Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 03

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 03

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Mhm, this was a pretty good idea.

I rubbed my hands together at once, waiting for the young lady to stop breathing completely. However, not too long after, I saw the young lady suddenly twitch and move her legs. Immediately after, her chest slightly rose, her lips slightly parted, then she actually…

Opened her eyes once again…

Even like this, she did not crash to her death! I was in awe, these people nowadays, why was all of your heads so hard?

I moved my eyes away in disappointment, losing all interest in this excitement. However, just as I turned around to sit back on my tombstone, I heard the young lady, who had just woken up, gasped twice and shrieked: “Ah, ghost!”

Huh? Was she talking about me?

I turned my head, staring at her.

Sure enough, the young lady in powdery-pink clothes, her eyes were as wide as a copper bell, staring fixedly at me, while she struggled with all her might in the man’s embrace: “No feet! Ghost! Ghost!”

Oh! She bumped her head, so surprisingly, she could see me now! It has been such a long time since any living person could see me! I was so delighted that I promptly took two steps towards her, rushing at her with a smile: “That’s right, that’s right, I’m a ghost.”

“Aaahhh!” She screamed once again, pushing the man away and scrambling desperately backwards, “You, don’t come here! Don’t you come here!”

The man was both baffled and anxious, urgently asking her: “Zhi Yan! It’s me, what’s wrong with you?”

I also explained to her: “Don’t be afraid of me, hmm. Anyways, I won’t harm you.” I mulled it over for a moment, “That’s not right, just a moment ago, I did intend to harm you…”

“Aaahhh!” She screamed incessantly, scrambling backwards. She pasted her back against my tombstone. Feeling the tombstone with her hands, she raised her head to look and was fearful again. Before she could scream, the man grabbed her arm: “Zhi Yan! Look at me! I’m here, I’ll take you back! Don’t be afraid!”

It was better if this man did not say these words. As soon as he uttered these words, Zhi Yan reacted immediately: “I’m not going back with you! Get lost!”

Off to the side, I interjected: “Precisely, make him go away, while you stay behind to keep me company.”

She screamed again: “Aahh! I definitely don’t want to stay behind to accompany you!”

The man was at a loss: “Zhi Yan, who exactly are you talking to?”

Zhi Yan reprimanded him: “Don’t bother with who I’m talking to, in any case, I won’t be going back with you! I won’t go back with you! I want to go to Chen Ji Mountain! I want to join the Demon Path! I…” Without waiting for her to finish speaking, the man directly lifted her up and carried her to go mount the horse.

She struggled in his arms, hitting and kicking at the same time: “No! I don’t want to go back with you! You, let go of me!”

When I heard her mentioning Chen Ji Mountain and the Demon Path, my interest was firmly piqued and just like this, she was being carried away. Watching her struggle so haphazardly, I began to worry helplessly. Utilizing my top speed, I floated towards the man, yelling: “Hit him!”

Zhi Yan was anxious now, so she actually obeyed my words, she slammed her fists on his back. But hers… Was simply a play of flirtatiousness. The man felt neither pain nor tickle, carrying her away even faster. I yelled again: “You have to hit his head!” 

When Zhi Yan heard that, she immediately slapped the man’s face with a “smack”: “I did!”

The man’s footsteps paused for a moment, so I took advantage of that opportunity to close the distance: “You didn’t hit him hard enough!”

Once again, Zhi Yan slapped the man’s face with a “smack”: “I did hit him hard enough!”

While the man’s footsteps stopped completely, I puffed and huffed to catch up. As soon as I raised my head, I saw the man’s expression as he stared at Zhi Yan. His lips were pressed tightly together, while his eyes carried three parts of anguish and seven parts of sorrow.

Mhm, I thought to myself, this slap had probably made his heart ache.

However, this had nothing to do with me. I only cared that this young lady could not render him unconscious, so this man would still take her away.

Once again, just as I expected, the man took another step, obviously wanting to take Zhi Yan away regardless of the situation at hand. Zhi Yan screamed heart-wrenchingly: “I’m not going! Let me go! Scoundrel!”

