Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 68.01


Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 68.01

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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At the Southern Heavenly Gate, the atmosphere was solemn as the immortals knelt down in unison. Xing Zhi did not even ask them to get up. He only embraced Shen Li in his arms and said smilingly: “I’m aware of the sufferings in the Three Realms and I’m also aware that life isn’t easy for all sentient beings. However, up until now, I, Xing Zhi, still haven’t harmed any sentient beings, right? So, all of the immortals here should not judge me for a crime that I, Xing Zhi, have never done.” 

An impatient immortal raised his head and said angrily: “Divine Sovereign, a few days ago, you used the Water Prohibition Technique in the Mortal Realm to freeze the Eastern Sea for ten days and ten nights, which violated the Heavenly Laws, which even damaged your Godhead. The Outer Bounds of Heaven was shaken up, making tiles and rocks pass through the Nine Heavens and fall into the Mortal Realm. Although it did not hurt anyone, a vast area of mountainous forests were already destroyed, and a large fire in the mountains burned continuously in the Mortal Realm for a fortnight! Several hundred Mountain Gods and Local Gods banded together casting spells to extinguish the fire day in and day out. May I dare ask the Divine Sovereign, is this not considered a crime?!” 

The Eastern Sea was frozen for ten days and ten nights?! 

Shen Li was stunned, he really lost his mind during that time! 

Xing Zhi was silent for quite a while: “This matter was my fault and should be considered a crime.” 

That immortal spoke again: “It may be assumed that you, Divine Sovereign, are not always able to control your emotions. This time, it’s dismissed. In any case, people were already persuaded. However, next time, what if something unexpected happens again? Today, Divine Sovereign, you found the Azure Sky King and brought her back. Wouldn’t this be a disaster hanging over the Three Realms?! May I dare ask the Divine Sovereign, how can all sentient beings be at peace?!” 

Xing Zhi’s eyes turned cold. When the Heavenly Emperor saw this, he hurriedly said: “Divine Sovereign, don’t blame him. Immortal Lord Wu Yuan usually has such a hot temper. He speaks too rashly. I hope that the Divine Sovereign will calm down. Divine Sovereign, it’s just that… What Lord Wu Yuan said was not unreasonable. I still hope that the Divine Sovereign will reconsider it again.” As soon as the Heavenly Emperor said that, the kneeling immortals followed suit and said: “I hope that the Divine Sovereign will reconsider it again.” 

Along with them, Shen Li looked at Xing Zhi. Xing Zhi looked at everyone and said in a cold voice: “This matter was my fault. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Azure Sky King Shen Li. I hope that all of the immortals here won’t make random accusations. Besides, the mistake that I, Xing Zhi, made was using my divine power indiscriminately and violating the Heavenly Laws. My mistake was absolutely not because my heart belonged to someone.” 

As soon as these words came out, all of the immortals immediately became clamorously noisy! Listening to Xing Zhi’s words, he was planning to willfully get his own way! 

As expected, Xing Zhi appeared to not have heard their arguments. He stared at the Heavenly Emperor and said in a resolute tone: “This time, the Outer Bounds of Heaven was shakened, I will have my own remedy for that in a little bit. I am also willing to take responsibility for the destruction of the mountainous forests in the Mortal Realm. Only with Shen Li, I refuse to take a step back.” He lowered his eyes and gazed at Shen Li, who was staring blankly at him, in his arms. In a blink of an eye, his eyes softened involuntarily, “Never mind that it’s all of you, even she can’t say no.” 

Simply tyrannically domineering. 

“If there’s anyone who refuses to accept it.” Xing Zhi raised his head and curled his lips up into a smile, “Borrowing Azure Sky King’s words, feel free to fight.” 

The noisy clamor immediately died away and what was left in its place was mere silence. 

Under the stunned eyes of everyone, Xing Zhi took Shen Li back to the Outer Bounds of Heaven and no one dared to stop him. 

In the Outer Bounds of Heaven, stars filled the sky as far as the eye could see. The place where the deities  live was filled with an awe and a tranquility that had never been broken for thousands of years. 

