Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 62.03


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 62.03

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The lengthy mechanism went downwards for a very long time, until it finally reached the bottom. As the Chief of the Dark Guards walked out, I followed him, going through the deep passage. In the damp dungeon, reaching the end, I finally saw a gray-haired old man sitting in the prison.

Sure enough, he came to see Yuan Jie.


However, it was more than that, he fished out a key and immediately opened Yuan Jie’s prison door: “Come out, the time has come.” As he said that, he threw Qing Gang Staff that was hanging at his waist inside.


Oh, all right, he released the prisoner, even gave him a weapon, this was all done quite thoroughly.

Although Yuan Jie’s appearance cut a sorry figure, his mannerisms still bore some haughtiness from his North Mountain Lord’s position. He picked up his staff and slowly stood up: “Where’s Li Chen Lan?”

“He went to Su Mountain, I had someone lure him into the magical array in that part of Su Mountain. He has been injured recently and the magical array has been modified by me, so he won’t be able to come out for a little while.”

Yuan Jie dryly coughed twice, slowly walking out from the prison: “He’s injured? Who has this ability?”

“Since he came back from overseas getting Liu He Tian Yi Sword, his injuries have not healed. Recently, Li Chen Lan has been enigmatic and unpredictable, doing things completely without rules. He hacked Ling Ting Mountain, destroyed Jin Zhou City, and saved the grandmaster of Guan Yu Pavilion. After that, he fought with Luo Ming Xuan, who had just awakened, afterwards he sustained grave injuries that have not healed, and even used the Ninth Heaven Technique to search for someone. Right now, he used the Sect Leader Command to order everyone in the sect to burn paper offerings for the former sect leader… I don’t know what tricks he’s playing.”

That was right, I still remembered how startled your expression was when you received the Sect Leader Command, you brat.

So at that time you were muttering in your heart, why this move of Li Chen Lan made people unable to understand him more and more.

“Burn paper offerings for the former sect leader?” Yuan Jie walked forward with his staff and sneered, “He took the former sect leader’s life away and robbed the sect leader’s power. Now he even tolerated the idea to hypocritically burn paper offerings. Hmph, Li Chen Lan’s conscience can even be so restless?”

Oh… Every time I listened to this old man talk, my frame of mind was always so complicated.

“Li Chen Lan hid the body of the Golden Immortal, Luo Ming Xuan, in Wan Lu Sect. He hasn’t told anyone where he hid the body. Right now in this world, perhaps the only one who can fight him is Luo Ming Xuan. Previously, I had heard that in order to resurrect Luo Ming Xuan, he needs the Qin family’s blood, and now the Qin family’s Qin Zhi Yan just happens to be in Wu E Palace. If we can find Luo Ming Xuan’s body, then make use of Qin Zhi Yan’s blood and enable him to be resurrected once more. Wait until the two of them fight, both sides suffer, you and I will naturally reap the benefits of being the  fishermen.”

As I stared at the Chief of the Dark Guards, I could not control the corners of my mouth from drooping down in displeasure. Your child-like thoughts made people feel really disgusted.

“Mhm.” Yuan Jie said next to him, “Although Luo Ming Xuan was sealed by the former sect leader, but to prevent Wan Lu Sect that was established by the former sect leader from being destroyed in Li Chen Lan’s hands, this is the only way.”

Then I stared coldly at Yuan Jie.

No wonder I was not even fond of you before, even though you were so loyal, you pig brain.

I did not want to see the two conspiring people anymore, so I directly passed through the main peak of Chen Ji Mountain, right above was exactly Zhuo Chen Hall. The time was not too far from the Hour of the Rat. As I drifted towards Zhi Yan, I told her to lie down and separate from her body.

*Hour of the Rat (子时 – zǐ shí) – between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.

She was somewhat dazed by my seriousness.

“Chen Ji Mountain is going to have a civil strife. Perhaps, this body of yours will even become a sacrificial lamb. In a moment, I’ll possess your body and immediately go to Su Mountain.”

No matter what, I must inform Mo Qing of the situation on this side, so that he could prepare before returning to the mountain. Besides, I could not leave Zhi Yan here.

I just hoped that Mo Qing had hidden Luo Ming Xuan really well. Never mind if they could not find his body, but if they did find it…


Damn his uncle whatever, the influence of this Golden Immortal lingered on even more than me!

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16 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 62.03

  1. You know you are useless when you have to relied on your enemies to kill each other off and then eat the crumbs. How do you expect yourself to even survive even afterward?

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    1. Totally agree with you there! They really should’ve planned things better lol cuz I have a feeling their plan is just gonna backfire right in their faces & they’ll just put the blame on someone else… Good thing Zhao Yao is thinking straight! Take away one part of their plan so they can’t just idle away until enemies kill each other!

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  2. I recently discovered your beautifully done translation! Thank you so much for translating the story and I look forward to reading it every week!! ❤️

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