[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 49 – 50 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

I’m sad that Jiang Wu died. I like Jiang Wu but only when he’s by himself, not when he’s chasing Zhao Yao. He has to be single forever in my mind. Anyways, Big Beauty finally woke up, though!

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Episode 49

~~ Feng Mountain ~~

Luo Ming Xuan returned to Feng Mountain and Chi Zhi Shi told him that Liu He Tian Yi Sword was there. Luo Ming Xuan offered Lin Zi Yu that he was going to kill Lu Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan in exchange for the sword. Lin Zi Yu agreed and she gave him the sword.

~~ Wan Lu Sect ~~

It was Gu Han Guang’s funeral day, everyone was at his grave site except for Qian Jin. So Mo Qing told Gu Han Guang’s subordinate to go get her. Qian Jin was in Gu Han Guang’s room crying and stuffing her face with su lao gao (yogurt cake) that she made for him.

Qian Jin appeared and they said their final goodbyes to Gu Han Guang. Lu Zhao Yao promised to find the culprit and get revenge.

After the funeral, Qian Jin was going through old letters that she wrote to Gu Han Guang. Then Qian Jin’s junior sister, Qing Rong, came by to ask her if she had any information about what happened at Xu Zong Sect and if she had any regrets.

Qing Rong: Senior sister, that time you destroyed your powers and now, do you have any regrets?

Qian Jin: I have never regretted it.

Qing Rong left and Qian Jin returned to her sadness.

~~ Feng Mo Mountain ~~

Jiang Wu’s subordinates were trying to break through the force field to the entrance of Mo Qing’s old cave. They were not successful but Jiang Wu came and used his dark powers to break the force field. He went inside the cave and realized that it was where Mo Qing was originally locked up.

So, Jiang Wu used his powers to rebuild the enchanted chains and spells inside the cave.

~~ Wan Lu Sect ~~

Mo Qing received a letter from Jiang Wu to meet at Feng Mo Mountain tomorrow for a life and death battle. He finished reading the letter and burned it as Zhao Yao walked into the room.

Zhao Yao suggested to Mo Qing that they should go take a walk and admire the moon. They sat on the rock near the lake. Zhao Yao was busy folding a grass butterfly. Then she enchanted the butterfly and it flew around them.

Zhao Yao: Mo Qing, do you like it?

Mo Qing: I like it, fold another one.

Zhao Yao: Then next, I will fold you a dragonfly.

Mo Qing: How about another butterfly.

Zhao Yao: Why?

Mo Qing: I like the look of forming pairs and becoming couples.

Zhao Yao: How coincidental, I also like to form pairs and become couples.

As Zhao Yao finished and enchanted the next butterfly, they watched both butterflies fly around.

Then Mo Qing hugged Zhao Yao tightly and thought, “You are mine. No one can take you away.”

~~ Feng Mo Mountain ~~

Mo Qing went to Feng Mo Mountain ready for battle. Jiang Wu saw him, he immediately grabbed Mo Qing, and blinked them both to the center of the old cave.

The spell formation restarted, the chains reattached themselves to Mo Qing, and forced him to go back to sleep.

As Mo Qing was chained up, he remembered a clearer image of his dad, and he realized that Tea Shop Boss, Zhu Ji, was his father.

Mo Qing: Father, why did you trap me?

Zhu ji: Chen Lan, in your heart resides an immense power. If I don’t suppress it, it will be allow to continue to develop, then there will be great difficulties in the future. This is not your fault. It is my bad. Child, I don’t have any other methods other than to trap you here. Don’t be afraid, stay here, and wait for my return.

Meanwhile, Jiang Wu returned to his hideout and found Luo Ming Xuan there waiting for him. Luo Ming Xuan’s mission was to kill Jiang Wu so that he can get support from the other Zong Sects to attack Wan Lu Sect.

Anyways, Song Yi was cowering in front of Luo Ming Xuan, Jiang Wu distracted Luo Ming Xuan, and dragged Song Yi out of there.

Then Jiang Wu pushed Song Yi away and forced him to leave.

Luo Ming Xuan caught up to Jiang Wu and they proceeded to fight.

