Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 38.01

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 38.01

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Remembering things that happened in the past, a burst of emotion surged in my heart. There were too many things that happened, I could not discuss it meticulously with Zhi Yan. So I simply went up to the guest house and said to her:

“Right now, I want to go save someone, so I don’t know what’s going to happen later. It’s best for you to carefully hide in the room. I will use all of my strength to protect your body.” After entering the room, Zhi Yan’s body was still lying peacefully on the bed. I stood by the bed, turned around, stared into her eyes, and said, “I promise that tomorrow morning when you return to your body, a slice of peace will be returned to you.”

Zhi Yan’s eyes shuddered and before I could enter her body, she grabbed my hand. She knew that time was running out, so she did not say useless words and bluntly said: “From the day that I entered the demonic path, I have accepted everything that happened to this life of mine. You help me get revenge, so you don’t need to protect my body. It’s better for you to protect yourself! Even… Even if this body no longer exist! I will still be your disciple!”

Her eyes were extremely serious and as I gazed at her, my heart wavered somewhat. It was not because no one had ever entrusted their lives to me, but it was just that other people’s eyes were not as pure as this young lady’s eyes…

No, maybe there was.

That year, I had just arrived to Chen Ji Mountain. When I saved Mo Qing, I faced the stifling encirclement of the Ten Great Celestial Sects and underwent many dangers, and yet, that young boy had stared at me in the exact same way.

He did not fear hardship or pain or death, the only thing that he was afraid of was me letting go of his hand.


However, also in that year, I was only thinking of Luo Ming Xuan, so I did not pay much attention to Mo Qing. After I saved him and ensured his safety, I waited with him until the Ten Great Celestial Sects turned their attention to other matters, and then dropped him off at Chen Ji Mountain.

Could it be then? At that time, I was looking for Luo Ming Xuan and disliked the inconvenience of bringing him with me, so I left him at Chen Ji Mountain, did that cause him to resent me?

I shook my head and told myself that now was not the time to think of Mo Qing. I raised my hand and stroked Zhi Yan’s head: “Don’t act like we are about to be separated forever. I will be okay; nor will I let your body encounter any mishap. Otherwise, why do you think that I dragged that guy in the room next door to this place for? Putting his life on the line is his business.”


I said it in such a way that I was no longer listening to her blunt words and immediately entered her body.


As I stepped outside, I thought of Mo Qing’s currently injured body. Last time we went to Ling Ting Mountain to wreak havoc, I feared that his wounds had recurred again. Now this time, in Jin Zhou City, we are in the celestial sect’s sphere of influence, Jian Xin Sect’s gateway. We had arrived at their territory to cause trouble with the intention to break into the tiger’s cave. This evening, Jin Zhou City had set up the prohibition magic again, just in case when things go wrong and they were unable to Instant Travel out.

As I thought about that, I arrived at Mo Qing’s door and halted my footsteps again.

[Do I really want to let him… Go get revenge for me and be killed in the process?]

[But why not?]

[Obviously, my original goal was to kill Mo Qing, let him and Jian Xin Sect perish together, and make Luo Ming Xuan unable to reawaken; is this not the best outcome? I will effortlessly eradicate two enemies in one fell swoop…]

[Why am I hesitating?]

During this moment in Jian Xin Sect, Liu Su Ruo and Liu Wei were harming Shen Qian Jin. Even as a malicious spirit, Qin Yu was risking his life to prevent their plan, while I stood in front of Mo Qing’s door losing my firm decisiveness.

As I was still hesitating, suddenly a “creak” sounded and the door opened from the inside.

A black robe appeared in the doorway and I raised my head to look up at his unparalleled face. I was momentarily rendered helpless; like yesterday when I kissed Mo Qing’s lips and it stunned me on the spot.

I stared at him distractedly, which allowed for him and I to stand at the room’s doorway quietly looking at each other’s faces.

Mo Qing said: “There’s something abnormal at Jian Xin Sect.”

His clear, cold voice awoken a little bit of my mind. However, all of my rationality was screaming that I should hurry up and seize the moment to seduce him! So that he would go save Shen Qian Jin and kill Liu Su Ruo and Liu Wei!

My gaze fell on his chest, as if I could see through his clothes, pass his skin and flesh, and view his back, riddled with scars.

“Ah… Oh, that’s right. Master, how’d you know?”

“Recently, I’ve studied a little bit about supernatural beings.”

As he said that, I suddenly turned my gaze to look into his pitch-black pupils. He did a little research about supernatural beings… Even separated by such a distance from outside Jian Xin Sect’s gate, I could still sense the malicious spirit’s aura haunting Jian Xin Sect; could it be possible that… Last night, when I touched his lips, he opened his eyes…


[Was it because his lips have felt something to some extent?]

[How did it feel, was it slightly cool and chilly?]


I was confused by my innermost thoughts and forced myself to calm down. I suppressed my embarrassment with a cough and said: “Master, I just had a dream.”

“What dream?”

I said: “My father came to me in my dream. He told me that it really was Liu Wei of Jian Xin Sect who had killed him because they wanted to use his blood to resurrect someone.”

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