Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 68.02


Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 68.02

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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Xing Zhi was determined to be obstinate until the end. For three days, Shen Li was imprisoned. Even though Xing Zhi brought her meals every day, the rest of the time he was very busy. He did not even have time to exchange more than a few words with Shen Li before turning around and leaving soon after. Shen Li knew that he had to patrol the entire Outer Bounds of Heaven. He had to see if there were places that slackened due to the shaking. Without Xing Zhi by her side, Shen Li was able to meditate with peace of mind and adjust the aura in her body. The Outer Bounds of Heaven had abundant spiritual energy, which unexpectedly assisted Shen Li in her recovery. Within three days, Shen Li recovered sixty to seventy percent of the powers in her body. Additionally, the sixty to seventy percent of powers that she recovered were much purer than before. This made Shen Li extremely happy, but being kept in the cage all the time, it left her without a place to practice with the powers surging through her body. 

Thinking about the state of the Demon Realm when she left, Shen Li sighed a little. She did not know how they were doing now, whether the Demon Sovereign’s injury had healed, whether the broken defensive barrier in the capital city was repaired, and whether Xu Xu and Rou Ya were living happily in the King’s Mansion. They must have been very sad when they received word about her ‘death.’ So right now, the news that she was found by Xing Zhi should be traveling back to the Demon Realm. They should gain some peace of mind, but if they did not see her, then they would still be worried… 

When Shen Li sighed again, she heard slightly hasty footsteps coming towards her direction. 

It was not Xing Zhi. Xing Zhi had never exhibited behaviors that were slow or hurried. In an instant, Shen Li frowned and became alert. 

The graceful figure of a woman appeared in Shen Li’s eyes. It was You Lan, running all out of breath. When she finally saw Shen Li, her face was overjoyed. However, when she saw dozens of icicles standing in front of Shen Li, her face turned white all over again. Shen Li frowned at her: “What are you doing here?” 

In two steps, You Lan reached Shen Li and said: “The Heavenly Emperor wants to do something to you, so I came to take you away.” 

Baffled, Shen Li was still frowning. When You Lan saw this, she took two steps forward again: “Yesterday, I accidentally passed by the Heavenly Emperor’s palace hall. There, I heard he was consulting with several generals. Today, they planned to lure the Divine Sovereign Xing Zhi to the Mortal Realm, then someone will go to the Outer Bounds of Heaven to make you take the Souleater Heart Pill.” 

“What is that?” 

“This medicine will make the consumer’s soul leave the body and scatter into dust, but the body will still be intact. Then after the consumer’s soul dies, it will take over the consumer’s body and act according to the master’s instructions. The Heavenly Emperor wants to kill you, and then make your body into a puppet.” You Lan said anxiously, “Based on the time, they should be here soon, but… These- these icicles, what should we do?!” 

Shen Li was silent: “I have two questions. First, isn’t there an enchantment barrier in the Outer Bounds of Heaven, so how did you all get here? Second, why should I believe you?” 

“The bloodline of the Heavenly Emperors carries the qualification to enter the Outer Bounds of Heaven, this qualification was granted by the deities in ancient times. Those generals are all my uncles, like me, they carry the bloodline of the Heavenly Emperors, so they can enter the Outer Bounds of Heaven. As for trusting me…” You Lan paused. Suddenly, she lowered face, “King, if you have seen the Divine Sovereign’s appearance during that time, then you will no longer harbor the idea that if you’re not here, he’ll get better. I just… Don’t want the situation to get worse.” 

Again, Shen Li was silent: “Was it you, who persuaded him?” 

You Lan’s eyes displayed her sadness: “It was the Divine Sovereign, his heart was dead.” She sighed softly and closed her eyes, as if she could not bear it any longer, “However, even so, every day, he still kept wandering around the Eastern Sea. The person, who was closest to heaven, was like someone who was abandoned by heaven. He could only search and wait hopelessly, but fortunately…” She raised her eyes and glanced at Shen Li, hiding in her eyes were several different emotions, “Fortunately, the King is safe and sound. ” 

Shen Li lowered her eyes, recalling Xing Zhi’s moods on the day she came across him on the coast. Perhaps it was something she would never understand in this life of hers… 

Shen Li took a deep breath and said, “Take a step back.” 

Following her directions, You Lan took a step back. She saw Shen Li wrapping her hand around one of the icicles and a raging flame burst out from her palm, encircling the icicle. However, after the raging flame engulfed the icicle, only a few beads of water dropped and the icicle did not even melt. As Shen Li frowned, You Lan said: “This must be condensed by the Divine Sovereign using the Water Prohibition Technique, so ordinary flames can’t do anything to it at all.” 

Shen Li snorted: “Who said my flame was ordinary.” After saying that, she gripped the icicle in her hand and her palm flushed red. As she released a low groan, the icicle she was holding suddenly emitted white smoke. In less than a moment, the icicle softened and Shen Li kicked it outward to squeeze out of the gap. 

Seeing the cold air coming off of her palm, Shen Li shook her hand: “This Water Prohibition Technique is pretty formidable.” For something that Xing Zhi made with just a casual wave of his hand, it was already so difficult to dissolve. If he was a little more serious, then would that not mean that she would have been locked up in here forever. 

“Let’s go.” Shen Li said, “If the generals of the Heavenly Realm come, then it’s a trivial matter. But if Xing Zhi returns, then it’ll be even harder to get away. 


The author has something to say: The captured woman ran away ╮(╯▽╰)╭ 

Everyone is guessing that Ah Jiu is going to start the abuse, in fact, this part actually belongs to the flow of the plot, so I will not abuse it~ ╭(╯3╰)╮

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  1. Hi, thank you for continuing the translations. I’ve been waiting a few years for this to be completed. Please let me know how I can read from here to the end. I saw that the last few chapters are password protected but don’t see any directions on how to get the password. Please let me know. I’m so eager to finish this.

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    1. Hi Thina! To get access to the stories, please support me and go to my ko-fi website or you can wait until I finish translating the book and the side stories will be freely accessible.


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