Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 72.01


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 72.01

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As I observed Jiang Wu before me, I did not think that he had any similarities to Qin Qian Xian. Qin Qian Xian had the appearance of a Bodhisattva, he carried compassion from his eyebrows to his eyes, his usual expression was always indifferent, but his lips held a merciful smile to some degree. Qin Qian Xian and I also seemed to have met many times, he and I fought once or twice, but I have never seen him use a killing move on anyone. Even on Xian Tai Mountain, when the people from other celestial sects wanted to capture him for his blood, his counterattacks only contained about seven-tenths of his powers. 

As for this Jiang Wu, his facial features were seductively attractive. The corners of his mouth often carried an unruly and arrogant smile, and his eyes did not carry any warmth. I had seen him kill people before, it was on the bridge on Hua Street in Jiang City. He did not say a word and directly ripped someone up. 

If he was compared with Qin Qian Xian, then they really were like two sides of a mirror. Even if he was an inner demon, this comparison was not wrong. 

It was just that… 

“Back then, Qin Qian Xian liked me?” I thought about it in combination with what Jiang Wu said earlier, “Didn’t he say it was just some distracting thoughts?” 

Jiang Wu laughed, then he went back to sit on the bed: “He cultivates the Bodhisattva Path, and what disrupts his religious practice is distracting thoughts. Back then, you captured him and marveled at him all night. He, who had never been close to the female sex, gave birth to distracting thoughts from then on. After you finished marveling at him and let him go, it shook his beliefs about demon cultivators being evil. Lu Zhao Yao, you cultivate the Demon Path, so you should know that in the human heart, you must never give birth to these weeds.” 

I knew that, if I was suspicious about my beliefs and doubted my own way of cultivation, then weeds would be born in my heart and grow into a sky-towering tree. In the past, Wan Lu Sect had tidied up many immortal cultivators by planting that weed in their hearts first. 

“He could only blame himself. He was so spotless and incorruptible before, but once he got a trace of dust, it immediately magnified uncontrollably.” As Jiang Wu used his finger to draw a circle, red demonic energy flowed out from his fingertips bit by bit. The more he circled, the more energy there was, “Day after day, year after year, his heart finally gave birth to me.” 

Finally, the red demonic energy that he drew before him formed the shape of a child: “The more you want to control it, the more you can’t control it. The more you want to suppress it, the more you can’t suppress it. In the end…” When Jiang Wu pointed at the center of the child’s forehead, the demonic energy circling in the air immediately formed into an entity. Suddenly, the child opened his eyes, staring at me with his blood-like pupils. 

I frowned immediately. 

Jiang Wu surprisingly used his demonic energy to create a puppet right in front of me. 

The strength of this Jiang Wu… Was probably hard to predict. When I fought against him before, it was so obvious that he only used seven-tenths of his strength. If he was compared with Qin Qian Xiang at this moment, I feared that his cultivation was higher than Qin Qian Xian’s, but I just did not know by how many realms… 

An inner demon like him… 


“I started out because of you, but grew stronger because of Qin Qian Xian’s own inability to resist.” The child started to speak, continuing Jiang Wu’s words, “I grew up in his heart, spoke to him in his head, influenced his will, and enticed him to the dark side. However, I never thought that after you died during the battle in the Sword Tomb, he would steal your body and hang it up on the ice wall, amidst the magic arrays in Su Mountain. Day in and day out, he chanted mantras to clear his mind, finally he was able to relinquish me from inside his body. Then he wanted to use the magic arrays in Su Mountain to trap and imprison me.” 


When Jiang Wu dropped onto the bed, he moved his index finger, and controlled the child to walk towards me. 

The child’s blood-red eyes gradually became normal, hiding that terrifying demonic energy. The child said to me: “When Qin Qian Xian tore me out from his body, it was equivalent to slicing his own self in half. From that time on, for him, even though he had eliminated his inner demon, his primordial soul got severely injured. His power rapidly weakened, therefore, his magic array could no longer hold me prisoner. I escaped from Su Mountain and landed on the side of Xin Mountain. Just like I am now, in my childish form with my new life. Right at that moment, I came upon a battlefield, a war was happening on Xin Mountain. There was murderous energy everywhere in the air…” The child curled his lips and smirked. The smirk corresponded with the smile carried on the red-haired Jiang Wu’s lips, who was controlling the child from behind, which made the entire dungeon look a little too gloomy. 

It was even weirder than the atmosphere in the Ghost Market. 

“Lu Zhao Yao, have you ever seen a separated inner demon?” 

I kept my silence because I had never seen one before. 

We were demon cultivators, but we also practiced the Way of Daoism. However, from the perspective of  people on the righteous path, demon cultivators relied on robbing other people’s powers, and exploiting methods used in evil sects and corrupt paths to achieve an increase in the cultivation base. This manner of path was known as the Demon Path. However, a demon cultivator and a genuine inner demon were two completely different things. 

Among immortal cultivators, there were many cultivators, who had walked through fire and entered the dark side. Even demon cultivators had these instances, too. Some people could be distrubed by the inner demons, then their meridians would flow the wrong direction, and they would suddenly die on the spot. Some people could even become deranged and crazy. Some people could even be dominated by their inner demon; from that point on, their self-awareness would thoroughly fade away.

However, no one had ever separated their inner demons from their bodies before. At least Qin Qian Xian was the first instance that I currently knew about…

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2 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 72.01

  1. Jiang Wu’s revelation about his birth and Qin Qian Xian is pretty mindblowing… The wording of this chapter makes me think this isn’t going to be the last inner demon Zhao Yao encounters. hmmm

    Thank you for another chapter! It’s always a wonderful surprise to receive a notification about a post! Hope your first week of the new year has been great.

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    1. Probably in Zhao Yao’s world, Jiang Wu wouldn’t be the last inner demon she encounters, but there’s only about 7 chapters left to this book, so I don’t think there’ll be another inner demon.

      The first and second week of the new year went down the drain. Everyone in the house is currently sick or getting better. While I caught the dreaded Covid…


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