Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 34.03

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 34.03

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“It seems like this malicious spirit originally wasn’t a person of Jian Xin Sect but was killed there instead. It was reported that the Jian Xin Sect Leader believed in the Dead Resurrection Technique or whatever and found some sort of method that could bring the dead back to life; but it must exchange a life with another life; therefore, Jian Xin Sect Leader killed that person. The action was so cruel that led to that person not being reconciled with death and became a malicious spirit.”

I narrowed my eyes: “Dead Resurrection Technique…”

“That’s right, even if these living people keep believing in these black magics and forbidden techniques, wait until they turn into ghosts, then they’ll know how expensive one Resurrecting Pill is for one shichen, and in the end, they still have to die all over again. There’s no such thing called putting forth maximum effort to gain lasting repose by bringing the dead back to life! Even replacing a life with another life is still impossible to do. Now that the person has turned into a malicious spirit, the entire Jian Xin Sect, top to bottom, will not have peace.”

*shichen – two-hour period

“Oh?” I was somewhat surprised, “Entirely possible to disturb the lives of living people; how great of a resentment is this?”

“I heard that the person died extremely inhumanly. That person is considered to be the most ferocious malicious spirit within these last hundred years. An order was given from up above that told their ghosts of Jin Zhou City to not even approach within a radius of ten lis. To avoid that person from taking his anger out on someone, and make the soul scatter and disperse; it will be disastrous. In order to avoid him, the ghost market outside the city temporarily relocated.”

*li – ancient unit of measure, approx 500 meters per li or 0.310686 miles per li

I crossed my arms and thought for a moment: “So when that malicious spirit was alive, was his surname Qin?”

“Yi, guest, how’d you know? I heard that when that malicious spirit was alive, he and the Jian Xin Sect Leader were very close friends. The son and daughter of both families even had a marriage agreement. I wonder what kind of madness did that Jian Xin Sect Leader experienced to unexpectedly create such a sin.”

I quietly said nothing, while Zi You’s voice in my ear gradually diminished. I carefully pondered about what happened during this length of time, Jian Xin Sect Leader killed Zhi Yan’s father and unable to determine the skill of the celestial sect’s people that kidnapped Sima Rong…

It seems that these incidents all revolved around the Dead Resurrection Technique.

Their celestial sect’s people, ultimately what were they planning to do? They were planning to resurrect…


I recalled an elegantly dressed in white indistinct figure; in fact, I could not remember much about that person’s appearance anymore. However, there was only one thing that I remembered, the oath that I swore, as long as I, Lu Zhao Yao, was alive for even one day, I would not allow him to live again.

Even though, I was dead now, but as long as I could still see this world every day, I would not allow him to live again.

“Guest.” Zi You called out to me again. At present, only half of his head was above the ground; as he stared at me, his gaze was somewhat timid, “Just now, your expression… Could frighten people… What were you thinking of?”

I stood up and patted my clothes: “I recalled some past events and old acquaintances that left me unhappy. I’m going back first.”

Zi Du slightly crawled up from the ground: “You want to leave just like that? The sun will get more and more intense, you should stay in the tavern to rest for a bit.”

“No rest for me.” I thought, if the person that the celestial sect wanted to resurrect was the person that I was thinking of, then it was possible that in this length of time I would not be able to rest anymore. I drifted out of the forest, “I will go bask in the sun to calm down.”

Under the sunshine, I drifted from the ghost market back to Wu E Palace with great difficulty. After a whole day of basking in the sun, I became a little bit weak. The exhaustion of my body made my mind go blank and I did not think about anything at all.

I laid down in Zhuo Chen Hall, looked straight at the ceiling, and waited for Zhi Yan to return.

Until the sun went down the mountain, Zhi Yan finally returned. She saw me lying on the floor, took a deep cooling breath, peered around, laid her body on the bed, and exited her soul from her body. She asked me, “Great Demon King, what’s going on with you? Which ghost bullied you? Why does your soul look so weak?”

I shot her a glance: “Your soul is the weak one.”

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