Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 51.03

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 51.03

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In the hollow depression of the big rock, I pushed myself up, wiped the blood from the corner of my lips, and sneered: “When you save people, you’re good, but when I save people, I’m evil? When you establish a sect, you’re right, but when I establish a sect, I’m wrong? Your beliefs are called perseverance, but my beliefs are called inflexible nature that’s unchangeable. Where does your rationale hail from?” I argued with him, vying for time to readjust my internal aura.

Luo Ming Xuan’s expression darkened: “Do you know why you were born to be demonic?”

I did not understand why he chose this kind of moment to raise this question. As far as I was concerned, this question was not important to me at all, but I was still happy to let him delay time for me; enemies usually die from talking too much. So I calmly regulated myself.

“You were born in a place sealed by the Demon King. When the Demon King died thousands of years ago, it was inevitable for his bloodline to survive, so he sealed his son hidden within that mountain range. In order to protect his son, the Demon King placed a sealing magical array in that place. Since then, all the villagers in the mountain range were influenced by the demonic energy and from that point on, every person was born to be demonic. They cannot leave and outsiders cannot enter. That was what the Demon King did for his son, placing a curse on the land. He ordered the villagers to guard his descendants from generation to generation.” I calmly looked at Luo Ming Xuan, listening to him speak, “That place is your native land.”


“A hundred years ago, I learned about the existence of this seal. In order to eliminate the Demon King’s son, I went ahead to break the seal by myself. But I was gravely injured by the seal, fell off the cliff, and was saved by you. I thought that I could point you in the direction of being benevolent. But I didn’t know that when you left the mountain, the first thing you did was to save him.” Luo Ming Xuan said,

“I was injured by the Demon King’s seal, after so many years, I still haven’t completely recovered. When I found the whereabouts of the Demon King’s son, I immediately summoned the Ten Great Celestial Sects to join forces and eliminate this pest. But you had injured several hundred people of the Ten Great Celestial Sects. Just to save this pest of a son, your methods were merciless. After that, you established Wan Lu Sect and slaughtered public figures of the celestial sects. Eventually that Li Chen was pushed to this current situation… This is precisely your innate tendency.”

Oh, so this was actually my life experience.

So what about it?

For many generations, people before me were born with the mission to protect Mo Qing; but for many generations, people before me had never even seen the person that they were supposed to protect. While on the contrary for me, as soon as I left the mountain, on accident, I inadvertently protected his life, hanging on the line.

Luo Ming Xuan blamed this on my innate tendency.

No, I felt that this was the Will of Heaven. The Will of Heaven made me save Mo Qing. It made me protect him. Even to this day, it made me become attached to him.

As for my innate tendency, it was very simple, only eight words were needed — have vengeance, get revenge; have complaints, get retribution.

If I said I want you to be beaten to your death, then I most certainly would follow through to the end.

As soon as Luo MIng Xuan raised the long sword in his hand, Tian Fa Feng Ming Sword was finally unsheathed, and the golden light from the phoenix’s feather burned people’s eyes. That was Luo Ming Xuan’s godly sword’s energy slashing down, cleansing monsters and eliminating demons, wiping out all of the evil in the world. He still stood on his position of righteousness and disappointedly criticised me: “Being demonic, it is still evil after all.” 

He flew forward and the clear sound emitted from Feng Ming Sword seemed to shake the world. I hurriedly raised my sword to block, and the demonic sword before me was immediately slashed back into demonic energy by him. Using Instantaneous Travel Technique, I immediately winked, flashing over the top of the golden roof tiles of Ming Feng Palace. However, I absolutely did not even get a moment of reprieve with Luo Ming Xuan following closely behind. With all my might, I resisted one of his sword moves, but I could not block one of his slanting palms, he struck right at the center of my heart.

With the force of this one palm, I flew countless feet into the distance until I knocked against the water jar in front of the palace, and only then was I able to stop.

With one cough, a mouthful, reeking of blood, surged out violently.


Luo Ming Xuan did not pursue. He only stood far away on the rooftop, lightly spitting out three words from his mouth: “Vanquish the demon.”


The place that had just been hit by Luo Ming Xuan, a sudden burst of pain rushed forth, getting even more painful with each burst. It went straight into my heart, stabbing me until weakness overtook my body.

