Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 40.02

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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 40.02

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The black dragon rushed upward, crashed into the golden light, and finally disappeared silently in the sky. However, the hurricane twisted around Mo Qing’s whole body still showed no sign of stopping. Instead, it looked like it had entered into another level. Suddenly, the surrounding wind shook and a “bop” sounded like a drop of water falling into the lake that caused the waves to fluctuate.

Not long after, the fluctuating tremor surged once again; it became more and more, faster and faster. From the beginning, the sound of raindrops had changed into the sound of striking hails, and then finally turned into the sound of roaring drums. The sounds were muffling, it made the eardrums ring, and even plucked the heartstrings tight.

However, it did not simply just stop at the sounds. Following the sound of tremors, as it became deeply resounding, the fluctuations caused by the growing wind became even more intense. Sound by sound, layer upon layer, between heaven and earth there were thousands of pressure with the power to topple the mountains and overturn the seas coming from the Wan Jun Sword in Mo Qing’s hand.

The first impact was on the plants, followed by the pressure on the buildings, and then the earth shuddered. As the earth shook, it not only affected the foundation of the Demon Defensive Array, but also rocked the entire Jin Zhou City’s Demon Defensive Array which caused the golden light to tremble, the earth to quake, and the land to slide.

This heaven-defying earth-shattering tremor was just like the roar in the Sword Tomb, when Wan Jun Sword reappeared in the world.

The Demon King’s King of the Sword was even more powerful in the hands of the Demon King’s son.

It was unclear where the immense power in the sky had swept away the surrounding people of Jian Xin Sect and that Liu Wei. But if the entire Jin Zhou City was experiencing violent earth quaking and mountain shaking, then all the houses and everything would be razed to the ground.

Mo Qing appeared to want… To shatter the Demon Defensive Array directly from inside Jin Zhou City!

This was just an assumption that had already broken through the horizon and he actually did just that! Even… To the point that it was about to succeed in the very first place!

Even though, the Demon Defensive Array was shaken up; in the sky above, that gigantic golden sword was still dazzling the eyes. Even the brilliant rays were brighter than a moment ago. It was because of Mo Qing’s demonic aura that had further stimulated the magical array.


All of a sudden! The long sword shot down and ruthlessly slammed into Mo Qing. I clenched Liu He Tian Yi Sword in my hand, and wanted to stand up and help him take on the burden, but I could not make the move.


Then I only heard the sound of a “dong” like the clear bell sound that rang inside the temple at daybreak. The tip of the gigantic golden sword of light stopped about five zhang above Mo Qing’s head with much difficulty and collided with the black energy that swirled around his entire body. 

* Zhang – Chinese measurement of length, 1 zhang is 3.3 meters


The powerful impact formed an energy wave that swept across the entire Jin Zhou City in midair; it knocked against the turbulating golden light that surrounded the city and emitted an enormous cry of drones.

Between the gigantic golden sword of light and Mo Qing it had temporarily reached a kind of strange balance. However, even separated at such a long distance, that luminous celestial energy could still prick my skin.

I narrowed my eyes and gazed blankly at the sky, but saw the black dragon made from demonic energy that had just disappeared reappeared again. It twined around the gigantic golden sword like it was wrestling with the gigantic sword; it tangled and confronted, and pulled the gigantic sword back into the air.


As Mo Qing stood in his original place, he held Wan Jun Sword with his facial features slightly languished like an emperor that had hid all of his emotions to calmly and collectedly resist all of the hostility in this world.


However, it was also due to the overly intense golden light in the sky that I became aware of his back. That robe made of mermaid’s thread was soaking wet, but because the color was so black, it was unclear what had gotten his back wet. But I knew that under his expressionless face was a wound hidden deep within his bones.

That would not do…

If currently Mo Qing’s body was completely in tip-top shape, then perhaps he could really try to break down this Demon Defensive Array of Jin Zhou City. However, he was seriously injured and for him to be able to do this much already, others would never have dared to imagine it. But if he continued like this, then his body would suffer a great burden and he would not be able to fight for much longer.

I must figure out a way…


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