Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 37.02

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 37.02

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[Not to mention that I definitely won’t allow for Luo Ming Xuan to wake up. Also, particularly in regards to Shen Qian JIn, even though that year, Gu Han Guang came to beg me, but I still had spent so much effort to save her. If you both say you want to kill her, then do you think you can?]

[I won’t allow that to happen.]

I drifted out of the stone room and leaped upward to the ground, but I saw Zhi Yan blindly rushing about on the ground like a headless fly. While beside her was Qin Yu, who stared at her intently with sorrowful eyes.

“Stop looking.” I reprimanded Qin Yu, “I have something for you to do.”

Qin Yu turned his head to look at me, but in this moment, Zhi Yan bounded over: “Great Demon King, where have you been?!” She took one look at my body and her lips immediately drooped, as if she was about to cry, “Why does your soul look weak again? When you went down to that room, I tried to approach and already felt pain, how did you get in there? How were you able to stay in there for such a long time? Why didn’t you come out earlier?”

“Just because you retreated as soon as you hurt, therefore, you didn’t know where I went and didn’t know how I was able to stay inside for so long. That’s the reason why, regardless of whether it’s before or after, you’ll never know why I’m the Great Demon King and why you’re just a small fry.”

As I left her with these words, in her moment of dumbfoundedness, I pushed her aside and stared at Qin Yu: “Do you know Guan Yu Tower’s Shen Qian Jin? Liu Wei said that he’ll harm Shen Qian Jin tonight. Just like he harmed you, he’s going to take her blood. Right now, I have to go find help. You go find Shen Qian Jin and use any means necessary to keep her safe. The bigger your action is, the better it is. I’ll be there in a moment.”

When Qin Yu listened to the first half of my speech, his eyes were already turning scarlet and he was gnashing his teeth. After he waited for me to finish, without further instructions, he turned into a dark shadow and leapt up into the sky. He immediately disappeared right before my eyes.

I called out to Zhi Yan: “Come on, let’s go back first.”

While Zhi Yan kept asking me: “What the heck is going on? What happened?”

It was still a long way drifting from Jian Xin Sect to the perimeter of the guest house, so I simply told Zhi Yan everything involved in this matter. After Zhi Yan finished listening, she was quiet for a moment, like she was digesting the information. A while later, she murmured to herself: “I was at Jian Xin Sect for so many years and I never knew that hiding underground was the body of the Golden Immortal… But why is it the Golden Immortal… Doesn’t everyone say that he is merciful and generous, and that he is a great man…”

I shot a glance at Zhi Yan, it seems that the work of these celestial sects were still very well done. Luo Ming Xuan has been dead for such a long time, but this junior generation of theirs still knew about him.

“But why now, in order to resurrect him, they can just hurt my father? If the Golden Immortal’s life is a life, then my father’s is not one? The one that they’re wanting to resurrect… What kind of golden immortal is he?”

I laughed coldly: “What golden immortal, aren’t they all just celestial cultivators. These domesticated animals who look like humans but are more like dogs…” I paused for a moment and suddenly thought of the ghost market. I thought of those hypocritical righteous cultivators, who did bad things behind other people’s back. When they become ghosts, they would receive the same treatment as me. I suddenly felt a moment of scheming enlightenment. I could not help but started to think, I should have turned them into ghosts much sooner.

I should urge Mo Qing to make a drastic move and take them all away.

While I was secretly plotting in my mind, Zhi Yan suddenly asked me another question: “Why did you originally want to kill the Golden Immortal on his wedding day?”

I gazed at the fast-approaching guest house and answered softly: “Because he harmed me and my only close relative.”

Zhi Yan was stunned and dumbfoundedly asked: “Your close relative? Who?”

In Jiang Hu, no one knew that Lu Zhao Yao still had a close relative. However, I still remembered it so clearly. When I was young, my homeland was a place of barren hills and wild rivers. My clan members would disappear one by one, and even my parents disappeared before I had any memories of them. In the end, only my maternal grandfather and I stayed in that dense and dark valley. He would drink wine all day long to the point that he was intoxicated, and then for a while, he would remember to teach me cultivation techniques. 


I still remembered what he told me. He said that everyone in the outside world could make choices for themselves. They could choose to be celestial or demonic cultivators, or practice any kind of paths. However, only the people of our clan did not have that choice because we were born to be demonic, so we could only cultivate the demonic path.


I was very talented, it just so happens that within the barren hills and wild rivers filled with miasmic energy, it could promote my growth. I had never felt that cultivating the demonic path was a bad thing.


Until one day, a glittering golden man suddenly fell down from the rugged mountain cliff. His whole body was seriously injured and his life was hanging by a thread. At that time, I had never seen an outsider that was so clean and beautiful.

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