Xing Zhi placed Shen Li on his own bed. After covering her with the quilt, Xing Zhi gazed at Shen Li with a rare wry smile and complained: “When they can’t do anything else, they will use all sentient beings of the Three Realms to force me. Who else in the Three Realms is shackled like me?” 

Shen Li stared fixedly at him. Xing Zhi knew what she wanted. So with a flick of his fingertips, Shen Li’s throat loosened and she said, “You stand in the highest place, are loved and respected by the people, and have the powers of heaven. In these Three Reams, who else is enshrined and worshiped like you.” Shen Li said, “So, it can’t be easy for you to take advantage of everything.” 

Xing Zhi smiled: “I was just complaining here and there. Even this can also make you teach me a lesson.” 

Shen Li looked at him for a while, then said sternly: “In the Demon Realm, I have never done any heavy work. The food that I eat and the clothes that I wear are all provided by others. I have no other skills, only my formidable powers. The reason why people still continue to provide for me is dependent on me selling my powers to protect the safety of the Demon Realm. Which allows the people who are doing the heavy work and are willing to provide for me to keep living in peace.” Shen Li paused, “Divine Sovereign Xing Zhi, maybe everyone has something that they’re born to do. It’s both a responsibility and a mission.” 

Xing Zhi looked at her, the curvature of his lips was still the same, but the brilliance in his eyes dimmed slightly: “The things you’ve said, do you think that I don’t understand this truth?” 

Shen Li closed her eyes and tidied up all the emotions in her eyes: “I love you. I want to be with you more than anyone else. Just like when we were in that small courtyard, sitting under the grapevines, basking in the sun, and enjoying the breeze. I love you so much. I wish I could merge all my flesh and blood into your body. I wish I could entangle with your breath in every moment. Xing Zhi, you don’t know this, but because I, Shen Li, love you, sometimes I don’t even recognize myself anymore.” Every word she said was so serious, but every word was deliberately stripped of her emotions: “I know that in this life of mine, I could never love anyone else as deeply, but I also understand that these feelings are not the only reason for me to live.” 

“I still have things that I have to do. While you have responsibilities that you have to take on. So, Xing Zhi…” 

“Even though I’m not the only reason for you to live, at least I’m one of the reasons.” Xing Zhi interrupted Shen Li’s words, he smiled and stroked Shen Li’s head, “Therefore, that’s enough for me.” 

He got up, wanting to leave. He did not want to listen to what else Shen Li had to say. He just said forcefully: “I will take on my responsibilities. As for the things that you have to do, I will do it for you. Therefore, you don’t have to think about your mission and responsibilities. Whatever you want, I will always help you…” 

“If you’re going to do everything for me, then what else is there left for me to do?” Shen Li became somewhat livid. Xing Zhi’s voice also became colder: “You can’t do anything until your powers are restored, so just lay here obediently. Take good care of your body and talk about other things.” 

“When my powers are restored, will you return my silver spear to me, and then let me go back to the Demon Realm?” 

Xing Zhi was silent: “I won’t let you go.” 

“How unreasonable!” Shen Li was always amenable to coaxing but not to coercion. However, when she saw how domineering Xing Zhi’s behavior was, she immediately became furious, “Why do I need your approval in what I do, I…” 

“My heart will ache.” Xing Zhi practically blurted it out, “My heart will ache for you.” Startled, Shen Li’s explosive feathers were immediately smoothed down. Xing Zhi continued, “So, just let me handle all those dangerous things. You just need to stay with me and I’ll be fine.” 

As Shen Li’s expression softened, she sighed: “Xing Zhi… I, Shen Li, am not a bird for someone to play with and cannot be imprisoned in a cage.” 

As Xing Zhi was leaving, his footsteps paused and he looked back at Shen Li: “When you say it like that…” With a wave of his hand, dozens of icicles emerged from the ground and inserted into the roof, making the place where he sleeps become a cage, imprisoning Shen Li within it. Looking at Shen Li’s stunned eyes, Xing Zhi smiled, “You are so angry right now, so this will make me feel more at ease.” With a flick of his fingertips, he allowed Shen Li to move freely, “I will bring the food by later.” 

What…What a shameful bastard!

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