Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 35.01

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 35.01

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When I informed Zhi Yan the next day about going on a journey to Jin Zhou City tomorrow, Zhi Yan appeared to be a little dumbfounded.

“You… Are bringing me along to get revenge?”

“If you want revenge, then that’s fine, too.” I laid on the bed, next to Zhi Yan’s body. I propped up my head and looked at her soul standing by the bed, “Li Chen Lan is going with us. I’m planning to go check out some information first. However, if you have the ability, then immediately go seduce him and make him help you get revenge, that’s also suitable.”

As far as I was concerned, whether the Jian Xin Sect Leader lives or dies, it did not matter to me.

Zhi Yan sat on the bed with her back facing me and her mood was somewhat heavy.

From behind her, I sat up slightly, stretched my head closer, and then placed my head on her lap. I stared up at her tightly stretched lips: “Are you hesitating whether or not to kill Liu Wei?”

“That’s not it.” Zhi Yan vetoed my question, “My father… With my own eyes, I saw my father died in his hands. This hatred of murdering my father, I will definitely get my revenge.”

“Oh, and here I’m thinking that you are hesitating is because of Liu Cang Ling.”

Zhi Yan’s gaze darkened: “It is because I have not felt any hesitation in regards to him, so I am very sad.” For the first time, she confessed her heart’s dilemma to me, “I like Cang Ling Gege, but his father, I definitely have to kill.”

I sneered: “What’s the point of liking him. Put him aside, look for someone better-looking than him in the next day, and in just two or three days, you will forget him.”

While Zhi Yan glanced angrily at me, I got up from her lap, “Anyway, speaking from the angle of revenge, you should feel happy right now. During this short time, your body has eaten two Nine Reversal Pills and you have adjusted and harmonized your energy for a long time under my guidance; compared to the previous you, you should already experience a world of difference. Although, I have never fought with this Liu Wei directly, but I have fought with his elder. Comparing this junior to his old man, there really isn’t much difference in strength.

“Not to mention that Mo Qing wants to help you now, even if he doesn’t help; I’ll enter your body, fight in your stead, so it’s not impossible to kill him. You lend me your body to use at night, was it not because of this? Now that it’s on the eve of your great revenge.” I raised my hand, took ahold of her chin, drew her face down slightly, and overbearingly forced her to look me in the eyes, “What are you worrying about?”

While Zhi Yan obediently allowed me to pester her, her eyes shed all tenderness and innocence: “Before I came to Wan Lu Sect, I witnessed my father stabbed in the heart by Liu Wei. When he was on the verge of death, he risked his last strength to send me away. In Jiang Hu, I helplessly wandered for a long time to find my big uncle, and then I heard the news of my father’s tragic death. I told my big uncle that Liu Wei killed my father, but no one believed me. 

“They all thought that my mind was abnormal. They thought that I was crazy. Okay, that’s fine. They even said that I had accidentally entered the darkside. So then, I will simply enter the darkside.” She stared at me, “Therefore, that day happened, when I knocked my head badly against your gravestone.”

I nodded, I had roughly guessed bits and pieces of the entire course of this development.

“It’s just that up until now, I still don’t understand why did Old Man Liu Wei wanted to do such a thing… Why did he suddenly wanted to harm my father.”

“Then let’s go and investigate.” I released her chin, “The truth that you want to investigate and the matter that I want to investigate should be the same thing.”

“What are you investigating?”

“A deadly hatred.”

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