Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 42.02

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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 42.02

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On this day, all of Jiang Hu seemed to quiver because of last night’s aftermath in Jin Zhou City.

However, no matter how tormented other people were now, in my opinion, yesterday’s crisis had already come to pass. As long as Luo Ming Xuan did not get resurrected, then it was fine. Besides, I was a dead person now, so I no longer cared about anything else.

I kept Zhi Yan company, while she meditated in the room. I reclined on the bed and had nothing else to do, so with a few words, I gave her guidance. However, most of the time I would look up at the rafters and be lost in my thoughts. In my mind, I could not help it but think about all of the recent images that were related to Mo Qing over and over again.

It was like I was sick, the more I thought, the more images appeared. Until the last image that completely took over my mind were those four words that Mo Qing had said yesterday, “I’ll take you away.”

Ah… Why was it like this after all, obviously it had been a long time ago and yet when I recalled it, the words still lingered distinctly in my ears as if it could make my heart jolt once again.

When dusk fell, Mo Qing came.

I had no idea where this Ugly Little Monster had run off to during the day. But I could assume that he did not properly meditate to adjust his aura, therefore, when he came over, his complexion was still not as healthy-looking as before. Gu Han Guang was right, he was even more troublesome than me. When I was alive, I was headstrong but I still cherished my life. While he did not cherish it in the least…

Mo Qing entered the room, but saw Zhi Yan was still in the process of meditating. He was neither surprised nor disturbed, and sat down in front of the table. He then poured himself a cup of tea and lightly took a sip. It was like he was waiting for Zhi Yan to wake up. 

I floated to the opposite side of the table to sit down. I gazed at him with fixed eyes and called out: “Ugly Little Monster.”

He surely could not hear me, so I thought out loud to myself and said: “If you knew that your family’s dead previous Sect Leader is staring at you, will you still be able to calmly and collectedly drink tea like this?” I reached out with my hand and poked at his teacup. My fingers passed through the bottom of the cup, but my fingertips did not stop and kept reaching out until I finally touched his cheek, “Such a cheater, why did you have to become so beautiful after I died, now I don’t even have the heart to take you away.”

My fingers slid downwards following the contours of his cheek, and then, grasped his chin.

Right at this time, the sky was darkening, but the lantern in Zhi Yan’s room was still not lit yet. That was exactly when Mo Qing raised his head and wanted to light the lantern. So it looked like he was cooperating with me, letting me lift his chin up. He stared at the light, while I unavoidably and inescapably gazed at him from behind the light.

Why was it like this?

In this recent stretch of time, I would hide from Mo Qing, but my reluctance and twisted heart would throbbingly beat, how exactly was this possible?

From time to time, his silhouette would appear in my mind, how was this also possible?

Or even like now, facing him within this marvelous space, I felt like hot blood was coursing through my veins, how was this also even possible?

I gazed at his beautifully contoured lips, and wondered that if I kissed them, then would all of these questions have an answer… I leaned in closer to him, and like a dragonfly lightly touching the water’s surface, I gently touched his lips. But unlike last time, I merely touched his lips and suddenly it bounced. I tasted his lips for a very long time, until it felt like I had an illusion that I could feel the skin and the warmth coming from him.


“Ah!” Off to the side, Zhi Yan suddenly sucked in a deep calming breath that awakened me from my trance.

I pulled back sharply and glared at her.

But I only saw Zhi Yan widened her eyes and desperately gnawed at her lips like she had just received a great fright.

However, compared to her fright, Mo Qing simply turned his head to look at her and immediately turned back around to take a light sip of tea. Nevertheless, he actually looked somewhat different as he pursed his lips, but this gesture of his was very subtle. It made me suddenly remember what he had said before about doing a little research on supernatural beings and I became somewhat uneasy.

Zhi Yan was even more uneasy. As her eyes became super round, she gave me a meaningful look. It was like she wanted me to quickly enter her body and  stand-in for her to deal with Mo Qing.

But in this moment, I had absolutely no idea how I would use Zhi Yan’s body to deal with Mo Qing.

I did not move at all and when Zhi Yan saw that, she immediately closed her eyes, fell back onto the bed, and instantly separated her soul from her body.

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    1. I know right?! I want to read Mo Qing’s thoughts as well but the book is in first-person POV, so it’s all about Zhao Yao. That’s why Mo Qing has two chapters of side stories, though!


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