Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 53.02

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 53.02

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Yes, that image should be quite profound.

However, did they think that the living would be very happy?

The ideas of these ghosts were hard for me to comprehend.

“Then what about my body?” I asked him, “Did it explode just like that?”

Little Chubby appeared somewhat annoyed: “When you bought the medicine, didn’t I already tell you? When the Soul Return Pill’s time is up, regardless of where you are, your soul will automatically return. Your soul returns to its place, and your body returns to its place… Hey, so are you going to pay up or not?”

As it turned out… My body had returned to that frozen ice cave… 

I lowered my eyes in contemplation and casually threw a phrase at Little Chubby: “Née Zhou bought the medicine, all of you go find Née Zhou for compensation. I’m Née Zhou’s daughter-in-law, you can record it in her account.” As I said this, the little chubby ghost thought about it for a moment. At last, he bypassed me to record it into Née Zhou’s account.


I peered off to the side, and only saw that everything still looked the same inside the Soul Return Store, but Née Zhou and her stupid and cowardly son were both gone, “Where are they?”


“I don’t know.” As Little Chubby recorded something, he muttered: “Before leaving, they said that since you weren’t here, they wanted to take the opportunity to check your eight-character birthdate and go investigate your past.” Then he walked behind the counter.

I mulled it over, to investigate my past, they should have gone to the Da Yin Netherworld Bank. I was unsure that after they saw my past, would they be frightened and directly come to withdraw the marriage or not, but it was still better to withdraw. Originally, I only took them as a springboard to buy the Soul Return Pill. If they did not withdraw the marriage, then I would have to withdraw it myself. 

Luo Ming Xuan’s matter had been resolved, so I no longer needed the Soul Return Pill. The only thing I needed was to find my body, it was unknown where it was hidden, and it was unclear if my body was alive or dead…

At present, I should float back to Chen Ji Mountain to go find Zhi Yan and take possession of her body. Then I would go find Mo Qing to pacify and reassure him, after that I would have him go with me to find my body.

If this was not done well, then even without the Soul Return Pill from the ghost market in the future, I would still be a soul.

While I speculated where my body was in the end, I drifted out of the Soul Return Store. As soon as I floated onto the main street, I noticed that this street… Was a little bit different than usual.

The sky was going to be bright soon, but the ghost market was still bustling with noise and excitement. On the street, the ghosts were floating, bustling with activity. Even though there was not much noise, there were a lot more ghosts buying and selling than usual, so there were many new faces, too.

I thought it was strange, could there be countries going to war in the human world? I had only been away for such a short period of time, how could there be so many ghosts when I return?

I was still curious, but I saw a ghost drifting before me, blocking my path.


I looked up, it was actually Née Zhou. She glared at me angrily, full of hate. I was startled and thought, could it be that Née Zhou had quickly discovered that I had blamed that debt on her, so she came to find me to settle the account?

Then again, she should not be angered to this manner of conduct. As far as I was concerned, the thirteen thousand coins should still be a minuscule number to her?

“Mother… Mother…” Her cowardly son hurriedly chased after her from behind with the intention to take hold of Née Zhou. But upon seeing me, his deathly pale face abruptly stained with two blushing spots as he bashfully and dejectedly turned his head away, whispering: “For… Forget it…”

“Forget what!” Née Zhou flicked him away. She was old with a hunchbacked, but her imposing manner was not in the least ambiguous. She pointed at my nose, criticizing me with her sky-rocketing anger: “Explain! Why are you doing this?”

“There’s no need to be angry.” I said, “Give me your name, and later, I’ll go find someone to burn paper offerings for you. I’ll pay you back the money recorded in your account, just like that.”

“You even recorded some debt under my name?” Née Zhou got even angier.

I still felt confused: “You’re not talking about the bookkeeping thing?” I looked at her, “Then what are you angry about?”

With a “bang,” Née Zhou threw the mirror in her hand onto the ground. The quality of this mirror was rather good, that it did not crack. She was so livid that she was shaking: “Why did you want to deceive me! For so many years, this old body has been in this ghost market searching and looking! It’s precisely because I wanted to find a pure daughter-in-law for my son! But you deceived me with this kind of thing!”

I became even more confused. When I reached out my hand to pick up that mirror, a skinny, shriveled-up little ghost suddenly rushed over from the rear and even snatched that mirror away.  Immediately after, he rubbed it in his hands and blew against it, looking as if it was extremely precious.

“Old woman! Stealing something from my Da Yin Netherworld Bank! Do you know what the consequences are?”

Behind him, the scholar promptly apologized to the skinny, shriveled-up little ghost: “My mother was momentarily angry, so this is given back to you, back to you…”

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7 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 53.02

  1. After reading the last couple posts, I felt compelled to watch the corresponding scenes of the drama. I have to agree with another person who noted the book did it better. In the book, she immediately thought of MoQing whereas it wasn’t her first thought. I am enjoying reading the chapters and comparing with the drama. The book wins hands down…

    Thank you for another chapter

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    1. Well the drama did a pretty good job, all things considered. The actors really brought the characters to life.
      I think the writing is a bit lacking especially in the second half of the show. The ending wasn’t even properly explained.
      That was why I started reading the novel, which definitely exceeded my expectations!

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  2. Thanks so much again for this post.

    I hope she won’t get stuck in the Netherworld for so long making Mo Qing suffer more, like in the drama..

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