Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 43.01

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 43.01

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In those deep and serene pitch-black eyes, it reflected the candlelight between me and him, but behind that candlelight was the image of Zhi Yan’s body.

He gazed intently at me, but after the initial surprise, his eyelids lowered to obscure his emotions besides his bewilderment. When he lifted his eyes again, it was like there was a thick layer of mist in his eyes, concealing all of his feelings.

Mo Qing raised his hand and held my wrist.

I raised an eyebrow, oh, youngster, this move of yours was very tantalizing. As long as you pulled me forward, I would definitely fall upon the table unguarded. When that moment comes, would you then repeat my actions, grasp my chin and take liberties with me? After that, would you reveal your feelings to me and honestly confess your plan to me…

I was thinking about these things, but in the end, Mo Qing was still Mo Qing, what he thought and what he took into consideration were indeed not the same as mine.

He just gently removed my hand and elegantly glanced at me: “Disobedient disciple.”

Disobedient… Disobedient disciple?

Ah… That was right, if the topic of identities was discussed right now, I was his disciple. So for me to take the position of grasping his chin and forcing a kiss on him was extremely immoral. But…

He stood up, turned his head slightly, and stepped deeper into the room to scrutinize Liu He Tian Yi Sword, while he pretended to absentmindedly asked: “How is your wound?”

Beside me, Zhi Yan muttered brokenly: “Great Demon King, it looks like he’s running away and wants to change the subject somewhat. Continue to ask him again because I’m very curious. After all, did he know that you kissed him just now?”

[Are you watching a play? As if I did not know that he was changing the topic, did I need you to foolishly remind me?]

Behind Mo Qing’s back, I took the opportunity to roll my eyes at Zhi Yan in disgust, then immediately walked over towards his back and carelessly dealt with his question: “The sword wound was a bit deep, so it won’t heal as fast.” Then I stood beside Mo Qing and gazed at him with intensity: “So Master, did you feel anything unusual just now?”

Mo Qing looked at the window that was just broken by the big black bird, and his expression became grave that carried a bit of solemness. This was his usual appearance when meeting with other people, so he probably started to want to flee. But he just dignifiedly replied to me with these four words: “Nothing unusual was felt.”

“You felt nothing at all?”

“Nothing.” When he finished looking at the sword and the sky outside, he currently began to look at the objects on the long table along the wall.

I simply stood in between him and the wall, our distance was so close that his gaze could only fall upon my body: “But just now Master, when you drank tea, your mouth moved very subtly.”

Mo Qing’s body froze and he turned his gaze away, but in the end he still met my eyes. This time he did not avoid me and opened his mouth to say: “Aren’t you very observant?” 

My eyeballs circled about, I thought that if today, I could not probe anything out from Mo Qing’s end, then I also could not let him probe anything out from my end. Just when I was thinking about some nonsensical words to say, Mo Qing suddenly narrowed his eyes and asked again: “Whether Lu Zhao Yao had kissed me or not, is it that important?”

He moved his toes slightly forward.

I suddenly felt a little bit oppressed. Therefore, I retreated a little, but it was me that had delivered myself between him and the wall just a moment ago. So as soon as I retreated, my heel collided with the wall. It was impossible to retreat further.

Mo Qing continued to ask: “Whether I felt it or not, is it that important?”

I shook my head: “Actually, it’s not that important at all.”

He lifted his hand and imitated my movements from earlier to grasp my chin. His eyes carried some degree of danger; but also within its depths, it hid a sense of peculiar attractiveness: “So your movements just now, was to act in the name of Lu Zhao Yao to take liberties with your master?”

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