Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 36.02

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 36.02

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“Zhi Yan…” Qin Yu swayingly floated to our side, but Zhi Yan could only incessantly asked me over and over again: “Is my father here? He’s here, right? Why can’t I see him?”

Mhm, they both were indeed father and daughter; the ability to ignore the speaking person were exactly the same.

I calmed down and ignored Zhi Yan first: “You’re not dead yet. Before you still couldn’t see other ghosts except for me, hmm.” I pointed at Qin Yu and said to Zhi Yan, “Whatever you want to say, say it. He can hear you.”

Zhi Yan became silent for an instant, as if she momentarily did not know what she could say. Therefore, I was considerate and helped her ask him: “Qin Yu, your daughter wants to ask you, why did Liu Wei want to kill you?”

Qin Yu drifted in front of Zhi Yan: “My child, why did you become like this? Who was it? Who harmed you…” His expression became severe, “Was it that Liu Wei?” As he was saying that, his whole body became surrounded by a dark aura once again.

I promptly reprimanded him to stop: “Don’t get excited. Your daughter only came here with her soul to find you, that’s all. She wants to find the truth, therefore, she’s not harm by anyone. She is still living very well right now.”

Qin Yu’s gaze finally landed on my face: “Who are you?”

Yi, he unexpectedly did not recognize this face of mine? Apparently, he had forgotten everything else entirely: “I am your daughter’s newly sworn big sister. I came to help her.” I opened my eyes wide and lied, even Zhi Yan did not have the inclination to expose me, “You keep talking. Why did he, Liu Wei, kill you? In the end, what does he want to do? If we clearly find out their purpose, then we can help you get revenge.”

“Get revenge…” Qin Yu was startled, “I don’t want you two to get revenge, you both leave. Liu Wei harmed me and still wants to hurt my daughter. You both quickly leave!” 

I quickly glanced at Zhi Yan: “Why does he still want to harm Zhi Yan?”

“Blood… My Qin family’s blood can help him resurrect people. My blood was not enough, so he still needs Zhi Yan’s.” As Qin Yu brought up this matter, his state of mind became emotional, one moment he was crying and then the next moment he was angry, “Just like that, Jian Xin Sect schemed against my Qin family. How ironic that I considered them as my best friends when I was alive! Liu Wei! Liu Wei! Liu Wei is not dead! I’m not reconciled with this!”

The aura of resentment soared, and my expression darkened as I calmly gazed at him: “Who does he want to resurrect?”

“The Golden Immortal, Luo Ming Xuan.”

Even though I anticipated for these words that just came out, I still felt like someone had punched me. After the smothering pain, I was overcome with a feeling of anger that I kept under control within the pit of my stomach and not let it show. The corners of my mouth curled up as I laughed coldly: “Jian Xin Sect’s guts sure is big enough.”

Beside me, Zhi Yan asked: “What did my father say? Who wants to harm me? Who do they want to resurrect?”

I just stared at Qin Yu: “Where are they hiding Luo Ming Xuan’s body?”

“It’s precisely three zhang underneath this room.” Qin Yu gnashed his teeth, “Luo Ming Xuan is there. There’s a holy barrier that I cannot get through.”

* Zhang – Chinese measurement of length, 1 zhang is 3.3 meters

When Luo Ming Xuan was alive, he cultivated the golden immortal body. Under this heaven, he was the first person that had achieved this in the last ten million years. So even though he was half dead now, but his golden immortal body was still there, and to the demons and ghosts, he still had the power to threaten them…

I floated towards Liu Wei’s room. While from behind me, Zhi Yan called out: “Great Demon King, what are you going to do?”

I turned my head to gaze at her: “I’m going to help you get revenge.” When my words ceased, I turned my head and plunged straight into the ground.

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