Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 20


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 20

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

When the subordinate behind Jiang Wu heard him speaking to me like this, he sighed and helplessly called out: “A Wu.”

Jiang Wu turned his head and used a few words to deal with him.

While those two exchanged words, I was pondering. If I collaborated with Jiang Wu, he would definitely not serve me and it was impossible for me to be his subordinate, too. The best compromise was for me and him to be on equal footing.

Then the next problem is, I was the latecomer, what could I do to achieve the same privilege as Jiang Wu in his team?

Currently, I was not Lu Zhao Yao, so I had no formidable strength. Also, Jiang Wu was not Mo Qing, so I could not handle him like I do Mo QIng, every day be by his side to seduce him. The only thing I could think of was to bargain a deal with Jiang Wu. It was to give their organization what they needed most and it was the first-hand intelligence that I have in my possession about Mo Qing.

The intelligence that Mo Qing wanted to cooperate with Qin Qian Xian.

No matter how ferocious Jiang Wu was, he could not withstand simultaneous attacks by both Wan Lu Sect and Qian Chen Sect. Right now, they still did not know that their organization was on the brink of life and death. If I could provide them with the intelligence to let them avoid the ambush, then later it would not be an impossibility for them to find another opportunity for a counterattack.

When that moment comes, Jiang Wu’s group of men would help me handle the Dark Guards and I would take advantage of the confusion to kill Mo Qing.

I clearly ordered my own trump card and arranged my own plan. Over there, I saw the people burning paper offerings was about to run out, so I turned my head towards Jiang Wu and said: “How about we talk about a business deal?”

Jiang Wu became rather interested and narrowed his eyes: “Huh? Deal? Want me to help burn ghost money for Lu Zhao Yao again?”

“It is best to burn one more time but this was not what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Jiang Wu smiled: “You have that much confidence to talk about a business deal with me?” His hand reached out to grab my neck, as if to choke me, “You must know, I am someone who can end your life with one hand.”

I did not avoid it because in his eyes the murderous aura was nonexistent. I knew that he only intended to intimidate me. Just like how I was usually fond of scaring little children, he really did not want to kill me. However, when I was planning to rationally talk about the business deal with him, a sword suddenly inserted itself sideways and distractedly forced Jiang Wu’s hand to retreat back.

The person that just came vibrated from head to toe with energy but Jiang Wu was also unwilling to be surpassed. The two opposing energy currents collided with each other that made Jiang Wu take a slight step back but the person that just appeared violently took three steps back. What was even more unreasonable was that his hand was in front of my body, therefore, when he was knocked back, I was also forced back three big steps.

Nevertheless, he did not feel apologetic, only his voice became very serious and said: “Miss, go quickly!”

As soon as I saw this familiar set of clothes before me, I immediately recognized that the man was one of the Dark Guards.

Perhaps he was… Sent by Mo Qing to follow and protect me.

‘But right now, I don’t need protection at all! I also don’t want to leave! I still have work to do!’

Yet there was nothing to be done, I could not say these words out loud. If I really said it out loud, he would return to inform Mo Qing. Then how could I explain it? Your arch-enemy and I had a very congenial temperament, so I intended to go with him to drink wine, gossip a bit, and discuss about life?

Mo Qing would live to guillotine me.

On this side, the Dark Guard protected me, and on that side, Jiang Wu’s subordinate immediately approached. He stood in front of Jiang Wu, his eyes were sharp like knives: “It’s the Dark Guard, she is indeed Li Chen Lan’s person.”

On the contrary, Jiang Wu was not alarmed or worried. He stroked his chin, took a deep breath, and contemplated: “Li Chen Lan unexpectedly allowed the people under his hands to burn ghost money for Lu Zhao Yao. Didn’t he murder her to seize her position? Truly makes people unable to understand…”

“This is not about understanding or not understanding Li Chen Lan’s affair…” His subordinate was a little worried and a little anxious, “This is to tell you not to be interested in just anybody, and then let them join…”

“Ai ya, too talkative.” Jiang Wu pushed his subordinate away and stood towards the front. The raging fire of paper offerings was still burning nearby highlighting his savage face, “No matter whose person she is, as long as the pickaxe is wielded well, there is no corner that can’t be dig. If I have taken a fancy to it, then all of it is mine.” He kneaded his fists and the knuckles made an eruption of crackling noises.

