Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 51.01

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 51.01

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From above, it was a cave that was frozen over with crisscrossing jagged ice. It was unknown for how many years that this place had already been freezing. It was also unknown how thick the ice on the cliff was, looking past it, it naturally formed deep valleys of blue.

As I walked outside, I readjusted to my somewhat stiff body. I did not know whether this subtle stiffness was due to freezing for too long or due to being dead. However, once I manipulated the aura in my body to circulate, I realized that compared to when I was at my peak, the current me was perhaps weakened by more than half.

However, that matters not, Luo Ming Xuan had also just awakened. Perhaps he was not much better off than me, he could still even be much worse off.

Every time I took a step forward, I got more adapted to this body. The more I went forward, the longer my strides became. The long alternating black and red robe dragged on the ground, swaying gently all the way. The dragging sounds that it made also became more and more like the noises that were made when I walked past Wu E Palace in Wan Lu Sect long ago.

The surrounding jagged ice shattered my silhouette, making this time and space seem particularly chaotic. However, the more chaotic it was in the outside world, the more rationally clear my mind was in reflection.

Now that Luo Ming Xuan had awakened, golden light had swept over more than half of the land under the jurisdiction of the Celestial Realm, but no one knew where he was. I could imagine how much effort it took for Liu Su Ruo and those celestial people to hide Luo Ming Xuan away. However…

Even if they could deceive Heaven, they still could not deceive me.

It was because my seal was still in his heart. Even if they used a magical spell that utilized other people’s lives to awaken Luo Ming Xuan, but my seal was still there, my power could never be removed.

I paused my footsteps and closed my eyes slightly, letting my spiritual consciousness extend outward through this unknowingly deep, frozen ice cave. As I extended outward, I gradually saw the rocky mountains and earthy soil. I saw the snowy breeze above the dense forest. I even saw that there was a frozen lake. It was a big snowy mountain with glaring sunshine, and then, the surrounding scenery receded faster and faster until it became a blur.

The only thing that was clear was the black demonic energy condensing into a thread, which linked my fingertips to the center of Luo Ming Xuan’s heart.

That was the seal I left him, it was also his curse.

I abruptly opened my eyes: “I found you!” In the next moment, I utilized the Instantaneous Travel Technique. The chilliness around me instantly faded, and the light warm breeze blew across my cheek.

I was already standing in midair, and below me was Feng Mountain. The golden iridescent Ming Feng Palace still possessed the prickly gleam that made someone’s eyes ache as before.

I used to think that in this lifetime, I would not have the opportunity to come to this place again. It could clearly be seen that the Will of Heaven did not follow my wish at all.

Luo Ming Xuan was currently down there. At that time, it was also the same. He was in Ming Feng Palace, preparing to marry his wife. No one would have thought that Lu Zhao Yao would break the enchantment barrier above Ming Feng Palace, charging in and destroying his everything.

Since then, Liu Su Ruo had hated me bitterly, while the celestial cultivators labeled me guilty of terrible crimes, the most malicious demoness in the world.

However, I was happy to hear it. The more vicious the curses, the more these curses proved that my defeated opponents had absolutely no power to resist.

Without a sword in my hand, I condensed my energy to form a black demonic sword that sprouted from the hollow of my palm. Clenching the hilt of the sword, I lifted it up, and with a short shout, the long sword slashed down. The demonic energy poured in, clashing and striking against the golden light of the enchantment barrier. I felt my long-lost power surging within my body. The impact of the power resembled an expert helping with my pressure points, little by little it opened every blocked meridian in my body.

As the aura in my body circulated even more smoothly and quickly, my face darkened: “Break!” The celestial sects’ enchantment barrier shattered just like colored glass. It thinly scattered like a spectacle of golden snow.


From this spectacle of snow, I landed in front of Ming Feng Palace, while three people hurriedly rushed out from inside — Liu Su Ruo, the Heaven Mystery Taoist, and Tian Xuan Sect Leader.

When they saw me, each and every one of them were extremely startled. So startled that they could only stare foolishly at me. No one remembered to release the magical weapons in their hands. Compared to when they saw me a few years ago, my appearance had changed quite a lot.


I raised my eyebrow: “What, didn’t Li Chen Lan fight with you guys at all during these past years?”

