Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 75.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 75.02

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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However, Mo Qing did not have any inclinations to pay attention to them. As he dragged me along, he used the Teleportation Technique. Shi Qi, who was just painfully beaten, clutched her swollen red forehead and gnashed her teeth: “You bastards, who knows magic… Living Bodhisattva, help me!” She turned around, dragged Qin Qian Xian over, and told him to lend her a hand. However, due to etiquette, Qin Qian Xian wanted to avoid her touch, but Shi Qi did not notice it and grabbed onto his arm, “Teleport me back to Wan Lu Sect.” 

Qin Qian Xian’s face expressed his helplessness. 

After Mo Qing used the Teleportation Technique, I was taken back to Wan Lu Sect. 

However, my last glance just before I left, I looked at the empty and huge black hole around me. The darkness in the bottomless abyss was like the mouth of a huge monster, devouring everything in the world outside. An uneasy feeling suddenly rose inside my heart, and Jiang Wu’s voice seemed to echo in my ears once again. 

He said that he and Mo Qing were the same species. He said if he could not get what he wanted, then Mo Qing would not get it either. It was like a curse that kept spinning inside my head. 

Mo Qing did not immediately take me to Wu E Palace. Instead, he took me to Gu Han Guang’s courtyard. Right now, it was midday, and the little Gu Han Guang was in his yard drying medicine. He was not tall enough, so as soon as he stepped on top of the stool and reached up to lay out the medicinal herbs, Mo Qing suddenly appeared with me in tow. When Gu Han Guang turned his head around, he stared at me, and was unable to look away again. 

He stared blankly at me, seemingly stunned foolishly. But since his current appearance was that of a child, he managed to bring forth some form of cuteness in his foolish expression. 

I laughed: “Little Dwarf, are you drying medicine?” 

Gu Han Guang immediately moved: “You…you…”As he pointed his finger at me, he took a step forward and unexpectedly fell off the stool. Even the medicinal herbs on the shelf fluttered messily to the ground, burying him beneath them. 

“Southern Mountain Lord?” When the maidservant heard the ruckus, she hurriedly came in from outside the courtyard. Upon seeing Mo Qing and I, she also displayed a startled expression. 


The expressions that they both carried were like they had just seen a ghost during the day… 

What was the matter? A few days ago, when Chen Ji Mountain was attacked, did the people living on this side of the mountain not know that I came back? 

However… When I thought about it, it was a real possibility. This Southern Mountain Lord’s mountain peak was quite far away. Besides, Gu Han Guang had never interfered in other matters except to give people medical treatment. Even if Wu E Palace was on fire, if no one told him to come give medical treatment, then he would not take a single step out of his courtyard. My original agreement with him back then was just like that. He only needed to provide medical treatment, therefore, he did not have to worry about the other things. Out of the four mountain lords, he was indeed the one who stuck to his duty the most. 

For one to two months, he usually would not leave his courtyard. Even if he knew that something was wrong outside, as long as it did not come to provoke him, he would ignore it. Also, the rebels were obviously not stupid enough to come and provoke someone who was not a troublemaker. 

“Get up.” Mo Qing called out to him, “Take a look at her.” 

Gu Han Guang still did not move. His mind whirled, as he stared at me and asked: “Lu Zhao Yao, aren’t you dead? Didn’t you even give me a dream?” He turned his head towards Mo Qing and asked, “Li Chen Lan, did you find the Resurrection Technique or did you ask Sima Rong to make you a fake one?” 

I took two steps forward and pinched Gu Han Guang’s face hard. Before, when I was still a ghost, I could not deal with him, but now, I could squeeze his face around as I pleased: “Belittler, I crawled out of hell on my own, okay. Don’t stare foolishly anymore and come over here.” As I pinched his face, I lifted him up and pulled him to Mo Qing’s side, “You should take a look at him first.” 

“I’m fine.” 

“If he says you’re okay, then you’re okay.” 


I leered at Mo Qing: “Sit down and let him take a look at you.” 

Finally, Mo Qing sat down obediently and extended his hand out to let Gu Han Guang check his pulse. At the beginning, Gu Han Guang was still looking at me while taking Mo Qing’s pulse. However, after his examination, he suddenly frowned, no longer interested in whether I was a human or a ghost, and solemnly said: “Recently, a lot of things happened on Chen Ji Mountain, so what exactly did you do?” 

My heart tightened: “Is there something wrong?” 

“His pulse is extremely chaotic, the aura in his body is unstable, there are signs of him walking through fire and entering the dark side… but it’s quite strange.” Gu Han Guang said, “Based on his complexion, there’s nothing unusual, it seems that his body has… completely adapted to it.” 

Mo Qing withdrew his hand: “It was just that I used the Wan Jun Sword too much before, it’s nothing to worry about.” He turned his head to look at me, “I brought you here…”

“She doesn’t need to be looked at.” Gu Han Guang did not even bother to raise his head and said, “She’s quite lively and very active. When she pinched my face with her paws, I already checked her out. Apart from some degree of yin deficiency, her body is very healthy. She just needs to take some medicinal pills for two days, then she’ll be fine.” Then he stared at Mo Qing, “Take your clothes off, so I can see the wound on your back.” 

When Gu Han Guang said it like that, Mo Qing did not have anything else to say. 

As Mo Qing took off his clothes, my head was already stationed above Gu Han Guang’s. When Gu Han Guang and I examined Mo Qing’s back together, he and I were both taken aback. 

Before, Liu He Tian Yi Sword made a wound on Mo Qing’s back that had not healed. Just a moment ago, in the underground cavern, his black robes made of Mermaid Thread were still soaked with his blood, even his white inner robes were dark red. It was the blood that was oozing from his back earlier. However, the odd thing was… 

Right now, Mo Qing’s back was smooth, there was no wound, not even the slightest scar! 

There were only three small red dots on one of his shoulder blades. The dots were slightly raised. I thought it was strange, so I reached out my hand to touch it. However, before I could touch it, one by one, those small dots gradually disappeared into Mo Qing’s body. 

As those raised dots disappeared, the red marks were no longer visible. 

What… Was that? 

As Gu Han Guang and I glanced at each other, Gu Han Guang’s expression was somewhat serious. 

Mo Qing tilted his head slightly, “What’s wrong?” 

“Your wound healed.” Gu Han Guang said, “It’s healed… But that’s so strange.”

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