Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 72.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 72.02

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Qin Qian Xian was able to do something that no one has ever done before. One could imagine how difficult this process was. His previous cultivation base was probably just like the legends in the world, no one could detect his final limit. 

However, right now, Jiang Wu was able to independently develop and grow. 

“No one understands an inner demon, even I don’t understand myself. I don’t know who I am. I don’t know where I came from. I don’t know where I’m going, but I discover that there’s a power in my body.” The child stretched out his hand and clenched it into a fist, “I can absorb different kinds of human emotions like resentment, hatred, fear and anger. Just like when I was still in Qin Qian Xian’s heart, devouring all of his distracting thoughts.” 

When I heard this, I shivered slightly. 

In Qin Qian Xian’s heart, the inner demon could only absorb its owner’s emotions, but once it separated into its own entity, it could begin to suck up the negative emotions of everyone around it?! 

This Jiang Wu… Was indeed a bit too intimidating! 

“The good thing was, when I first arrived at Xin Mountain, I encountered a great chaos between two countries’ campaigns at the right time. On the battlefield, killing intent and blood vitality, anger and hatred, fear and bloodlust were everywhere. So many dark auras assaulted my senses and permeated into my body, and just like that, I slowly grew up…” 

As Jiang Wu moved his finger again, red demonic energy flared out again and poured into the child’s body. I saw the child give off a painful expression as he immediately clutched its chest. Little by little, his body rapidly grew right before my eyes. I watched him grow into the appearance that I have seen before, into Little Short Hair Jiang Wu. 

Just like that… A puppet formed right in front of me. 

Little Short Hair Jiang Wu extended his hand and  coquettishly lifted my chin. He smiled: “After that, Jiang Wu of Xin Mountain appeared.” 

I stared at him quietly for a moment, then moved my eyes to look at the red-headed Jiang Wu behind him: “Why are you telling me all this? I actually don’t care where you came from.” 

“No one knows my origins, including my former self. Lu Zhao Yao, that day, after seeing you again on Chen Ji Mountain, it made me remember all these past events.” He waved his hand to make Little Short Hair move aside, so that his view of me was not obstructed, “Because of you, I came to be. So I wanted you to know how I existed because of you.” 

These words sounded so affectionate, but shutting me in such a place and forcing me to listen to him say these kinds of things was not fun for me at all. 

My biggest concern right now was not about where he came from, but how would I get out of this horrible place. 

A moment ago, he said that Mo Qing could not break open the barrier from the outside, if so, could I find a way to open it from the inside? If I planned to trick him, then at least I must find out what that Little Red Head’s weakness was; he, who could suck in negative emotions like resentment and anger. 

I pursed my lips indifferently and said, “It sounds like you’re very powerful, but if you’re so powerful, then after all these years, why are you still living underground without a purpose? Clearly, your ability to absorb negative emotions is not that strong. Otherwise, with so many people living in this world, how is it still not enough for you to develop and grow?” 

Jiang Wu followed my example and pursed his lips: “That’s right, but what you don’t know is that after you died in the last few years, Jiang Hu has become really peaceful.” 

Mhm, there was nothing wrong with this statement at first, but when I thought about it carefully, it sounded like he was secretly mocking me. 

What? When I was still alive, could Jiang Hu not live in peace? He made it sound like I was a malignant tumor that specialized in harassing the world. 

However… It appeared to be the case…

“In the past few years, there have been very few wars. Li Chen Lan, the Sect Leader of Wan Lu Sect,  encourages and teaches some form of benevolence. Tch, a top demon sect that he manages like an immortal sect. The disciples aren’t even that brave anymore. Even when they’re picked on several times, they won’t fight with the Ten Great Immortal Sects.” 

Mhm… Needless to say, this Little Red Head’s thoughts were indeed somewhat similar to mine. When I was just resurrected, at that time, I also disliked Mo Qing because of this… 

However, now that I knew the reason why Mo Qing wanted to manage the sect like that, I could not even blame him at all. 

“Therefore, you’re thinking, such a great Wan Lu Sect can’t be wasted. You plan on getting rid of Mo Qing. Then become the sect leader yourself, stir up troubles in the world, and after that, take the opportunity to make yourself stronger, right?” 

Jiang Wu discourteously said to me: “Very smart.”