As soon as I spoke, only then did they seem to react, muttering to themselves one after another: “Lu Zhao Yao… How is it possible…” Liu Su Ruo trembled from head to toe, clenching her teeth, while staring at me. She practically had snakes of bitter resentment wanting to crawl out of her eyes, “Lu Zhao Yao!”

As she whispered my name word for word, she was the first person to release her magical weapon. The male sword went towards my chest, while the female sword flew down from the sky.


I sneered as my demonic energy moved, the black sword in my hand turned into a vine, climbing up towards the sky. Then it disrupted all the swords. I did not even bother to avoid Liu Su Ruo’s oncoming attack. In order to resurrect Luo Ming Xuan, she ruined her body, so this bellowing gesture of oncoming attack was full of mistakes. When it approached me, the aura in my entire body vibrated and directly knocked her thirty feet away.


My demonic energy dragged her remaining eight female swords to totter behind me like eight tails fluttering in the sky.

In her eyes, I probably laughed so sinisterly just like a devil in Hell.

“Back at you.”

Her eyes stared slightly off into space.

She was very familiar with these three words.

The first time was at her wedding, she mounted a sneak attack on me, so I threw the female sword towards her heart. The second time was at Jian Xin Sect, when I was using Zhi Yan’s body, she also mounted a sneak attack like this on me, so I once again threw her sword back. While this time, without needing her to take action, I did it myself.

The demonic energy dragged the female swords and shot towards Liu Su Ruo all at once.

I wanted her life because she knew the method to resurrect Luo Ming Xuan. However, when I saw that the tips of the swords were about to pierce her skin, in this moment, a golden light flashed by, blanketing Liu Su Ruo. When the female swords knocked against the golden light, they all completely shattered into several hundred pieces of scrap iron.

As my countenance turned cold, I looked towards the side. It was an elegant gentleman dressed in white clothes that surpassed the snow. He stood on the the steps of Ming Feng Palace, looking down on me from high above:

“Lu Zhao Yao, you really have a difficult to tame demonic nature.”


A difficult to tame demonic nature?

Did Luo Ming Xuan not feel any irony when he said these words? 

“I cannot bear to trouble the Golden Immortal.” I lightly stroked the demonic sword in my palm, allowing my blood to stain the edge of the blade. I casted the Blood Sacrifice Technique, watching the black sword getting brighter. Then I pointed my sword at Luo Ming Xuan: “This will send you back to your eternal rest.”

As my silhouette moved, the black demonic sword went straight towards Luo Ming Xuan’s heart. With a resounding sound, the golden light of the immortal seal in front of his body blocked the tip of the sword. The fingers on my other hand bent into a claw, and with one hook, I tore the immortal seal in front of his chest. Luo Ming Xuan’s figure flashed, transiently shifted behind me, and the immortal seal in my hand rudely hit me square in the back.

I did not even turn my head and whirled the sword around to block my back. With a short shout, I knocked him away.

When I was about to turn around and fight again, suddenly off to the side, there were two celestial energies attacking me. My heart raged and exploded: “Who dares to stop me?!”

I shouted under my breath, my demonic energy seeping away. At this moment, I suddenly noticed celestial energy under my feet. Then two more celestial energies that were different from before came from another direction, changing into shackles to wrap around both of my hands.

This place still had two more people?

That was correct, on that day during the Celestial Sect Convention, there were five sects that supported Luo Ming Xuan’s resurrection. Liu Su Ruo, the old man, and the brawny guy were all here, so there would be no reason why the other two would not be present either.

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  1. Zhao Yao back to take her revenge! Back to her bold, ostentatious self… if only for a few hours. I’m excited to see her front and center but in the back of my mind I’m wondering where Mo Qing is and how he’s going to find her… if only to see her in her glory again.

    Thanks for another chapter.

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  2. oh she doesn’t have the Liu He Tian Yi sword with her as in the drama, but I imagine the sword that she made from her energy must’ve looked like the one that Jiang Wu use

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  3. I m here for Mo Qing 😍🤭
    When will he come?!🥺
    Thank you for your translations.
    I literally jump with happiness whenever I see your notification about a new chapter in my mail💕
    I hope you are doing well💮

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