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Episode 50

~~ Qi Zhi Di ~~

Tea Shop Boss was trying to calculate some numbers and kept forgetting it. He was bothered that he had a feeling that he forgot something really important, therefore, he wanted to go use the Reminisce Mirror to look into his past.

~~ Feng Mo Mountain ~~

Zhao Yao rushed to Feng Mo Mountain and found Jin Xiu lurking behind trees. Together they progressed forward, then Zhao Yao saw Jiang Wu being attack and realized that Luo Ming Xuan was alive.

Then Jiang Wu and Zhao Yao fought against Luo Ming Xuan. Jin Xiu pretended to help Luo Ming Xuan, Luo Ming Xuan refused his help, so Jin Xiu left.

Jiang Wu and Luo Ming Xuan had a magic power struggle, Jiang Wu noticed that his left arm was drying up andhe chopped off his arm.

Jiang Wu distracted Luo Ming Xuan with his sword, grabbed Zhao Yao, and ran. Zhao Yao demanded to know where Jiang Wu hid Mo Qing. Jiang Wu told her where Mo Qing was, she wanted to go and save him. Jiang Wu reminded her that they currently have an even bigger problem, Luo Ming Xuan.

Therefore, they devised a plan to reseal Luo Ming Xuan using the Blood Curse Spell.

Anyways, the Blood Curse Spell did not work because he was now more powerful than he was back then. Zhao Yao and Jiang Wu played the cat and mouse game with Luo Ming Xuan again.

~~ Mo Qing’s Old Cave ~~

Jin Xiu found the old cave, he went inside to wake Mo Qing up. He wanted three great demons to defeat and kill Luo Ming Xuan. He talked to the sleeping Mo Qing, he said Zhao Yao was in danger.

Mo Qing had an internal struggle with the enchanted chains and spell formation. As Mo Qing was struggling, the old cave started to crumble, Jin Xiu high-tailed his butt out of there.

In order for Mo Qing to break the spell formation, he borrowed Wan Jun Sword’s powers. (Mo Qing’s eyes look like Dragon Ball Z’s Super Saiyan here.)

~~ Feng Mo Mountain ~~

Anyways, Jiang Wu and Zhao Yao fought against Luo Ming Xuan again. Jiang Wu knew that they could not win, so he created his doppelganger to take Zhao Yao away.

Luo Ming Xuan sucked Jiang Wu’s energy and he went down on his knees. However, Jiang Wu woke up, grew back his left arm, and kept on fighting.

Luo Ming Xuan was too strong, he was stabbed straight through by Liu He Tian Yi Sword.

Zhao Yao: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Why are we running? Didn’t you tell me before that inner demons cannot be killed?

Jiang Wu: I was not done speaking before, only Liu He Tian Yi Sword can kill inner demons.

Zhao Yao: Then why are you not leaving yet?

Jiang Wu: If I leave, then you will not be able to leave. Listen to me. Leave quickly. Leave! Don’t look back. The following journey only you, yourself, can walk it. I love you, Zhao Yao. I was born because of you. I also died because of you. I am satisfied.

After Jiang Wu was killed, Mo Qing appeared before Luo Ming Xuan and attacked him. However, Luo Ming Xuan was still too strong.

Then a piece of Jiang Wu’s inner demon was still floating around and he talked to Mo Qing.

Jiang Wu: Li Chen Lan, my today can become your tomorrow. I know that you love Lu Zhao Yao. If you are a man, save her. Remember, Liu He Tian Yi Sword can kill inner demons.

After Jiang Wu gave Mo Qing his message, he dissipated into thin air. Luo Ming Xuan told Mo Qing that he was not there for Lu Zhao Yao and Mo Qing but he will be back at a later time, and then he left.

It was nighttime, Zhao Yao finally found Mo Qing and they were reunited.

~~ Qian Chen Sect ~~

When Jiang Wu died, Qin Qian Xian immediately woke up from his coma. He was extremely sad about Jiang Wu’s death.

Qin Qian Xian: He’s dead. The flowers and plants outside this window and the trees are still the same compared to before I was in a coma. This inner demon came in a grand and spectacular way, and he left without leaving anything behind.

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