Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 17


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 17

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The moment I went to Wu E Hall with Mo Qing, without the benefits of the Energy Boost Pill, Zhi Yan floated slowly to lean against the doorpost and stared at me with her tearful face: “Demon King Zhao Yao, you must properly preserve my body. I… I’m still a young unmarried virgin woman…”

She said it like it was somebody’s fault, I glanced at Zhi Yan obliquely for a moment and she immediately added: “You also must not throw your nature into disorder! You must exercise control over yourself!”

This prestigious righteous disciple, what kinds of things did she spend the whole day thinking about inside her melon head, did she only know about those matters of gathering positive energy to supplement negative energy?

*gathering positive energy to supplement negative energy – sexual intercourse

I did not acknowledge her and followed Mo Qing’s footsteps to leave Xi Yue Peak.


This time, Mo Qing did not use his Instant Shadow Technique. He simply took me along similar to going on a leisurely walk after a meal. The two of us walked all the way from Xi Yue Peak up to the small trail of the main mountain. As we walked, the setting sun sank down to a waning glow that lasted until the bright moon was up in the sky.


For a long distance, he did not say a word, just walked with his hands folded in front of him. I also kept silent and followed behind him.

I pondered, Mo Qing was probably studying how those little young people express emotion and talk about love. After they stuffed their bellies, they had spare time to go on a stroll, so that they could grow their relationship. Although I felt that this kind of stroll did not bring about a big impact but because I wanted to seduce him now, therefore, if this made him extremely happy, then it was fine. Moreover…

Since leaving the lonely grave in the forbidden area, I had not carefully strolled through Chen Ji Mountain. At this moment, walking like this I was ruefully revisiting some of my past.

Ascended onto the impressively wide steps in front of Chen Ji Mountain’s main peak, I raised my head to gaze at the highest place that could not be reached, there towering over my Wan Lu Sect was the most magnificent building — Wu E Hall.

I had not looked up from this angle for a long time.  I suddenly recalled the first time that I came here.

I started my journey from my hometown and arrived at the rear mountains of Chen Ji Mountain. I accidentally fought a battle that became very famous in the whole world and saved Mo Qing. Afterward, I took him across many hardships along the journey and walked to the front of Shun An Town. We rested for a few nights but soon afterward the people in the tavern discovered my identity as a demonic cultivator. Therefore at that time, the tavern guards used celestial spells and drove me out.

During that time, I was seriously injured and had no strength to dispute with them. Once again, I immediately led Mo Qing through a long trudge and entered Chen Ji Mountain.

In those days, Chen Ji Mountain was still a hundred miles of wild mountain range, only on this main peak there remained an abandoned temple. Now in front of the mountain, these expansive and impressive stairs were all later built by craftsmen that I hired to extend and renovate the building after I established Wan Lu Sect. Also at that time, the paths on this mountain only had shoulder-width flagstones, one section had paths and one section had no paths, wild grasslands were overgrown and green moss spread everywhere. I carried the habitually silent Mo Qing step by step from the foot of the mountain to climb up those rotten steps to finally arrive at the ruined temple above.


At long last, I found a temporary place to rest and sleep.

Mo Qing and I lived in the ruined temple. There was no food in the temple, so Mo Qing went out every day to pick fruits whereas I could survive with or without eating food. It was just that every day, inside my mouth was bland and tasteless, it was uncomfortable and unrefreshing. So sometimes I grabbed the fruits that Mo Qing picked to eat.


I was not fond of sweets, I concentrated on taking the unripened fruits that he picked and it was sour and tart. I like this taste. Therefore, Mo Qing became mindful of the green fruits on the wayside, every day he would especially bring me some for me to eat to my heart’s content.


Through careful consideration, at that time, I actually did not think that Ugly Little Monster was very ugly because I felt he was really honest, endured my bullying, was very loyal, defended my model, and was also very adorable. Never thought that…

In those years, I dispatched him away to watch the mountain gate, he watched and guarded, how did it went so wrong…

I still had much indignation inside my heart. During that time, I treated him so well that in the end, he had the capacity to kill me directly. Suddenly, my heart gave rise to an unsatisfied feeling, I immediately released a long sigh, halted my footsteps, and stopped walking.

Mo Qing stood two steps above me and when he turned his head to look at me, the moon behind him was distinctly clear and shimmering bright, so radiant that it dazzled my eyes: “Master.” I felt a little mistreated and with impatient eyes gazed at him: “This path is too long, I’m tired of walking. How about… You give me a piggyback ride for part of the path.”

Wanted the Sect Leader to give a piggyback ride, this was actually a request that undermined his high cold prestige.

However, it was discussing emotions and talking about love, it was necessary to slowly propose a slightly more excessive request than before. In the process of getting to know each other, I needed to slowly encroach on him like silkworms nibbling on leaves, and then invade his territory like whales swallowing whole. Until I penetrated deeply into his hinterlands, occupied his mountain and proclaimed myself as king, and then finally controlled all of his people in the palm of my hand.

