Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 75.01


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 75.01

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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When Jiang Wu died, it seemed that only I was able to see that red astral body. I saw it enter Mo Qing’s body, but Mo Qing did not feel anything. 

His expression was the same as usual, as he brought me out of the slowly collapsing underground cave. After landing on the ground, he called Lin Zi Yu to come over first. He told him to return to Wan Lu Sect and bring people back to pick up the wounded. Then he had a few words with Qin Qian Xian, talking about handling the last of Jiang Wu’s subordinates. 

When he was in the process of getting rid of Jiang Wu, he let a lot of those little bandits in the underground cave escape. Right now, Wan Lu Sect just encountered a major catastrophe, so he hoped that Qian Chen Pavilion could join hands and eliminate all of Jiang Wu’s surviving members. 

Naturally, Qin Qian Xian did not refuse. During the discussion, he looked at Mo Qing and wanted to say something but was hesitant in the end. 

Looking at Mo Qing’s slightly wet back, I knew that the wetness was due to the blood from the previous wound that had not been completely healed. However, I was currently more worried about Jiang Wu’s words than about his wound… 

What did he mean by those last few words? 

I frowned: “Mo Qing.” As I called out to him, Qin Qian Xian glanced over at me indifferently, and then he went to look at his disciples’ injuries. I asked Mo Qing, “Is your body feeling uncomfortable anywhere?” 

“I’m fine.” He thought that I was asking about his injuries, so he answered my question in that way. His pitch-black eyes stared intently at me, after looking at me for a while, he appeared to be somewhat angry, “You acted too carelessly! How could you take Zhi Yan to this place all by yourself?” 

Oh… The danger was over, so he wanted to settle the scores with me…

I stroked the bridge of my nose. This Mo Qing was currently different from the former days. In the past, when I did something, even if I did it wrong, who would dare say that I “acted carelessly?” 

Even that old man, Yuan Jie, had always received my orders and followed them obediently. There was no need to even mention Shi Qi. If I said that I wanted to go up to the sky to pick stars, then she would climb up the ladder to the sky faster than me. She would not dare say that I was wrong. Even if it was Sima Rong, he would only look at me and sigh excessively. He definitely would not dare blame me like this. 

However, even though Mo Qing reprimanded me like this, I could not be harsh and unreasonable. I simply pouted: “I thought that I was just here to have my name called out three times. I was even going to go back and give you a surprise, so I… Could not have known that such a mess would crop up.” 

Mo Qing’s face was calm and collected. When he was about to admonish me, I immediately clutched my heart: “Ai-ya, it seems like I physically overexerted myself just a moment ago. Now my heart hurts a bit.” As I said that, I squinted at him. Mo Qing knew that I was pretending, so for a moment, he was at a loss. In the end, he gritted his teeth, pulled my hand over, and helped me check my pulse. 

“Why does it hurt?” 

He knew that I was pretending, but he was willing to let me off because there was a possibility that something might happen to me. 

Even though he knew that I was pretending and acting, he still cooperated with and indulged me. He could no longer bear to criticize me harshly. I would rather suppress the slight anger in my heart, and only express nine-tenths of my injuries. In this way, he was not willing to nitpick at me even by a fraction. 

I was just fond of Mo Qing’s expression. Only with me, his eyes were wide open with smothered reluctance and his expression was of helplessness. 

I turned my hand and grabbed his hand that was taking my pulse: “It was a bit painful earlier, but as soon as you touched me, I felt a whole lot better. Although there were some unexpected things that happened on this trip, at least I managed to get my body back!” I held Mo Qing’s chin, “When we return…” 

Before I finished what I wanted to say, Shi Qi, who was covered in dirt, crawled out from somewhere near me. As she rubbed at the dust on her face, she looked up and she saw me. Her eyes immediately lit up. She disregarded what I was doing, as she loudly shouted: “Sect Leader!” Then she flew towards me at a breakneck speed. 

I only had time to glance at her from the corner of my eye; and before I could say anything to stop her, she suddenly slammed into Mo Qing’s protective shield made from his magic. As a “boom” sounded, she was thrown back and fell to the ground. Shi Qi clutched her buttocks and looked at me in a daze, “What kind of enchantment barrier is this?” 

Oh… The protective shield was still there, it had not been taken down yet… 

From the inside, I reached out to touch the protective shield in front of me. All I felt were these soft tentacles, as if it was lined with layers of warm wool. Being able to bounce off Shi Qi, who was almost immune to magic, this protective shield was obviously very powerful. So powerful that it could inflict damage on Shi Qi, even before her body could instantly nullify the magic. 

Mo Qing turned his head and glanced at Shi Qi indifferently: “You should also learn how to control your temper.” 

Shi Qi rubbed her buttocks and stood up to reason with Mo Qing: “I just wanted to hug the Sect Leader. What’s wrong with that? She’s not even yours!” 

“She is all mine.” 

When Mo Qing uttered these four words, my heart trembled. I, who had never liked it when others use such an unyielding attitude to express their desire to possess me, thought that… When Mo Qing said these words, he appeared so dashingly handsome. 

Shi Qi got choked up by his words, and angrily said: “Who said that?! The Sect Leader is mine!” 

Mo Qing ignored her and wrapped his arms around my waist. Without the slightest reason, he used the Teleportation Technique. When Shi Qi saw that, she yelled: “Ah!” She lunged forward, swinging her fists, trying to stop him.

I watched the two of them competing over me. I thought that it was quite interesting, so I just leaned into Mo Qing’s chest to watch the fun, ignoring them all. 

Off to the side, the Shadow Night Guards also looked this way with curiosity. I knew what they were looking at. One, they were looking at me. These Shadow Night Guards were all under the supervision of Lin Zi Yu, so they had always listened to Lin Zi Yu’s words. They had never seen me before, so they were extremely curious about me. It goes without saying, I died and came back to life, it was enough to make others feel curious. Two… They probably did not expect that their sect leader, who usually carried a cold expression and did not like to speak, would actually fight over things with someone else like a child. 

As for number three… 

I could see that they wanted to watch how the Eastern Mountain Lord, who dared to provoke Li Chen Lan in such a way, would ultimately die. 

As one of Shi Qi’s fists aimed directly at Mo Qing’s face, Mo Qing pulled his head back, raised his hand, curled his index finger, and lightly tapped Shi Qi’s forehead. A wave-like energy rolled out at once. With a “pop,” the great force jerked Shi Qi’s head in the opposite direction, and her entire body followed suit, like a ball flying away. 

Just when she was about to hit the big rock behind her back, Qin Qian Xian’s figure moved. In midair, he pulled Shi Qi aside and neutralized the power of the attack. Then finally, Shi Qi was able to stand steadily on her feet. 

I raised my eyebrows, oh, Qin Qian Xian appeared to be especially fond of Shi Qi. 

Or did he feel sorry for her pitiful stupidity?

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