Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 56.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 56.02

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As I watched, my face was flushed and my ears were red. I completely never thought that when I was actually doing things such as that, I would look like that. I pressed down on my throbbing heart, and remained quiet for a long while before my heartbeat finally became steady.

In the scene, as I fell into a deep sleep, Mo Qing helped me put my clothes back on. After a long moment of thinking, he quietly and somewhat carefully held me in his embrace. Then he gazed at the magical array of mutually intertwining blazing fire and icy snow in front of him, looking as if he was lost in thought. As he stroked my head, the light in his eyes were fragmented but warm.


In the scene, I looked at him and myself who was in a deep slumber within his arms, and thought to myself that… The judge in this ghost market was not in the least bit fair!

Judging from this situation, I feared that the person who got the biggest pleasure was definitely not me!

Although in the beginning, I tried to urge Mo Qing, and then halfway through the urging, I got tired and planned not to urge him anymore. However, at this time Mo Qing was already burning with desire. Therefore, he did not allow me to stop, on the contrary, he urged me! Looking at the whole process, it was obvious that Mo Qing was more active, all right!

By the end of the latter half, the wine that I consumed had already intoxicated me to the point that my hands were weak and powerless! So how could I be boorish and savage!

Just because of this and whatever else, the crime was condemned to me, I refused to accept it!

Before I refused to accept and later I still refused to accept, but in the end, I really had no way to go and find the person who condemned me to debate. Watching the scene, I only saw Mo Qing’s lingering affection, the way he kept embracing me tightly, until the sky was about to brighten. Then on the mountain, there were people who appeared to be coming down the mountain to search for me. 

Mo Qing looked at me for a moment, his expression darkening slightly. Then he took something out of his chest, and hung it around my neck.



That thing…

That small silver mirror!

I did not know where it came from, this small silver mirror that was both beautiful and strange, and had  always fit my aesthetics. So much so that I had always worn it over the years, and never thought to throw it away. So as it turned out… It was during that moment that Mo Qing had put it on me?


So it was originally his thing!

No wonder… Originally in the Sword Tomb, I said that I wanted to present him with a token. But he was unwilling to accept it, and on the contrary, he told me to keep it carefully.

So that was it!

He carried me princess-style, placed me several steps higher on the flight of stairs, then immediately retreated off to the side. He stood behind the memorial arch just like his usual self, silently and motionlessly hiding in the corner.


Sima Rong led people down from the mountain to look for me, and saw me on the steps. Sima Rong immediately ordered people to bring me back. Then he turned his head, seeing Mo Qing, he smiled and greeted him.

Mo Qing only nodded silently. Mo Qing had stealthily hidden away everything, so no one noticed anything.

I was in a lethargic sleep, and slept for half a month. When I woke up again, I had already forgotten everything that I had done during those three days of intoxication, and was so carefree that I did not care when I had gained an additional mirror on my body.


Luo Ming Xuan had died, but my life still continued to go on, I was no longer living for revenge. So I was at a loss for a while, but had set goals for myself again. I wanted to establish the first biggest sect in the demonic path, then in the future, I wanted to take over the position of the demon king, unify the land under heaven, and stand on the highest peak in the world.

So I began to work busily, fighting from all four sides, and the conflict with the Ten Great Celestial Sects grew bigger and bigger.

After that, I went out for my first trip. Upon return to the mountain gate, I gazed at Mo Qing standing under the memorial arch from a distance, but just in that moment, North Mountain Lord was talking to me about some business. I was busy answering him, so I did not even look at Mo Qing more than twice.

Mo Qing did not break the rules either. He simply stood off to the side silently, just like every single time, waiting for my return to the mountain. He stood in the place that he should stand, without fuss, without arrogance, just noiselessly like a background.

Quietly waited for me to pass by his side.

I lowered my eyes and held my breath, because in this scene today, I was paying particular attention to him. Therefore, I saw that when I approached him, in that big black cloak of his, there was a glint of light in his gaze, staring at the small silver mirror hanging on my chest.

Immediately after, his eyes softened, as if there were some tiny, humble delights.

Just like that, he simply stood guard in front of the mountain gate. He guarded the gate until the day I left for the Sword Tomb, then he finally appeared in front of me.

Now thinking about it, at that time, he really did want to save me, but never expected that when Wan Jun Sword came out of its sheath, the power was actually so frightening…

The power of Wan Jun Sword split the mountain and cracked the ground. It completely overturned the entire mountainous rocks in the Sword Tomb, except for the place where Mo Qing was holding the sword, the other areas turned into pieces of rubble with mutilated limbs everywhere. 


I looked at Mo Qing covered in blood, holding the sword and standing on the crushed stone. However, I saw that more than half of his mind was already cloudy, and he simply held the sword in his hand in a death-grip. When he turned around to look at the chaos behind him, the look in his eyes was like he was torn into pieces. He staggered down the Sword Tomb, and allowed the sharp end of the Wan Jun Sword to drag on the ground. He went down into a world of deathly stillness, walking with heavy footsteps, not knowing what he was searching for.

Before that, I had never stood at such an angle to think about it. At that time, because the sword was pulled out of its sheath, therefore, Mo Qing had mistakenly killed me. What was he thinking in his heart?

He said that after Shi Qi heard the news of my death, she wailed and bawled for more than half a month, and almost cried herself blind.

Then what about him?

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7 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 56.02

  1. This was quite emotional, can’t lie.
    Just remembering how desperately he looked through the rampage to find her body, how he tried to end his life at that very moment… My heart hurts.
    I also feel for Zhao Yao. Just when she thinks she has grasped Mo Qing’s feelings for her, she finds more and more evidence of his undying loyalty and also of the ways she hurt him by ignoring him, misunderstanding him
    or outright hating him.
    Especially now, that she is aware of her own growing feelings, it will be very difficult for her to deal with Mo Qing’s immense grief. I believe she won’t be able to shake of feelings of guilt for treating him so coldly without knowing anything.

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  2. Now she finally sees MoQing and the affection he had and has for her… she also got the answer to the mystery of the silver mirror. Oh how much she lost out on during her long slumber! And finally, she realizes that he never meant to hurt her but save her. It’s as if the last vestiges of her anger towards him washed away at that moment.

    Thank you for another wonderful chapter!

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  3. Thank you so much for the update. Everyday, I keep on visiting here just to check for the updates and my heart skips everytime you have a new post. I have finished already the drama but I still can’t get enough with the story that I still hunger for more. Thank you for your effort in translating the novel. I now truly understands the deeper meaning of the story, the tv drama failed to do. (well, just some parts of it but I still loved the drama. 😍)please don’t get tired giving us new updates. 🙏🙏🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  4. thank you so much again for another chapter . . . I won’t say much anymore, someone already wrote what I wanted to say…
    Waiting now for the chapter where she sees Mo Qing’s reaction and what he did after learning she’s gone.

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