Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 36.01

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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 36.01

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Zhi Yan’s father was surnamed Qin and named Yu. Although, he was Qin Qian Xian’s younger brother, but he did not practice the Bodhisattva path; instead he inherited the ancestor’s family estate. He ran a not too small, not too large celestial sect, and because he was also related to Qin Qian Xian, so those hypocritical prestigious righteous family respected him very much. Even though his sect was not regarded as one of the Ten Great Celestial Sects, but it could still be considered as a great influential and aristocratic family.

Many years ago, when I pointed my sword at the celestial sects and fought against Jin Zhou City, Qin Qian Xian was at the rear roasting my behind, which forced me to withdraw my troops. Therefore, Qin Qian Xian was considered to be a great benefactor of Jian Xin Sect. Since then, Qian Chen Pavilion and Jian Xin Sect started to establish a really deep friendship. It even spread to Qin Yu’s friendship; disciples from both sects interacted with and learned from each other, together they discussed the philosophy of human life, and eventually, they even formed a marriage kinship.

— This was everything that Zhi Yan told me.

It sounded like a picture of a very happy and peaceful aristocratic family, but to look back on the situation today, it appeared totally ridiculous.

Obviously, Zhi Yan has been to Jian Xin Sect many times, so she knew the layout very well. As she walked, she recounted many moments that were from the happy past to the painful reality.

I listened distractedly and only responded occasionally with a few words, while I resolutely flew in a certain direction.

Finally, when we almost entered into a room, Zhi Yan suddenly stopped and turned to ask me: “How did you know that this is Liu Wei’s room?”

“I don’t know.” I raised my head to look at the soaring resentment spreading out from this room and only knew that Zhi Yan’s father was most likely here.

But before I could open my mouth and explain to her, I suddenly heard an angry roar coming from inside the room. The voice soared up into the sky, so loud that even the deaf could hear, it was so emotionally hysterical that it could even make someone feel terrified: “Who’s disturbing me?” A black aura of resentment surged violently like a volcanic eruption that enveloped everything in the surrounding area.

Suddenly, Zhi Yan seemed to have felt a frigid coldness that made her abruptly shivered. This was the first time her soul had felt the temperature from the outside world.

My expression darkened slightly, just like what Zi You said, this malicious spirit was so powerful that it could affect the world of the living.

All of a sudden, a black aura of resentment swiftly dashed out of the room that made my eyebrows immediately furrowed. Upon seeing my facial expression, Zhi Yan also momentarily became somewhat nervous: “What’s wrong?”

I quickly grabbed her and pulled her towards me. Then, I placed her in front of me like a shield. I hid behind Zhi Yan with my head carefully poking out and resolutely shouted: “Qin Yu.”

Zhi Yan struggled a little and angrily said: “How can you call out my father’s name like that?!”

[Hmph, why are you paying attention to that?! Based on seniority, I could call him my son and call you my granddaughter, you both would still have to respond.] 

I ignored her and only spoke to that black aura, “This is your daughter, Zhi Yan. First, don’t be rash, calm down, and look at her.”

The swirling black aura before us slightly paused, as if it had calmed down a little bit. Gradually, the dense sinister mass of black aura slowly dissipated and  revealed the face of a middle-aged man. His appearance and temperament were seven parts similar to Zhi Yan; it was like the two words ‘blood relation’ could be seen written on their faces.

He looked at Zhi Yan, the whites of his eyes slowly faded from the blackness, and his voice was no longer mournful like before, but rather somewhat hoarse and bewildered: “Zhi Yan…”

Zhi Yan could not hear him, but she seemed to have sensed something: “Great… Great Demon King, is my father here?”

Seeing Qin Yu’s moods had become stable, I reached my hand out, pointed at Zhi Yan’s face, and said: “That’s right, this is your daughter, Zhi Yan. She suffered many untold hardships to come find you and wanted to ask you about some things. You must be calm, carefully answer her, and do not disappoint her hard work.”

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