Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 79.01


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 79.01

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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What did death feel like? 

Perhaps before death, people had countless guesses. However, when that moment came, after all the senses and feelings had disappeared, the matter of death was no longer important. 

For Mo Qing and I, this Demon King’s seal was like death. 

I could not feel the existence of the seal, or the existence of Mo Qing, or even my own existence. Originally, I wanted to go down to be with Mo Qing, but who would have thought that coming down to this place, there was absolutely nothing. I did not even know if I was always keeping him company. 

Even so, I did not regret charging into that pillar of light with him. Even if my presence could only warm his chest at the very last moment, I felt that it was all worth it. 

I did not know how long I had been drifting in that nothingness, but suddenly, I heard some fragments of sounds. The sounds were like sutras, sometimes near, sometimes far, sometimes there, sometimes not. I did not know how many times I had heard it, but I gradually began to feel my own heartbeat. 

Finally, one day, among those chanting sutras, I opened my eyes. 

The sensation around my entire body was restored. I found myself being held in another person’s embrace. In that embrace, the only thing I could feel was the slow beating of his heart inside his chest. 

It was Mo Qing. 

Everything around was blindingly white. As he hugged me, we drifted around inside the seal, without a purpose and nowhere to go. I also did not know how many years he had held me like this. However, these details were really not that important. 

Mo Qing had not awakened yet, he was still immersed in that nothingness. So, as far as I was concerned, in a world like this, if he was still fast asleep, my awakening was meaningless. 

I burrowed into his embrace and found a more comfortable position. I hugged and snuggled against him. I closed my eyes and continued to listen to the sutras, while drifting in the white light. 

Finally, on that day, the sounds of the sutras were particularly loud. I was jolted awake by Mo Qing’s gradually intensifying heartbeat. It took a long time for my brain that had been in disuse to understand what the pounding of his heart signified. 

I raised my head to look at him and saw his feathery eyelashes that were covered in frost trembling slightly. 

His eyelids lifted, and the pupils that were pitch-black as the night sky finally reflected my figure again. 

I opened my mouth, but since I had not spoken for so long, I actually did not know how I should produce the sounds. 

Mo Qing looked at me, his arm tightened slightly: “I’ll take you… Out of here.” 

His voice was extremely hoarse. As soon as his voice faded away, the surrounding was colorless like a glass surface that began to crack. As it shattered, the crackling sounds flooded my ears. At the same time, the chanting of the sutras was getting louder and louder. Only a sharp and clear sound was heard, then the entire world of white collapsed completely. 

When the surrounding aura attacked my body, Mo Qing protected me tightly in his embrace. As he held me, he suddenly jumped up, breaking through the last thin layer of light at the zenith. In an instant, the warm sun and cool breeze assaulted my senses.  

Behind us, the sound of complete collapse was heard, and below us there were countless people in shock. I turned my head to look back and saw that next to the collapsed underground cave stood half of the people from Wan Lu Sect, Sima Rong, Gu Han Guang, and Zhi Yan. The rest were people from the Celestial Sect, Qian Chen Pavilion and Guan Yu Tower. Everyone raised their heads up to look at Mo Qing and I. 


“They’re out!” 

I could hear Shi Qi’s surprised but wild bellows from below.

As I raised my head and saw the scorching sun above, I only felt that this moment was inconceivable. Zhu Ji said that if I wanted Mo Qing restored to his former appearance, it would take at least a few hundred years. However, right now, we actually came out while they were still here… 

I turned my head to gaze at Mo Qing, only to find that he was also gazing at me single-mindedly. 

As soon as I curled the corners of my lips, I laughed heartily while gazing at Mo Qing. The light in Mo Qing’s eyes was so gentle. As I bounced in his embrace, I threw both of my arms over his shoulders, wrapping my arms around his neck. 

Finally, I was out. Although being imprisoned in that seal with Mo Qing was not all that scary, I still preferred a happy life where I could fall down on top of him whenever I wanted.

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  1. Awww… That scene where those people who cared were there waiting for them to come out is just soooo touching.
    Again, thanks for your hard work.

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