Ai-ya, how troublesome!

I was most annoyed with this kind of forceful dominance, the young lady already said she did not want to go, but he simply must take her away! Just based on his advantageous physical strength, he could bully people! I rolled up my sleeves, shouting loudly: “I’m coming!” Immediately, I collided into Zhi Yan’s body head-first.

Just with this righteous indignity, regardless of the collision, I only felt the body’s four limbs transmit a feeling of warmth and heaviness that I had not felt in a long time. However, at this moment, I absolutely did not have the time to worry about anything else. I was like a carp, struggling directly out from the man’s arms.

The man was startled and blankly stared at me: “Zhi Yan?”

Without saying a single word, I gathered up my wide sleeves stained with muddy water, my gaze became grave, and then, my hands went to form a seal. The man looked at me and suddenly managed to react, his expression immediately became serious: “You’re not Zhi Yan! Who are you?!”

Just as he finished saying this, with his right hand, he withdrew the sword and only a resoundingly sharp clear sound could be heard. I shifted my gaze away and raised my eyebrow. A moment ago, it was too chaotic that I did not even notice the sword by his side. When it came to other celestial sects’ swords, I may not necessarily be familiar with it, but I was quite familiar with the style of this sword. This sword’s sheath was made of colored glass, so the entire body was transparent. The hilt was made of white jade, attached on the tip of the hilt was a fingernail-sized gold-plated copper mirror, which implied something along the lines of clear water reflecting a pure heart. It was the symbolic sword of Jian Xin Sect.

This man actually turned out to be someone from Jian Xin Sect.

Jian Xin Sect was one of the Ten Great Celestial Sects. At that time, when the Ten Great Celestial Sects laid an ambush at the Sword Tomb, Jian Xin Sect had contributed quite a lot. Out of the ten people, five were all from Jian Xin Sect. In order to kill me, it could even be said that they had invested their hard-earned savings.

I narrowed my eyes, it was inevitable for enemies to clash on a narrow road, huh.

With his shadowed gaze, the man also stared at me, saying threatenly: “Evil spirit from wherever, quickly appear! I’ll spare you from death.”

I sneered at his poor eyesight. Even if I, Lu Zhao Yao, had taken possession of a pig, I could still easily defeat ten ordinary celestial disciples like him. 

Immediately in this moment, I was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, so my body suddenly flashed forward into a shadow, and I met the man’s startled eyes. Before he could even have the time to react, with a “pow,” I karate-chopped the man’s neck with my hand. As lightning flashed and thunder rolled behind me; as great pouring rain fell down all around me, the man’s tall body suddenly crumbled before me. When I dusted off my sleeves, my attitude was mild as the wind, light as the cloud:

“It’s done.”

However, at this time, except for the pitter-pattering sound of the heavy rain, there was a strange quietness.

Not hearing any sound of applause, I turned my head to look, and only saw that the young lady in powdery-pink clothes was already in the form of a soul. She stood all alone in front of my tombstone, staring at me blankly and sluggishly: “You… You snatched my body?”

Ai-ya, I had just managed to react.

It seemed that there was such a situation.

I waved my hand: “No need to panic, I’ll definitely return the body to you. It’s just…” I walked to the side of Zhi Yan’s soul, watching her with beaming smiles, “Little sister, how about you answer some of my questions first.”

She nervously rubbed her hands together: “What questions?”

“This body of yours cultivates celestial energy, so you’re evidently a celestial cultivator coming from a prestigious righteous sect. However, you just said that you wanted to go to Chen Ji Mountain and enter the Demon Path, why is that?”

As Zhi Yan fell silent for a moment, she lowered her almond-shaped eyes, and faintly hidden in the depths of her eyes, there was hatred: “The Celestial Path is difficult to cultivate, so I want to find a faster and more convenient method by becoming a demon cultivator, and get my revenge.”

“Oh?” I folded my arms and asked, “Revenge?”