This was bad…


I was actually struck by his Demon Vanquish Seal.

This seal would constantly rip apart the demonic energy that had accumulated in my body. If there was no stronger force to break the power of this seal, this seal would remain in my body forever, making it impossible for me to use demonic energy again.

For the former me, it was enough to break through this arrogantly, but not now, I did not have the strength nor the time…

I gritted my teeth tightly and endured the sharp pain. As soon as I raised my head, I saw that golden silhouette winked and landed before my body; Feng Ming Sword followed his cold voice and pierced into my heart: “Lu Zhao Yao, who else will come to protect you now?”

There was no one else. From the moment my maternal grandfather passed away, I was always the only one left remaining…

“There’s me.”

As the wind blew past my ears, a shadow naturally streaked to the side of my body.

I raised my head and faced the black robe that was sheltering my body. The breeze gently blew, making the mermaid thread fabric of his sleeve sweep across my cheek. The tip of Luo Ming Xuan’s Feng Ming Sword stopped an inch away from my heart, no longer able to advance even a little. As Mo Qing’s hand nonchalantly gripped Luo Ming Xuan’s neck, he softly whispered in his ear:


“Lu Zhao Yao has me to protect her.”

Just like that, the wind was mild and the clouds were soft, as if naturally coming from the remotest of places; and yet it was also like turbulent floods, naturally rushing forth to the bottom of my heart.


His figure was like a backbone, lifting up the crumbling sky above me. He saved me from adversity and protected me from danger. At this point, I could not help it but believe in fate.

As it turned out, it really was the Will of Heaven. There was actually someone in the world who would save me, from my body to my soul.

In the next moment, under the shocked face of Luo Ming Xuan, the demonic energy in Mo Qing’s hand moved greatly. Only a “boom” could be heard, as if Luo Ming Xuan’s head had just exploded. My state of mind thickened, but only a moment later, Luo Ming Xuan’s silhouette appeared on the steps of Ming Feng Palace thirty feet away.

The figure in Mo Qing’s hand gradually turned into a golden light and disappeared.

He wiped the blood off half of his face: “Demon King…” Without even listening to him finish his words, Mo Qing’s power was so formidable that it made everything around shake unreasonably.

A huge pressure dropped down from the sky, crushing the remaining part of Ming Feng Palace. As if it was overflowing with anger, everything was destroyed together with Luo Ming Xuan, except for this place where Mo Qing and I stood.

The crushed rocks were forming mountains.

When the heaven fell and the earth rent, it was unknown where Luo Ming Xuan and the four celestial sect people had gone. In the blink of an eye, this was no longer important. Only the place where I stood with him was strangely peaceful.

I clutched my chest, feeling my violently pounding heart that had already surpassed any pain that could rip my thoracic cavity apart.

In all directions, it was so chaotic, but he turned around, slowly and gently took two steps towards me. He crouched down before me and raised his hand stained with Luo Ming Xuan’s blood, as if he was wanting to touch my face but was also afraid of shattering me. Only his fingertips stopped on my cheek, like a dragonfly lightly touching the water surface. He had the power to destroy the world, and yet, he was still gentle and cautious due to fear.


Within his eyes, in this very moment, there appeared to be more than the landslides and the earthquakes that shook him to the core.


“Lu Zhao Yao.”

“Mhm.” I gazed straight into his eyes, “It’s me.”

In this vast world, extending into the universe, everything seemed to stop in this quiet, noiseless moment.

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12 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 51.03

  1. Aaahhh!!! Finally Mo Qing came and saved her, again. Only this time, he’s seeing her as herself, and her looking into his eyes, I think she finally realized without doubts that this is the one person who had really cherished her his whole life.
    Oh, I’m such a hopeless romantic. But thank you for your hard work of translating.

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  2. yay new chapter, I clicked the link yesterday but it says page cannot be found but it’s fine today, I wonder why.

    they don’t have this dialogue in the drama : “Lu Zhao Yao, who else will come to protect you now?”
    but reading it in the novel this scene feels much more satisfying

    Thank you for the translation.

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  3. Beautiful chapter. I loved the descriptions of his great power and at the same time is gentleness with her. This was the moment we’ve been waiting for… the meeting with her in the flesh. No longer can she pretend that he loved Zhao Yan…

    Thank you for all your hard work. It’s very much appreciated.

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