Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 54.01


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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 54.01

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I was chained and locked inside the gloomy Yin Ghost Dungeon underneath the ghost market.

The prison was absolutely empty, after all… Everyone had become ghosts, so there was nothing that would make them want to cause trouble and get themselves arrested.

Me along with Née Zhou mother and son were imprisoned in three separate cells that were close in proximity. They were opposite me, both pairs of big and small eyes were glaring at me, but I was also glaring back at them. It was not because I had any sort of objection towards them, but because I had too many things on my mind, so I did not even bother to move my eyes away…


In the year of Xin Chou, on the third day of October, I was very familiar with this period of time.

The reason why I said “familiar” instead of “remember” was in my endless memories, I remembered a time that did not differ too much from this one. Shifting to ten days earlier, in the year of Xin Chou, on the twenty-third day of September, that was the day that I “killed” Luo Ming Xuan for the very first time.

Recalling that year long ago, it was quite similar to what happened not long before, Luo Ming Xuan and I had fought a world-shattering battle. Except at that time, by my side, there was no Mo Qing to help me. Also, Luo Ming Xuan did not have the opportunity to summon the godly phoenix.

After the battle where I almost ended in mutual destruction with Luo Ming Xuan, I sealed him, then immediately fell into a coma, and was carried back to Wan Lu Sect by the Dark Guards.


That was after I recruited Gu Han Guang. For me, Gu Han Guang was at most utilized for only a short amount of time. He treated my injuries for seven days. In those seven days, the first three days, I did not stop vomiting blood. Until the fourth day, I had no more blood to vomit, so I fell into a coma and shook hands with the King of Hell several times. Finally, on the seventh day, under Gu Han Guang’s all-out rescue, I eventually woke up and brushed past the King of Hell.


After I woke up, even the pain in my body could not contain the ecstasy that bubbled out of every one of my blood vessels.

When my great revenge was retributed, I was super pleased with my life!

I disregarded Sima Rong’s dissuasions and regardless of how Gu Han Guang pointed his finger at me and verbally abused me, I arranged a banquet in Wan Lu Sect, even though I was wrapped up in bandages from head to toe. The huge feast was arranged to last for three days and three nights in the world. I was so happy that I even sent out invitation cards to the Ten Great Celestial Sects.

Although they did not appreciate the gesture, almost everyone on the Demon Path had basically all arrived. That was considered to be the biggest feast since the death of our Demon Path’s Old Demon King.

I drank a thousand jars of wine and was majorly drunk for three days and three nights, leaving my body and my consciousness in a state of paralysis. Until now, I still did not know what I did within those three days.

I only remembered that I was incessantly happy, so happy like I wanted to overturn Heaven. After being majorly drunk for three days, I fell asleep again for almost half a month.

When I woke up, I saw that the roof of Wu E Palace was being repaired. About half a month ago, the roof  was toppled by the drunk me.


From Sima Rong’s mouth, during my three days, I became a crazy drunk who did a lot of unimaginable things. It was because those things were too shamefully ridiculous, and extremely damaging to my prestige, I immediately ordered people to erase the record about that banquet nor let anyone speak of it. 

However, I did not know that in the three days when I was engaging in ridiculous things, there was actually a ridiculous thing… I was doing Mo Qing?

No one mentioned this matter to me at all, argh!

Did Sima Rong cover for Mo Qing? Or no one basically knew about it at all?

I thought about it carefully, and felt that this possibility was extremely great.

At that time, under the memorial arch in front of the mountain gate of Wan Lu Sect, there was a murderous array that I had drawn up before. It was a vile environment that was hard to imagine, a world of ice and snow, a sea of lava and fire, mountains of sabers and forests of swords took turns to go to battle. At that time, there was even a very tall Hanging Corpse Pillar, and a generous base for the Whipping Corpse Stage, so no one would willingly go to that area.

Even if it was a banquet, after the guests arrived, they would all gather at Wu E Palace. In front of the mountain gate, how it should look was just as it should be. The magical array was just like usual. The brightly lit bonfire on top of the mountain had nothing to do with the foot of the mountain. Furthermore, perhaps it was even more due to the banquet, everyone was thinking about how to have fun, so basically no one went to the foot of the mountain.

Except for… The gatekeeper, Mo Qing, who was condemned to that place.

He was there alone, so other people would not be there. Even if I went there, I would not have anyone following beside me either, because…

I was a strong-minded person! Besides, it was not murder! If I did not take off my clothes, then how could I get things done?

Since I had to take off my clothes, then I was bound to spend some time doing it.  With that endeavor, if there was someone following me, then that person should have restrained me.

However, no one stopped me, and there was not even a single rumor leaked afterwards. It must be that he was all alone, guarding the gate. As he was vigilantly watching the gate, he got sneakily attacked by the thief in me right away.

“Uh…” I involuntarily released a deep sigh, melancholically hugging my head.

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  2. Thank you for translating this novel! I just finished the drama and haven’t been able to move on! Reading the novel has been a balm thank you!

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