Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 63.01


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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 63.01

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I entered Zhi Yan’s body, picked up Liu He Tian Yi Sword, and planned to first go to Mo Qing’s sleeping chamber to take some Nine Reversal Original Pills, just in case of emergency.

As I entered Mo Qing’s sleeping chamber, no one bothered with me. However, the moment when I took the Nine Reversal Original Pills from Mo Qing’s study and was about to utilize the Instantaneous Travel Technique, a shadow flashed by in the room: “Miss.”

My eyes instantly turned cold, my hand had already made the pattern for the Instantaneous Travel Technique, but I was not able to promptly leave.


Tch… In the time that Mo Qing was gone, did these absolutely disgraceful bastards actually arrange a magical array that prohibited the Instantaneous Travel Technique in Wu E Palace? Was it to prevent Zhi Yan from fleeing? Simply too daring.

As I hid the Nine Reversal Pills in my sleeve, I inadvertently turned my head around, only to see the Chief of the Dark Guards, who was just plotting a rebellion with Yuan Jie in the dungeon, standing in the doorway of Mo Qing’s sleeping chamber.

It was unknown how the cultivation of this Chief of the Dark Guards that Mo Qing had selected was, but he was able to take over this position, so his cultivation must not be inferior. As usual, I asked him: “What’s wrong?”

“It’s already late at night, I saw someone enter Sect Leader’s sleeping chamber, following which, I came to see. As it turns out, it’s actually Miss. This subordinate was presumptuous.”

“It’s okay. Master had gone out for quite some days and hadn’t returned. I really couldn’t bear the nostalgia in my heart, so I came over to his sleeping chamber to take a look.” While I was talking, I walked towards the door “Chief, doing your duty is what you ought to do.”

Just before going out the door, the Chief of the Dark Guards was always by my side, staring at me, until I was about to step out of Mo Qing’s sleeping chamber, his tone suddenly turned cold: “Miss, it’s better to always keep Liu He Tian YI Sword in the room.”

As I lowered my eyes, I only saw the brilliant light of Liu He Tian Yi Sword that was hanging at my waist circulating above the sheath. Sima Rong’s carving skills made this Dragon’s Blood Wood particularly eye-catching.

I sorrowfully sighed: “Chief.” I called out so lightly, then without warning, I drew the sword out of its sheath, and slashed directly at his neck. A “ding” sounded, the lightning of Liu He Tian YI Sword and the blade of the fine iron sword rubbed against each other, making sparks splatter.

Behind the black cloth that was covering his face, it reflected his eyes, his eyes were like an eagle, truly frightening.

After the strike, I borrowed the force to leap out, turned around and flew into the sky, only hoping to quickly leave the range of the magical array that prohibited the Instantaneous Travel Technique. However, when I still had not flown too far away and  was not paying attention, I unexpectedly collided with an enchantment barrier above my head. I spun around, stopping in midair.

Looking down from the sky, above the entire main peak of Chen Ji Mountain, there was another barrier that formed a semicircle, they actually… Wanted to imprison me here?

Looking at this battle array, it turned out that they had conspired for a very long time. 

The Chief of the Dark Guards caught up from behind, neither slowly nor swiftly. Following behind him were five Dark Guards, each and every one of them was strong: “Miss, if you don’t want to suffer, then it’s best for you to follow us back.”

I quirked up my lip, smiling. In this life, I, Lu Zhao Yao, had experienced many unexpected things, but the most unexpected was that there would even be a day where I would fight against the Dark Guards.

I flipped my hand over, holding Liu He Tian Yi Sword and pouring magic power into the sword. Above the body of the sword, the lightning flashed greatly.

Several Dark Guards immediately carried a guarded look, while the chief’s eyes became even colder: “Miss, we don’t want to hurt you, so you mustn’t overestimate your capabilities.”

I laughed, unconsciously carrying a bit of contempt: “Whether or not I’m overestimating my capabilities, come and try me.” I threw Liu He Tian Yi Sword backwards, the edge of the blade carrying lightning pierced through the enchantment barrier. The power of the lightning and the barrier collided with each other, producing a huge sound. The lightning passed through the semicircle barrier that was above the entire mountain top of Chen Ji Mountain, warping the shape of the enchantment barrier.

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7 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 63.01

  1. Thank you for another chapter. I appreciate you continuing on with the book. I hope things go well for your return to work. We’ve been working from home since mid March and it looks like we will continue the end of the year. My prayer is that this situation ends soon globally and that things improve. Thanks again. All the best, Erica

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  2. Thank you so much for the chapter! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well!
    This is getting super interesting, after watching the show, it’s really fun to get to a section of the book where I don’t know what’s coming next! Thanks again!

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