone was killed in Xu Zong Sect, Gu Han Guang was still in the prison chained up without medical necessities to save himself. He was reciting his medical treatment for the 7th Day Ailment to himself.

Gu Han Guang: I, Gu Han Guang, used my entire life to treat difficult and complicated illnesses in the world. I never expected in the end that I have no medicine to treat myself. So funny, so funny. (He’s mocking himself.) Unfortunately for my Qian Jin. My Qian Jin. Qian Jin.

He reminisced his and Qian Jin’s past events, and then he passed away.

Qian Jin was at Wan Lu Sect waiting for him to return. It was past the three days that Gu Han Guang promised Qian Jin that he would come home. So, Qian Jin and Lu Zhao Yao went to look for him at Xu Zong Sect.

When they arrived, they found everyone in Xu Zong Sect dead. Qian Jin knew something was wrong, she rushed to the dungeon, and found Gu Han Guang’s dead body. (I am so sad you guys! I really wanted Gu Han Guang and Qian Jin to have a happy ending.)

Lu Zhao Yao was in disbelief that Gu Han Guang died from a small cut on his had. Qian Jin explained to her that it was the 7th Day Ailment. (In case you don’t remember, it is due to the cold poison that Gu Han Guang absorbed from Qian Jin from many years ago. Every 7th day, the cold poison flares up, so he needed to treat himself every 7th day. That is also why even in summer, Gu Han Guang wears thick clothes.)

Then they took Gu Han Guang back to Wan Lu Sect.

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