“But at that time, the discrepancy between my strength and Li Chen Lan, who had the Wan Jun Sword, was too large. So, that’s why I had to think of a way to get someone to do my dirty work.” His eyes flashed coldly, “Although I can’t remember my origins, but after hearing Qin Qian Xian’s name by chance, suddenly a lot of information related to him appeared in my mind, including the methods he used to arrange his enchantment barriers.” 

No wonder, from the very beginning, Jiang Wu was very confident with his enchantment barrier skills. 

“I even…” When I was still thinking about how to break Qin Qian Xian’s enchantment barrier, Jiang Wu suddenly said, “… Know about the secret of his blood.” 

I was stunned. 

Obviously, Jiang Wu did not know about the enmity between Luo Ming Xuan and I. Besides, he had no way of knowing. In the eyes of the outsiders, according to the legends in Jiang Hu, Luo Ming Xuan and I were nothing more than an immortal and a demon. Back then, he was the most powerful immortal and I was the most powerful demon. He and I were destined to be mortal enemies. 

Jiang Wu said lightly: “I knew that Liu Su Ruo of Jian Xin Sect dreamt of resurrecting her dead husband, so I told her about the secret in Qin Qian Xian’s blood. Originally, I intended to borrow Jian Xin Sect’s hand to eliminate Qin Qian Xian, and if Luo Ming Xuan could resurrect during this opportunity, then I would make Luo Ming Xuan fight against Li Chen Lan. Naturally, it would be best for both sides to lose. If Luo Ming Xuan could not resurrect, then it would not be bad to initiate a fight between the two immortal sects. Outside my expectations, that widow killed Qin Qian Xian’s younger brother, Qin Yu.” 

So that was… How it transpired. 

It suddenly dawned on me that it was no wonder that Qin Qian Xian had been living peacefully for so many years. The secret of the Qin’s family blood had never been known to the world. The Liu family and the Qin family even had a marriage alliance, but Liu Su Ruo was like a madwoman. She did not hesitate in manipulating her brother, Liu Wei, to kill the Qin family. 

So the crux of the problem was actually here! 

It was Jiang Wu who caused it! 

“What surprised me was that I didn’t expect Li Chen Lan to care so much about Qin Zhi Yan. He even went to Jin Zhou City alone to help her get revenge.” Jiang Wu chuckled, “Thanks to him, in just one night, Jin Zhou City was completely destroyed. The immortal sect was in chaos and there was great disturbances in the world again. I was right outside Jin Zhou City and had a really good meal.” 

As I stared at Jiang Wu, my complexion turned cold. 

Oh, so that was why his powers had become so terribly strong right now. 

So on that day, the demonic energy outside Jin Zhou City’s Demon Defensive Array belonged to Jiang Wu. In that case, it looked like he was helping Mo Qing and I, but he was actually helping himself. After knowing these important details, I narrowed my eyes at Little Red Head before me. No matter how I looked at him, I was still in a bad mood. 

A series of things happened, each and every one had his footprints on it! Additionally, he profited from it every time! 

In fact, the more I thought about it, the gloomier my mood became. 

Especially because of him, Luo Ming Xuan was able to wake up in this world, even though it was only for a few days. When I thought about this, it made my mood even worse. 

“Little Red Head.” I said to him, “The time of your debut was short, and you have only been out in Jiang Hu for a total of a few years. Everything that you obtained was through your own hard work, so maybe no senior has taught you…” Before I finished my words, I raised my eyes, and used the Instantaneous Travel Technique. In an instant, my five fingers turned into sharp claws, aiming directly at Jiang Wu’s throat and knocking him down onto the bed. In his pupils, my entire body was covered in demonic energy, which gave off a terrifying appearance. 

I coldly warned him: “When you conduct yourself, don’t be too cocky.” 

When I tightened my five fingers, which were sharp as blades, the skin of his throat was sliced apart. Fresh blood spurted out and flowed down the bed, but Jiang Wu just smiled: “I really like you.” His smiling expression was wanton but concealed an aura of death: “Therefore, even the appearance you use to attack me, I think it’s adorable. The only thing is, I don’t like the woman to be on top.” 

I sneered coldly: “No hurry, I’ll send you down there.” As my five fingers drew closer together, the human neck in my hand was like tofu that I could easily cleave in half…

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