He actually planned…

To snatch people now?

The Dark Guard before me appeared to be particularly tense and his murderous aura emanated out from his whole body. He did not open his mouth but I could hear the sound of his secretive voice entering my ear that said: “Miss, hurry back to Chen Ji Mountain. I’m here now, I will help you stall him in this place.”

Actually, you could return back and I could delay them, it did not matter either way…

“Go quickly.” Once his voice dropped, he quickly flew forward in a solemn and calm manner to face death. Under his solemn, serious, and dignified attitude, I felt that belly full of evil intentions of mine was expressing a little awkwardness.

But before I could properly learn from this awkward experience, the fight in front of me had quickly ended.

In fact, it did not really end but it just concluded for me.

In a blink of an eye, Jiang Wu rubbed past that Dark Guard’s shoulder and dropped down in front of me. That Dark Guard was startled, turned around, and wanted to stop him. But at this moment, Jiang Wu already carried me up on his shoulder. Then Jiang Wu’s subordinate pulled out a long sword at his waist and battled the Dark Guard.

“Little Beauty, let’s go drinking.”

When he finished, I only felt the nearby wind and movement. Then the next moment, we left that small limestone bridge on Hua Street and dropped into a small courtyard separated from the outside clamor.

In the courtyard, the ending of springtime reflected a vivid and lively scenery. The flower petals on the trees floated down and plastered onto the moist ground, and the flower vines in the corner wall were budding, it truly was a desirous time to release its beauty.

Jiang Wu set me down on the slightly cool stone table in the courtyard which left me sitting at a height that was only a head shorter than him. He placed his hand on either side of my waist, his face close to my face, the distance was so close that in the humid air there was a flurry of ambiguous breath circulation.

“Afraid of me?”

I raised my eyes to look at him: “You didn’t kill me anyway, so why should I be afraid of you?”

Jiang Wu raised his eyebrows, narrowed his eyes, and stared at me much more dangerously: “How do you know that I won’t kill you?”

“Oh, then kill me now.”

Jiang Wu appeared to had been choked by me. At that moment, he stopped and withdrew from me to heartily laugh: “Fascinating. Little Beauty, you are the first woman to make me think that you’re very interesting. I admire you.”

“I also admire you very much.” I jumped to the ground, turned towards the side to sit on one of the stone stools, crossed my legs, and looked at him, “First bring wine, we will drink and talk about the deal.”

Jiang Wu’s eyes were half investigative and half contemplative. He looked at me for a moment, then waved his hand and suddenly one of the rooms’ doors pushed open and a group of maids walked into the courtyard. They each offered pastries and fine wine, and then withdrew again.


Jiang Wu also sat down, then poured himself a cup of wine and drank it first: “Li Chen Lan sent the Dark Guard to protect you, it seems that you are very important to him. In the end, which side do you hold sacred?”

I ate a piece of pastry and silently criticized the skills of Jiang Wu’s chef which was completely incomparable to my Wan Lu Sect’s great chef. I poured wine, took a big sip to wash down the remaining taste of pastry in my mouth, and said: “You don’t need to pay attention to who I am. You just need to know that to Li Chen Lan, I’m a very important person. Just knowing this point is enough for us to talk about the next… Thing…”

When the fine wine entered my throat, I just felt a sliver of painful heat within my stomach. Needless to say, after a moment, the wine’s effects went straight to my head. In my mind, I was just thinking about whether or not Jiang Wu had put medicine in the pastries or the wine but in the next moment, my head fell onto the stone table.


The knock immediately made my soul leave the body.

I watched Zhi Yan’s body collapsed unexpectedly to one side of the table. On the other side, Jiang Wu was also surprised. He held a cup of wine and narrowed his eyes in deep thought: “Little Beauty?” He called me, “Zhi Yan?” Jiang Wu reached out with one hand to touch that body’s neck. Then he bewilderingly picked up the wine cup that was still clutched by that body. He took a look and a whiff, then turned around to ask, “Hey, you all poisoned her?”


From inside the room, a maid came out to kneel on her knees and hurriedly kowtowed: “We, maidservants, do not dare to act on our own discretion!”


