Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 35.03

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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 35.03

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I should have vehemently disliked his type of appearance. The type that I should like was the willfully savage appearance similar to that of Jiang Wu’s.


However, it was like I was bewitched. As I stared at Mo Qing’s face, my gaze swept over his brows and eyes to the bridge of his nose. I reached out with my fingertips to brush across his cheeks and lips. Could he sense me? I believed that it was inevitably impossible for him to sense my presence.

No matter what I did, he would never find out.

Suddenly, a desire rose sharply within my heart. 

As my fingertips brushed across his lips, I abruptly wanted to know the temperature between these god-like lips. Was it slightly cool like the palm of his hand? Or was it hotter than a raging fire? 

I moved closer and used my petal-like lips to gently meet his lips.


My lips softly brushed across his lips.


I could not sense any changes in the temperature because he and I were originally separated by life and death. So it was impossible for us to sense each other’s touch. But the moment I opened my eyes, I discovered that I did not know when Mo Qing had opened his eyes.


It was like a bell ranged distinctly beside my ear. I lost my soul for a moment, then immediately turned around in a panic to run haphazardly outside. I leapt over the rooftop and ran two great loops before I reluctantly stopped.

Finally after, I managed to calm down enough to think, what did I panic for…?!

During that moment, Mo Qing’s eyes did not even fall on my face at all. It was likely that he was unable to feel my touch; therefore, he naturally could not even see me! So what was I running for?! Additionally, even if he was able to see, what would be the problem?! It was true that I kissed him, teased him, and even if I were to push him down today, so what then?!

How could I not have any sort of courage?!

I patted my face a few times, and then from above the rooftop, I passed through the roof. Below was Mo Qing’s room, I hovered on the beam of his room and quietly looked at him. I only saw him still sitting on the bed, his gaze had fallen on an unknown corner in the room and his facial expression looked like he was thinking deeply about something.


No longer paying attention to him, I returned to Zhi Yan’s room but did not rushed into Zhi Yan’s body. Instead I just lay on the bed, somewhat in a daze.

In the morning, Zhi Yan’s soul returned and dropped down into Jin Zhou City’s boundary. Her expression immediately became heavily clouded with worry, so she did not detect anything out of the ordinary with me.

Leaving the guest house, Zhi Yan and Mo Qing entered Jin Zhou City together and planned to find another guest house to settle down inside the city.

Along the way, she and Mo Qing did not say a single word to each other. As they passed through the city gate, she saw the city guards scrutinize each passerby very carefully; she obviously seemed a little nervous. I was next to her and reminded her: “Don’t be afraid, Mo Qing has used an enchantment magic on your body already. When they look at you, they will only think that you’re an ordinary person. They won’t recognize you and won’t remember you. Just relax a little bit.”

Zhi Yan took two deep breaths and blindly followed behind Mo Qing into the city.

Just as Mo Qing and Zhi Yan were about to pass through the gate, a guard suddenly blocked their path.

Zhi Yan showed no changes in her expression, she just let them investigate and ask for their names and origins. Zhi Yan was able to answer very clearly and logically every time. I was beside her and felt a sense of admiration. After entering the city, Zhi Yan casually found a guest house to wait until evening.

I waited for Zhi Yan’s soul to glide out and immediately praised her: “This morning, you lied quite smoothly.”

Zhi Yan nodded her head repeatedly: “Acting in front of them is so much more effortless than my usual performance in front of Demon Li.”

As I raised my eyebrows, I thought that she was correct. Every single day, she always had to put on an act in front of the greatest demon in the world, therefore, the guts that she got out of this experience was definitely not ordinary. I patted her shoulder: “You must thank me.” I gave her the opportunity to grow up.

Zhi Yan flashed a glance at me and her expression was no longer relaxed like usual. She gazed out the window of the guest house and looked at Jin Xian Sect that was two streets away: “Let’s go.”

I nodded and as I glided towards Jian Xin Sect, I asked Zhi Yan: “Do you feel that there’s something different about tonight?”

Zhi Yan was baffled and asked in return: “What’s the difference?”

I knew that she was definitely unable to see the current situation – the moon in the sky was covered by dark clouds, raging flames of resentment and malevolence emitted terrifyingly from Jian Xin Sect, and along the ground hung black fumes that were like vines that intertwined around our legs.

I told myself that it was better for Zhi Yan, if she did not see this. Even if she knew these things were all caused by her father, I guessed she would still be frightened to death.

He was truly worthy of being called the strongest malicious spirit in the last hundred years. Apparently, Zhi Yan’s father died a very-hard-to-understand death.

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  2. Thank you for your translations. I’ve seen the drama and even with all its flaws, I quite enjoyed watching it. I’ve decided to binge-read this novel today and this is actually so much better. So thanks for all your effort.

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