Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 41.02

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 41.02

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Mo Qing let out a soft chuckle, as if he did not feel any pain at all, instead he was even somewhat happy: “No… This is the first time, I am grateful… That the remainder of my life is very long, therefore, I was able to wait until this day.”


Listening to the meaning behind these words, that was to say that before today he really did not like that his life was too long?


I could not understand his thoughts. Obviously, Gu Han Guang did not understand it either. He was so angry that he gritted his teeth: “If you dislike that the remainder of your life is too long, then don’t come find me. You should follow Lu Zhao Yao’s example, die far, far away to avoid coming back and ruin my reputation.” Although his mouth said such words, the golden needle in his hand landed surprisingly fast and gradually that constantly bleeding wound slowly stopped.


I was behind Gu Han Guang and ruthlessly kicked his butt, but my transparent foot just passed directly through his body. I could not beat him up right now, so I just stored this anger into the pit of my stomach! Brat, just you wait and see, see how I would clean you up later!


It was like Mo Qing did not hear what Gu Han Guang was saying at all. During his treatment, he slowly closed his tired eyes; but at the last moment before closing, the corners of his mouth still curved up, giving off a smiling expression.

Just like a child who got to eat candy, so completely satisfied.


But… What was there to be completely satisfied about.


Obviously he was so badly injured. Obviously… He just escaped from Jin Zhou City, and for him, he absolutely did not gain anything at all…


However, the next day, I immediately discovered that I was a bit naive before, because the things that Mo Qing gained could not simply be greater!

I was in Gu Han Guang’s side courtyard, on one hand, listening to Zhi Yan’s agonizing cries of pain after her soul returned and on the other hand, listening to Guan Yu Tower’s emissary who was looking for Shen Qian Jin to relay the news.

Last night, before the sky had brightened, Shen Qian Jin had already sent news that she was presently at Wan Lu Sect back to Guan Yu Tower. Guan Yu Tower immediately dispatched someone to come over and take care of her. The emissary even brought over news from inside the celestial sects about that very night.

Li Chen Lan broke into Jin Zhou City alone last night and with the power of Wan Jun Sword, he destroyed Jin Zhou City’s Demon Defensive Array by himself. It triggered earthquakes in Jin Zhou City, which almost caused Jian Xin Sect to be completely annihilated within a single night. Within just a few hours, the whole world knew about this.

Everyone within the celestial sects and demonic paths were terrified without exception.

This news was even more shocking than last night’s news about the earthquakes and landslides in Jin Zhou City.

The Demon Defensive Array of Jin Zhou City was the celestial sects’ people’s belief and pride. It became a symbol when the celestial sects used it to make me, the leader of the demonic path, retreat in that year. So its symbolic meaning was much greater than the meaning of its existence. 

Therefore, this type of magical array, without the slightest hint of warning, was destroyed by Li Chen Lan in one fell swoop and was even shattered from within. This made all the celestial sects’ people tremble and made the other demonic paths who had not yet paid allegiance to Wan Lu Sect be terrified.

So today, first thing in the morning, there were many people from the demonic paths who had never paid allegiance to Wan Lu Sect before came to declare that they wanted to join and become Wan Lu Sect’s lower subjects.

In an instant, I understood the meaning behind that yesterday’s smile on the corners of Mo Qing’s lips! So that was it! After yesterday’s battle, perhaps his demon king’s position would be properly seated, firmly and securely! Only the ceremony to bestow the title of the king was missing!

At the same time, the celestial sects also thought that this was a signal. During that year, even Lu Zhao Yao who raised a great army was unable to breach Jin Zhou City, but now it was broken through single-handedly by Li Chen Lan. It could be clearly seen that Li Chen Lan’s current strength was even more powerful than Lu Zhao Yao’s of that year.

When I heard these whispered words between Guan Yu Tower’s emissary and Shen Qian Jin in my soul form, I rocked the table; even though the table did not react at all just like last night when I kicked Gu Han Guang’s butt. 

Mo Qing was able to break into Jin Zhou City because my contribution was there, too, alright!

I even held Liu He Tian Yi Sword to summon a thunderbolt!

Not to mention that outside the city there was even an unknown demonic cultivator who came to cause disorder and inadvertently helped out, too! These lots of celestial sects’ news circulators! Why was the full story of that night not told all at once! You lot are so biased!

Although I must admit that… Last night, Mo Qing was indeed the most awesome one…

But that did not mean that they could neglect my awesomeness, too!

Being able to summon heavenly thunder was also very amazing, alright! You lot even went as far as to not mention about me once!

However, no matter how angry and unreconciled I was, Guan Yu Tower’s emissary could only report these matters completely like so. Besides, Shen Qian Jin was also not very understanding of the situation, she did not even help Zhi Yan, who was possessed by me, make a reputation.

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