Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 39.01

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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 39.01

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The golden light outside the room exploded, so I went out to take a look. In the sky above Jin Zhou City, the Demon Defensive Array had begun to accumulate spiritual energy. Countless long golden swords came together and fell down like lightning. It changed directions and abruptly descended from the sky to strike the place where Mo Qing was located.


This Demon Defensive Array was actually Jin Zhou City’s self-defense magical array.

Many years ago, I led my troops into the belly of the celestial sect. When I arrived in Jin Zhou City, there were countless influential sword-making families in the city voluntarily offering their own family’s celestial swords. They offered millions of long swords to the sky above Jin Zhou City creating a gigantic defensive magical array that protected the city from the inside like a hedgehog.

I could not help it but say that in that year, I was shocked by the altruistic offerings of all their families, too.

Even though I did not like them, these celestial cultivators, but sometimes I would allow myself to be touched by the so-called “unity” of these influential families. Additionally, I was well aware that under such a situation, it would be a fierce battle between the celestial sect in Jin Zhou City and my Wan Lu Sect. Even if I was victorious, I was bound to lose a huge part of my strength.

So I figuratively harassed them, then listened to Sima Rong’s advice, and willingly had my force retreat.

After that, the people in Jin Zhou City became overjoyed and thought that this was a big sign that they had defeated the demonic path. After millions of long swords were removed from the sky, it took several more years of effort to create the Demon Defensive Array that looked like a golden bell. It was based on the shape of millions of long swords of that year.

Usually, this Demon Defensive Array was ​​invisible, but once it came across a demonic aura, the magical array would automatically start. It would resist external invaders and attack internal intruders. The magical array would come together to form a sword, fall down like rain in the sky, and destroy all the demonic aura in the world just like how it was dealing with Mo Qing now.

I frowned because there was only Mo Qing and I right now. Beneath the Demon Defensive Array, there were so many celestial cultivators to deal with. No matter how powerful Mo Qing was, he could not resist such suppression. Not to mention Mo Qing was still injured!

The best and only plan now was to escape with Shen Qian Jin first, find a place in this city to hide, and seal all the demonic aura in the body. Then simultaneously fight and retreat until dawn, rush out of the city, and use the Instant Travel Technique to quickly flee back to Chen Ji Mountain.

Without Zhi Yan’s body or Shen Qian Jin, I still did not believe that they could really go capture Qin Qian Xian to get his blood.

As long as they had no way to resurrect Luo Ming Xuan, then the matter of killing Liu Wei and Liu Su Ruo could be discussed more carefully upon return.

In an instant, I made up my mind and tugged Shen Qian Jin’s hand. I stared at the bitter Liu Su Ruo in front of me and swung Liu He Tian Yi Sword in my hand with all my strength. As the shocking lightning came out, Liu Su Ruo used the male sword to block. The lightning twisted around her long sword and appeared to paralyze her hand. Her body trembled slightly and she became distracted. 

I took the opportunity to swing the sword again. This time, I took Shen Qian Jin out of the wing and summoned lightning from the sky. It smashed into the rafters and instantly set the entire building on fire. Liu Su Ruo was temporarily trapped inside.

I wanted to leave with Shen Qian Jin, but in this moment, the golden light was pressing down overhead. Suddenly, Shen Qian Jin pulled me aside, which made it possible for me to avoid the golden light of the long sword that fell at my side.

I looked up, it must have been when I used my sword and emitted a demonic aura that attracted a golden sword from the Demon Defensive Array.

“I’m not going to give you my thanks, let’s leave first.”

I dragged her and ran towards Mo Qing’s area. As Shen Qian Jin clenched her teeth and silently endured it, she desperately pressed on her wounded neck. However, the hasty escape did make her complexion appeared somewhat paler than before.

“You try to endure it. After tonight, someone will heal you tomorrow.”

Shen Qian Jin just glanced at me with her expression already calm: “Is that Li Chen Lan of Wan Lu Sect?”

When she asked me this, my heart suddenly jumped: “You can’t possibly have celestial sects’ mysophobia to the point that you can’t let a demonic cultivator save your life, hmm?”

“No.” She said coolly, “Being able to get such a great demon to lend a helping hand, Zhi Yan, I didn’t know you had this ability before.”

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