Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 73.02


Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 73.02

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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Suddenly, a mass of ghostly fire floated in front of Shen Li, slowly taking its shape. Finally, it took the shape of an eye. Shen Li looked at it and said coldly: “Liu Ming?” 

It laughed cruelly: “Little lassie, so we meet again.” 

Shen Li frowned: “How are you still alive?” Liu Ming must be dead, because he was beheaded by the Divine Sovereign. He was beheaded, so there was no possible way for him to still be alive. However, this eye… 

That eye narrowed slightly, as if smiling, “No need to guess, little lassie, my body is indeed dead now, this is just a remnant of my soul.” When his voice faded away, a loud noise was coming from outside the Ruins of Heavenly Poles. Shen Li knew that this sound of activity must be Xing Zhi’s handiwork. As soon as the surrounding demon beasts moved,   many eyes disappeared. It appeared that they ran out to block Xing Zhi’s actions. 

“Little lassie, we can’t hold back that person outside for long. The big plan will be completed, come with me quickly.” 

“Heh.” As Shen Li sneered, raging flames exploded all over her body. The scorching aura forced Liu Ming to move back. Then Shen Li said, “Why should this king follow your orders? Today, let us perish…” When she was about to say the last word, Shen Li suddenly recalled Xing Zhi’s previous words. She frowned, but her eyes were resolute once again, “No matter what evil intentions you all have, Xing Zhi will definitely not let you all succeed.” 

She believed in one person and was willing to trust him with everything she had. 

“Little lassie, do you really think that deities are omnipotent?” Liu Ming sneered, “In the past ten million years, why do deities keep disappearing? It has been so long, why hasn’t the Heavenly Laws created any new deities?” He laughed strangely, making Shen Li’s mind suddenly go blank, “The power that can oppose the Heavenly Laws is too unreasonably powerful. At the beginning of ancient times, heaven and earth were in chaos, perhaps heaven and earth still needed them to open up a clean and clear place for all living things in the world. But now, the world no longer needs the powers of deities. They can only be enshrined and can only be imprisoned, so the deities are dying, because they no longer have any meaning to exist.” 

Liu Ming sneered: “Do you know that they are already the abandoned children of the Heavenly Father. The Divine Sovereign Xing Zhi is just proof that the ancient deities are just struggling while at death’s door.” 

As Shen Li’s heart turned really cold, Xing Zhi’s light smile appeared in her mind and her heart felt pain for a period of time. 

“A thousand years ago, when he established the Ruins of Heavenly Poles, he not only borrowed the powers of the five elements, but also had to rely on the heaven and earth in the Demon Realm to form it. However, over the past thousand years, much of his divine powers have disappeared. Do you think he still has the energy to establish another Ruin of Heavenly Poles?” Seeing that the flames around Shen Li were fluctuating, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, due to her emotions, Liu Ming continued, “The useless people in the Heaven Realm depend on Xing Zhi’s power to run amok in the Three Realms. If it’s just that group of useless people, how can they stand up to me, the top of the demon clan? So, just kill them…” 

Shen Li closed her eyes to calm her mind: “It’s true that the Heaven Realm has good-for-nothings. It’s true that the demon clan suffers from grievances. However, I don’t agree with your approach, making demon beasts, hurting yourself before hurting others. What wrongs did the common people of the demon clan commit? Why should they die in vain for those in power who felt unsatisfied with the status quo?” Shen Li opened her eyes and stared at him with a scorching gaze, “I won’t help you.” 

Liu Ming was silent for a moment: “You’re not even willing to help your father?” Before Shen Li could react, he continued, “Besides, to help or not to help, right now, it is beyond your control.” He called out softly, “Fu Sheng.” Suddenly, a mass of black energy revolved around Liu Ming’s side: “This subordinate is here.” There was nothing else he could do to even condense a body, so he could only appear like this… 

“How long can you still last?” 

The black energy was silent for a moment. Then it finally replied respectfully: “I can still hold on for one incense stick of time.” 

* one incense stick of time – about 60 minutes

“It’s enough.” Liu Ming’s voice was cold, “Now go.” 

The black energy seemed to bow his head kowtowing on the ground: “As you command.” 

As soon as Shen Li frowned, she saw the black energy rushing towards her like a piece of black cloth, wrapping around the flames over her entire body. Startled, Shen Li tried her best to release her magic. The Ruins of Heavenly Poles trembled, but that black energy did not dissipate at all. It was like he wanted to use all of his life force in this moment, forcefully suppressing the flames. Until the flames on Shen Li’s body were completely wrapped up, the flames could only burn within the black energy. 

As Shen Li struggled, the black energy did not move in the slightest. Shen Li gnashed her teeth: “He killed Mo Fang, and now he is ordering you like this! He had never regarded you as a human at all!” 

Suddenly, a demon beast’s claws grabbed Shen Li, who was surrounded by the black energy. Without the burning of the flames, the demon beast took her away without any difficulty. 

Shen Li was furious: “You’re really stupidly loyal!” 

As for Fu Sheng, who turned into the black energy, he just remained silent. 

Liu Ming’s laughter was extremely frenzied and joyful: “This was the purpose I aimed for when I made them. They’ll never betray me. They’re even more loyal than a dog.” As Shen Li gritted her teeth, burning with hatred, Liu Ming’s expression changed suddenly, “Little lassie,, do you feel it?” As soon as his voice stopped, Shen Li suddenly felt that there was a heat wave coming in from the distance. The temperature of this heat… Stunned, Shen Li stared in that direction blankly. 

A sphere of light held by iron chains was particularly dazzling in the darkness. In the sphere of light was a huge phoenix with gorgeous wings and beautiful physique. Its every feather was tinged with fiery flames. Even in deep sleep, that kind of posture could still make one feel its formidable power. 

Once Shen Li felt the faint aura coming from its body, it only made her feel this inexplicable familiarity.  It was a kind of tremor due to a blood relation that penetrated the distance of time and space, which made it nearly impossible for Shen Li to move her eyes away. 

Liu Ming smiled: “This is my proudest work, which is also your father– Feng Lai.” 


The author has something to say: This is the rhythm of the end, can you all see it? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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