So with that being said, it was actually this body of Zhi Yan… Drunk after one cup.


I tried to re-enter into her body but then had to give up. Zhi Yan was just too weak! Taking medicine was not supposed to work this fast! How did you expect me to talk to people now!

I was very upset with Zhi Yan’s body for holding me back but then from inside that room, someone appeared again. His back was slightly stooped, his hand held Qing Gang Staff, and his stern and harsh face were exactly like Yuan Jie’s.

My North Mountain Lord unexpectedly… Appeared in this place? Apart from this reason that he intended to join forces with Jiang Wu, I could not think of any other.

“Today, Li Chen Lan and Qin Qian Xian discussed secret matters. They wanted to join forces to annihilate you but no one knew the details of their discussion. While here, you are in the mood to tease women? When the time comes, if something goes wrong, don’t blame this old man for not letting you know in advance.”

As expected, it was as I anticipated.

No wonder Jiang Wu could dominate and terrorize for such a long time. As it turns out, there was a mole protecting him.

Probably North Mountain Lord’s early resentment towards Mo Qing had accumulated deeply. Therefore, he also wanted to borrow someone else’s hand to create the opportunity to eradicate Mo Qing. He proved himself to be someone who had worked under my command before. This style of execution and train of thought was exactly the same as mine.

This was good, the things that I wanted to do was already done by Yuan Jie. The useful value that I could provide for Jiang Wu had lessened. So this business was not going to be discussed anymore.

Currently, I had to think of a way to leave and return back to Mo Qing’s side. I had to find an opportunity to unveil the matter that Yuan Jie was covertly communicating with the enemy. This would gain greater trust with Mo Qing and let me root more steadily beside him. I could take the interests originally planned to obtain from Jiang Wu’s place and transfer them over to Mo Qing’s side.

‘In short, I must be in the middle of this matter to tear a piece of meat down to eat it.’

*to tear a piece of meat down to eat it – means Zhao Yao had to stay to find out what’s going on

So now another problem came again. How could I leave this place now? The Dark Guard who followed and protected me had… Disappeared. Also, no one knew that I was brought here and Mo Qing was still on Immortal Island retrieving the sword.  It would take two to three days for him to return… But as Yuan Jie walked over, his gloomy eyes were still on Zhi Yan’s face for a glimpse…

“It’s her.”

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Wu raised his eyebrows and asked, “You know her?”

“Recently, this person has frequently appeared by Li Chen Lan’s side. The first time I met her, Li Chen Lan said she was a spy. But later, she claimed to be the disciple of the sect leader. But there’s also news… That said she is Qin Qian Xian’s niece.”

Well, the identity of this body was all exposed out in the open. His two big rivals all had connections to me. This time, I estimated that Jiang Wu was unlikely to let me leave.


‘This old fellow, why do you have so many things to say!’

“A few days ago, I fought against her once. The way she defended my moves, was very similar to the previous Sect Leader’s style. ”

“Oh? Lu Zhao Yao?” Jiang Wu squatted down beside Zhi Yan, pulled her body backward, and let her head rest in the crook of his arm, “Makes me think it’s becoming more and more interesting.” Jiang Wu raised his hand to call the maid over, “First, carry her into the room and keep her under house arrest.”

“Li Chen Lan is extremely protective with this female. If you confine her, then…”

“Being under house arrest, so what?” Jiang Wu laughed, “Li Chen Lan has reigned for five years and has never before left Chen Ji Mountain. Will he still personally come here? Once again, don’t underestimate the barrier in this courtyard of mine. Even if Li Chen Lan tries to break through, he still cannot enter.”

Yuan Jie slanted a quick look at him: “Today, Li Chen Lan left Chen Ji Mountain. No one knows his whereabouts. Also, you shouldn’t underestimate Li Chen Lan either. He is the Demon King’s son and has Wan Jun Sword in his hand. In this world, no one has ever explored his bottom line.”

“Good.” Jiang Wu grinned and revealed his white teeth, like a wolf revealing his murderous aura in the night, “His bottom line, let me find it.”

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

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  1. Moqing please come back soon we all r missing to hear ur dialogues which can easily win a womens heart😄anyway thnks a lot for the chapter😁❤

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