Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 59.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 59.02

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This outwardly cold, inwardly passionate child, he always did not care much about his body. When he sustained injuries, he would not speak about it.

Seeing this, I was heartbroken. So I sat down beside him, and guarded him until evening came. When Zhi Yan returned, I entered her body, and urgently ran to go find Mo Qing.

Outside his sleeping chamber, no one blocked my path. Just when I ran inside, he happened to stop adjusting his aura and opened his eyes to look at me. I was simply too lazy to be polite with him. I dove forward and pushed him onto the bed, making him fall down. Then I hugged him, pinched his chin, and asked: “Ugly Little Monster, did you miss me today?”

When I pounced on Mo Qing, he was startled. He literally did not know whether to laugh or cry, but behind his tone was some indulgence: “Miss you.”

I lay on his body and continued to ask: “Today, you saw me teasing Zhi Yan, were you jealous?”

He flinched a little, turned his head away, coughed lightly, and admitted somewhat unnaturally: “Mhm…”

“You’ll even eat Zhi Yan’s vinegar, you big vinegar jar.” I laughed at him, laughed until his ears were somewhat red. Then I pinched his ears, playing with them in my hands, “But I just happened to like eating sour.”

As the light in Mo Qing’s eyes stirred slightly, I pressed my index finger against his lips: “When will I be able to recover my body, hmm?” Every day, the light energy would make me wobble and unable to do things, it could really make someone restless.

“The Dark Guards haven’t sent news back yet.” Mentioning about this, Mo Qing’s face became solemn. He embraced me, sat up, and said, “The magical arrays in front of Su Mountain aren’t easy to deal with. Two days later, if it’s necessary, I’m afraid that I’ll have to make a trip there myself.”

When I heard these words, I somewhat worriedly touched his back.

He captured my randomly moving hand: “I’m okay, don’t worry.” 

“You don’t even take your own health seriously, can the Ninth Heaven Technique be used so carelessly?” When I mentioned this, I got a little angry, “If you couldn’t find me again, and your own divine sense dissipates, what were you planning to do?”

“If I couldn’t find you again, then it’s okay for my divine sense to dissipate.”

I was silent: “Were you very scared?”

Mo Qing embraced me tightly: “Mhm, very scared.”

I could no longer bear to rebuke him. As I sat with him for a while, Mo Qing suddenly spoke deliberately: “Besides, I thought… That you disappeared, partly because you no longer wanted to see me.”

Where did these words crop up? I became a little distracted: “Why?”

“Did Luo Ming Xuan mention to you, where you were born?”

“Ah…” I remembered, “He said that my clan was imprisoned by your father, the Demon King, in the valley, in order to protect you, who was sealed. Therefore, we were all born demonic, it could be considered as a curse given by the Demon King. Did you think that I would blame you for this?”

The corners of Mo Qing’s lips tightened: “It was because of me that you were persecuted by Luo Ming Xuan in such a way, which caused your loved one…”

“Ah, right, there’s also this connection.” As I said these words, I suddenly stood up and solemnly stared at Mo Qing, “Alright, you, Li Chen Lan, because of you, I was actually harmed so miserably!”

Mo Qing was stunned. Perhaps it was because I said these words so seriously. Or perhaps it was because he was always afraid that I would blame him like this. So for a moment, he just raised his head and gazed up at me just like this with his eyes revealing some remorse and heartache: “Zhao Yao… Sor-…”

Not letting him say the last part of the word “sorry”, I embraced him.

“It’s okay.”

Then I patted him on the back: “Did you become foolish, you actually still ask me these types of questions.” I stroked his head, comforting him: “So many generations of my ancestors were assigned the task of protecting you by your father, but not one of my ancestors has ever seen you, not even my maternal grandfather. While I accomplished this task that so many of them did not accomplish. If my grandfather knew, he would admire me before anything else. I even know what he would say…”

I let go of him and lifted his hand, treating it as a wine jar. I kissed the back of his hand, dryly coughed twice and made my voice husky, playing the role of my maternal grandfather: “Hmph, you, little slip of a lass, you don’t have any skills, but have better luck than anyone.”

In spite of himself, Mo Qing smiled.

As I looked at his rare smile, I also smiled slightly.

His identity caused him to bear a distinctive, heavy responsibility from an early age. The one who cursed my clan was his father, who I had never met. The one who harmed me and my maternal grandfather, and also wanted to harm him was the Golden Immortal. I had no reason to add another burden onto him.

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9 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 59.02

  1. Zhao Yao is turning into a big softie! I love how her ability to extend compassion to MoQing and comfort has grown over these last chapters. The weight of the burden on his shoulders is at once visible to her and she decides tp stand by his side rather than add another boulder. Well done. 🙂

    Thank you for another chapter! Every one is a welcomed surprise.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok this might very well be one of my favorite updates.
    They are just so cute together! And I am so happy that they talk honestly about past resentments and their fears.
    For me the drama started going downhil after the big reunion in episode 35, and I am beyond pleased this is not the case in the novel. I am hungry for more moments between Mo Qing and Zhao Yao while they redefine their relationship!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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