Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 37.03

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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 37.03

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I brought him back from the rocky mountains and healed his wounds. He asked me who I was, why I was here, and why I cultivated the demonic path.

At that time, I did not have a scheming heart. I was just a country girl who grew up in the valley, so I had no defense and told him everything about myself. However, when he heard that I was born to be demonic, he did not say anything. He simply told me that even if I was born to be demonic, I could still harbor good thoughts and become a person with good virtues.

I believed him.


I took care of him from the moment he was seriously injured until his injury was well, he was well enough to where he could use the Instant Travel Technique. During that time, he always treated me with a pleasant countenance. He gently taught me how to recite the Immortal Sect’s disciplines. He told me how to be merciful and accumulate merit; how to do my best that would benefit humanity and not to waste this life away.


I memorized his every word. I memorized it so thoroughly that even now it was so clear. I also remembered the words he whispered beside my ear day in and day out; he said to do less killing and to do no evil.

Since then, I had always longed to be a good person.

I strived hard to practice the cultivation method. I wanted to go out and make a name for myself in the world. I wanted to use the status of a demonic cultivator to benefit humanity.

I ignored my maternal grandfather’s objections and finally left my homeland. I went to Chen Ji Mountain and unexpectedly came across Mo Qing, who was besieged by the Ten Great Celestial Sects. I saved him because Luo Ming Xuan told me not to rely on my power to mistreat the weak and not to use the majority to bully the minority.


This was the moral that he told me.

Then later, I bid farewell to Mo Qing and left him on Chen Ji Mountain. I wanted to go find Luo Ming Xuan. I wanted to tell him that the matter that he and I agreed on, I would work hard to achieve it. I planned to stay by his side and later be a good person together with him…

When I finally found Luo Ming Xuan, I was greeted by  the Eighteen Immortal Dharma Prohibition Technique, it imprisoned me and was going to exterminate me.


At that time, under the golden light, he spoke again, but he used a different attitude and tone than when he was in the valley. He was aloof and indifferent. He said to me – “You were born to be demonic, fated to be the most sinister being in the world. Your heart will be evil, your actions will be cruel, you must certainly be punished.”


Only then did I come to realize that at that time, he was in a dangerous situation; he was seriously injured and had fallen into my hands. He feared that I would harm him. So he flattered me in all possible ways, to the point that he even weaved that shit about being good of heart.

Then I was thrown into prison.


In the end, my maternal grandfather had to leave the barren hills and wild rivers that he had guarded for a lifetime. He came to save me at the Immortal Sect. My grandfather used his own strength to break the celestial magic that was imprisoning me. He used his body to protect me, risked his life to send me out of there, and made me escape back into the valley with the barren hills and wild rivers, while he stayed behind and fought against Luo Ming Xuan.

Although I had never seen the battle between my grandfather and Luo Ming Xuan, but later I heard bits and pieces from people in the world that Luo Ming Xuan and an unknown demonic cultivator fought on Luo Ming Xuan’s Feng Mountain. The fight almost turned the mountains and rivers upside down, but in the end, Luo Ming Xuan won.

About that “unknown” demonic cultivator, not even his whereabouts was remarked upon or a single dust particle was left behind.

While my grandfather fought, I was sent back to that valley. I laid there for three full months, my body was wrought with wounds that slowly healed and my ruptured muscles and bones also began to regrow.

I gritted my teeth and waited in the valley. I waited hopelessly for a very long time and yet my grandfather never once returned.

I waited until the wounds on my body improved, and then I crawled out of that valley. In due course, half a year has already passed. Half a year ago, the battle between my grandfather and Luo Ming Xuan has already subsided. In Jiang Hu, disturbances kept arising and new powerful demonic cultivators kept appearing constantly, so Luo Ming Xuan was once again busy doing other things.

My grandfather died in his hands, but this matter in regards to a spectator was already no longer of importance.

As well as, the seriously injured me who escaped, no one could have anticipated that I would still be alive after being injured like that.


I reassembled my temperament and once again returned to Chen Ji Mountain. I picked up Mo Qing, who was still in the ruined temple on the top of Chen Ji Mountain. I nursed myself back to health, regained my old self, and then spread the words, the Demoness, Lu Zhao Yao who fought singlehandedly against the Ten Great Celestial Sects during that year, had left the mountain once again.

The Demoness wanted to build a sect and named it Wan Lu; invited the talented and called on the valorous; accepted the most evil disciples and vowed to kill all the celestial dogs in the world!

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  1. She just wanted to be a good person. But OMG.. He used her.. T__T
    Many thanks

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    1. I know right?! Even though she was born to be “demonic” but she was innocent. He was her first encounter with the outside world, he made her believed that the world was beautiful, and that the world would accept her, if she did everything he said. She looked up to him.

      I still don’t look pregnant, the baby bump is not noticeable.


  2. Congratulations on completing your first trimaster! The second is the most fun with actual apetite and the growing fluttering of tiny butterflies. Stay healthy and thank you for continuing on translating this wonderful novel.

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