“Jian Xin Sect Leader Liu Wei killed my father…” She clenched her fists and gnashed her teeth, “I want to make that old man pay for this blood debt with his blood.”

Off to the side, I glanced at the man who fell onto the muddy ground: “He’s also someone from Jian Xin Sect, how’d you guys get mixed up together? I can see that he really likes you.”

Zhi Yan was silent: “My father and Old Man Liu Wei are best friends, so naturally, I grew up in Jian Xin Sect. He… is Liu Wei’s youngest son, Liu Cang Ling. Originally, he and I were engaged to be married. Who would’ve thought that… This time, when I desired to enter the Demon Path, he came after me, and forbade me to go to Chen Ji Mountain.”

I nodded my head, so it turned out to be a deeply twisted love story that carried a deep-seated hatred caused by a blood debt: “So before he caught up with you, did you make it to Chen Ji Mountain?”

Zhi Yan raised her head to look at me, somewhat baffled: “This is the foot of Chen Ji Mountain, don’t you know?”

I… Really did not know!

The lonely souls and wild ghosts who drifted past my area had never once told me that this place was Chen Ji Mountain. Chen Ji Mountain’s mountain range stretched over hundreds of miles, so each mountain peak had a different landscape. I had lived here for more than a hundred years and had not even been able to completely grasp a thorough understanding.

That Ugly Little Monster actually buried my corpse in Chen Ji Mountain, he…


Sure enough, he hated me, so he wanted me to look up towards the mountain peak as he flaunted his accomplishments before me day and night!

This bastard!

It was a pity that his scheme, no matter how carefully it was calculated, did not take into account that I absolutely did not recognize that this place was Chen Ji Mountain. Hmph! He dared to fight me?! He did not even take a look at how big my heart was!

“I just got to Wan Lu Sect, but before I could enter, I was intercepted by Liu Cang Ling… And ended up here.”

She even reached the entrance of my Wan Lu Sect, and someone from Jian Xin Sect could still take her away? What were the gatekeepers even doing? That Ugly Little Monster even had the nerve to say that he was managing Wan Lu Sect very well?

I felt somewhat angry towards Mo Qing’s not-so-strict jurisdiction.

Zhi Yan stood there, staring intently at me. Contrary to my expectation, she had finally calmed down now. She turned her head to look at my tombstone, then looked at me occupying her body, and asked, “And you? Who are you, why are you buried in this place with a tombstone without an inscription?”

“Oh, me.” The corners of my lips quirked up into a shallow smile, “My surname is Lu, my name is Qiong, and my moniker is Zhao Yao. I was the one who established Wan Lu Sect on Chen Ji Mountain…”

“…Dem… Demoness.” She was overwhelmed with shock and continued my words.

I enjoyed her expression, nodding satisfyingly: “That’s right, I’m that demoness.”

I saw her swallowing her saliva, even though I knew that souls have no saliva. To be revered again by someone using such awe-inspiring eyes, I just felt a sense of happiness, mentally and physically.  So the pent-up frustration I received from the ghost market of the departed souls some time ago had immediately been completely expelled. 

“In Jiang Hu, no one was able to find your corpse. So it turns out, you’re actually buried here…” Zhi Yan whispered softly, “In the end, who buried you here…”

I was about to answer when I suddenly heard in the heavy rain, the sound of footsteps coming from afar. The foundation of Zhi Yan’s body was too weak and could not listen far into the distance. So I quickly formed the Hearing of a Thousand Miles upon these ears. It was like the dense fog of the mundane world was suddenly broken through, and the sounds of people talking in the distance were detected by these ears.


“Sect Leader, they stormed into the Forbidden Area. The disciples in the front mountain have never even seen them go out, so they should still be in the Forbidden Area.”

“Why didn’t you even stop them?”


This ice-cold intonation, this slightly husky and deep voice, I could recognize it as soon as I heard it, it was Mo Qing.

Ah, freaking brat. My lips quirked up into a smile, it was a good thing that you came just in time!

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