Currently, I just wanted to experiment a little. Mo Qing, he liked this body, in the end, he could indulge me to what extent.


“Come here.” He really called out to me, without any hesitation, he permitted me to stand on the step taller than him, I laid flat on his back, and then he carried me up. Afterward, step by step, he continued to steadily climb up the steps.

His appearance was so considerate and genuine, perhaps… In his heart, he absolutely did not think that this action was harmful to his prestige. I pondered, was or was he not still feeling secretively slightly delighted because the person he likes acted coquettishly towards him. So even if I said I was tired, he would rather satisfy me and give me a piggyback ride, than to unwillingly wink us back to Wu E Hall.

Ah, little outwardly cold but inwardly passionate person, I did not realize you are still an affectionate individual.

I hugged his neck, laid on his back, and gently placed my palms snugly against his chest. I found the place where his heart resided. If I concentrated my energy and turned my fingers into claws…

I paused for a moment, touched the black clothing material on Mo Qing’s body, and then under the moonlight carefully examined the material of his collar. Eastern Sea Mermaid Thread, used mermaid’s scales to fabricate it into a material, it was absolutely impossible to tear this bauble apart without the skills like the North Mountain Lord. If without the skills like the North Mountain Lord, then had to hold a weapon with at least half the power of the Wan Jun Sword to be able to cut it apart.

However, I did not have anything, only a weak internal energy to make my fingernails grow longer and sharper.

I immediately became calm and settled down, apparently to kill Mo Qing, I must not only improve my powers, get close to him, but it was best to approach him while he had taken off all of his clothes, and the very best was to have a sharp sword so that it was convenient for me to execute my plans.

I laid on his back, my head leaned against his shoulder, and my index finger drew circles on his chest: “Master.” I deliberately softened my voice and whispered gently into his ear, “Last time, the North Mountain Lord bullied me, he held that Qing Gang Staff. I heard the acupuncture needles in that South Mountain Lord’s hands apart from saving people it can also invisibly kill people. They are all so formidable, but on my person, I don’t even have a weapon to protect myself…”

“Within these four seas, is there a weapon you like?”

I like Wan Jun Sword, you give it to me!

I had to restrain myself from saying these words because once said, it was possible for these deep feelings to break down completely: “Before I was in the celestial sect, I heard overseas on the Immortal Island there is a rare sword. Originally it was a large piece of steel stone on the mountain’s summit. It was subjected to celestial lightning, polished by wind and frost, day after day, it unexpectedly turned into a heavenly sword, it…”

Mo Qing looked like he chuckled a little: “Liu He Tian Yi Sword, you actually have good taste.” Listening to this tone of his, it unexpectedly was really like he was quite dotingly praising me.

My heart inexplicably halted for an instant by this tone of his, after all… In my memories, it indeed was extremely rare to hear someone talking to me like this. I coughed once to retrieve my own melodic tone used to seduce people and continued to draw circles in front of Mo Qing’s chest: “Then Master…”

“Tomorrow, I’m busy. The next day, I will help you fetch it.”

However, Immortal Island was quite far away. Furthermore, there were all kinds of heavenly-made spell formations, the mythological beast that guarded the treasure, and the Instant Shadow Technique had limited use in those places. Before when I was still alive, although I really thought about this sword for a while but because I was busy with general affairs and was lazy to go fetch it. This promise of Mo Qing’s inadvertently simplified matters for me and fulfilled one of my wishes.

My heart was very happy, even the fact that he killed me did not bother me as much anymore. I embraced him to display my ardent feelings: “Master, are you tired from carrying me? Do you resent that I am troublesome? Do you want to rest for a little while? ”

Mo Qing asked me a completely off-the-topic question: “Is the moon beautiful?”

“Huh?” I raised my head to glance at the bright moon up in the sky. There were no clouds and stars for thousands of miles, “Very beautiful.”

“Do you like it?”

“I like it.”

My arms were wrapped around Mo Qing, the palms of my hands fit snugly against his chest but I felt that his chest was slightly vibrating gently, it seemed like he was laughing: “As long as you like it.”

At this moment, there was no one around and above the impressively wide and noiselessly quiet long flight of steps. I did not know why I suddenly felt my heart began to palpitate. There existed among it a kind of legend, that… Stirred up… Complicated feelings of heartbeats.

I thought it definitely must be that this body of Zhi Yan could not withstand it when other people say words of love.

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  1. Hello
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  2. The innocent and adorable young Mo Qing… oof my kokoro needs to be prepared for all these future pics. I just can’t stop myself from squealing like an idiot XD. Also, it seems that ZY seems oblivious to the fact that it’s her emotions that made Zi Yan’s heart start beating not the opposite. *sigh*

    Thanks for the chapter

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    1. LOL! You wanted Mo Qing’s smiles, I tried to deliver to the best of my abilities.
      It will probably be between chapters 40s or 50s when she will realize the truth that she ❤ loves ❤ him.

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