Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 39.02

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 39.02

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Ha ha, I also did not know that you, the cold-face female immortal, had the ability to make fun of people in a situation like this before.

Had just talked to this point, suddenly a gust of wind blew past and Liu Su Ruo dressed in white robes dropped in front of Shen Qian Jin and I, blocking our path. Her complexion was gloomy and the smile at the corner of her mouth was eerily cold.

“You want to run?” The twin swords in her hands were vibrating. In this courtyard right now, the golden light of the Demon Defensive Array in the sky had illuminated the entire Jin Zhou City as bright as day. At this moment, I could finally see the long swords in her hands clearly. I saw that inside her male sword there was a faint brilliant color of blood flowing and fluctuating. Liu Su Ruo said, “My swords still hasn’t had enough fresh blood to drink.”


I answered her: “You should go try and kill a chicken, then.”


After my words ended, I moved my body and knew that if today, I did not beat this old witch to the ground to where she could not get up, then she would never give up!

I aimed Liu He Tian Yi Sword directly at Liu Su Ruo’s heart and with much difficulty she blocked my attack. As the lightning flashed between me and her, I quickly shouted at Shen Qian Jin: “Run towards Li Chen Lan!”

However, at this time, the cultivation in my body had propelled the magical array in the sky to activate once more. The long golden swords fell down like rain-like arrows. The luminous celestial aura still had not fallen upon me, but had already torn my sleeve and burned the skin of this body.


I ducked sideways and frowned, while Liu Su Ruo stood there laughing wildly: “You went to cultivate the demonic path at Wan Lu Sect for a couple of days, and then dared to come here to Jian Xin Sect to throw away your life. So foolish.” 


I ignored her and just looked behind her. In this moment, I saw Mo Qing’s figure in midair resisting millions of long swords made of golden light. Dark shadows were fiercely swept away by the strong wind, but his silhouette was like a great towering mountain, as if tens of thousands of blades could not penetrate it.

It was hard for me to get over there, so I immediately called out to Mo Qing to come over here. Although, he was the target of thousands of swords, but he was also the only hope of leaving Jin Zhou City.

Today, if he could escape, then I could escape. But if he died here, then I would die here, too.

I raised my voice and shouted: “Mo Qing!”

This name appeared to have magical powers, it penetrated straight through the fierce clamorous noise and rushed into Mo Qing’s ears. He suddenly turned his head towards me and our four distant eyes interlocked.

Yi! That was incorrect!

I called out the wrong name!

I should have called him, Master! Otherwise, I should have called him, Li Chen Lan! This situation was too urgent!

But never mind anyways, under this situation, I could not take so many things into consideration. In short, I would just let him see me and the name that I called out did not matter. If I could get out alive this time, then I would distract him with a lot of nonsense later.

“Hmph.” Liu Su Ruo coldly sneered in front of me, “No one can save you!”

Liu Su Ruo’s female sword moved again, it was thrown up into the sky and transformed into nine swords. Under her control, the swords moved constantly around me, like houseflies looking for every opportunity to pierce my body. When I was resisting the attacks, out of the corner of my eye, in midair, I glimpsed that Mo Qing wanted to come this way, but he was prevented by Liu Wei and several hundreds of Jian Xin Sect’s disciples.

Tch, these celestial cultivators just always took the majority to bully the minority, troublesome!

I became angry and decided to no longer hide or avoid. Based on the fact that you made me feel awful, I did not have the inclination to let you live in peace. I poured all of my energy into Liu He Tian Yi Sword and the electric charge on the sword increased sharply. I grasped the sword in an arch, not caring if it was Liu Su Ruo’s female swords or the golden swords coming down from the sky. Around my body, I felt a burst of wind and stirred up an entire whirlwind that caused the sounds of thunder to intensify. Until the whirlwind resembled a dragon and touched the zenith of the Demon Defensive Array, I had attracted each and every one of those long golden swords. Then I shouted loudly and brandished Liu He Tian Yi Sword in my hand.

All of the falling golden swords and Liu Su Ruo’s transformed female swords along with the lighting flashes, thunder rolls, and squalling gales were all thrown into the zenith of the Demon Defensive Array by me. A “boom” sounded and the golden light shattered overhead.

Only the sounds of the Demon Defensive Array crackling could be heard. As golden light and blue lightning mingled together, a roar of fierce explosions lingered on.

At this time, everyone’s movements seemed to have momentarily stopped due to their horror.

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  1. Such good chapter! I like how it was done in the drama as well, but they could have keep when she called out to him by his name. That would have make sense.

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