Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 70.02


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Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 70.02

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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“Was on the battlefield at the border. When we defeated Liu Ming’s party completely, they were planning on how to enter the Ruins of Heavenly Poles and escape into the seal. Your mother was there, too. At that time, she was really close to giving birth. I secretly took her away from the battlefield and found a place within the vegetation to help her give birth. At that time, I just found out that after your mother knew that Feng Lai was sealed away, she carried you to the border all by herself. However, after she arrived, she was not allowed to enter the Ruins of Heavenly Poles. Then after she knew what the members of Liu Ming’s party were plotting, she joined them. She wanted to go in to see your father, who was sealed away.”

As Shen Li clenched her fists, she bit her lips to hold her tongue.

“After giving birth to you, your mother bled incessantly and she knew that she would not survive. While the demon beast’s aura in your body was too heavy. In order to protect you from being hunted down by people from the Heaven Realm and the Demon Realm, she used the last of her strength and extracted the aura of the demon beast from your body. She transformed it into the Azure Sky Oceanic Pearl. Then she left it in my hands. In the end, she died from exhaustion. Her last wish was that she hoped that you could roam the blue sea and azure sky for the rest of your life, without the shackles of your identity. Unlike your father, who is still suffering from imprisonment. Now that I think about it… The moniker Azure Sky King was bestowed upon you by your mother.”

So there was such a person who sacrificed her life for hers, but she did not know anything about it. When she did finally find out, it was already too late.

Feeling extremely powerless, Shen Li asked in a hoarse voice: “Where… Are her bones now?”

“She said she wanted to accompany your father, but she didn’t allow me to erect a gravestone. She feared that someone would find her, and you would be implicated by someone’s groundless accusations. So, I buried her next to the Ruins of Heavenly Poles, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to find her anymore.”

“There’s nothing beside the Ruins of Heavenly Poles.” Shen Li fought battles there, her expression darkened, “Nothing… Absolutely nothing.”

The Demon Sovereign sat down on the steps of the high platform, patted the space beside her, and motioned for Shen Li to come over. With her head lowered, Shen Li walked over and sat down. The Demon Sovereign patted her head: “Since you were a child, you have been practicing magic and spiritual force with me. Everything that I taught you were spells that can overcome the power of the demon beast in your body. Like your mother, I was also just as afraid. If one day, outsiders knew your identity, would they hate you? However, every day, you were growing up and living so brilliantly. Then I had second thoughts, you have the right to know about your own background. When the scorpion-tailed fox escaped from the Ruins of Heavenly Poles, I didn’t want you to go, but at the same time, I wanted you to go. Then I found out that you had been to the Ruins of Heavenly Poles where the miasma leaked out, but you weren’t contaminated by the miasma. I thought to myself that you have excellent self-control and that it was time. So, I returned the Azure Sky Oceanic Pearl to you. After returning it to you, I have been afraid all the time. If you become an unfamiliar Shen Li, then what should I do…”

“Master…” Shen Li said, “Giving birth to me was kindness, raising me was also kindness. How could Shen Li forget your kindness for your upbringing overnight? No matter what my background is, Shen Li is Shen Li. It has nothing to do with my identity.”

The Demon Sovereign patted her head quietly for a while, and then said, “Fu Sheng and the others are probably the remnants of Liu Ming’s faction. After a thousand years of recuperation, they are finally making a comeback. The matter about Mo Fang, he should be the child borne from Liu Ming’s concubine. I know that friendship is very important to you, but since he has already betrayed you, you can no longer be merciful to him when you see him on the battlefield. “

Shen Li recalled that day when Mo Fang rescued her from that hut, but the feeling of hesitation only flashed in her mind momentarily. She nodded and replied: “Ah Li understands.”

“Additionally… The Divine Sovereign Xing Zhi and you…” The Demon Sovereign paused, noticing the slight stiffness in Shen Li’s body. Then she released a sigh, “For the past thousand years, I have been grateful to the Divine Sovereign for saving the Demon Realm from extreme misery. He proposed that Fu Rong Jun should marry you. Back then, I didn’t know what he wanted to do. Until this time, the situation where Fu Rong Jun’s powers exploded and purified all the plants in his courtyard circulated down to the Demon Realm, only then did I know that Fu Rong Jun had this ability. If you marry him, you will surely be purified by his immortal powers every day, and the demonic aura in your body will completely dissipate. Although the Divine Sovereign Xing Zhi may not know your true identity at that time, he may be aware of your powers to some extent.

“He is the Divine Sovereign. His responsibilities are just too great. If one day he knows about your true identity, I’m afraid he will kill you for all living beings.”

The Demon Sovereign’s tone was very serious. Shen Li just quietly looked down at the ground: “I think… He probably knows about it already.”

For a moment, the Demon Sovereign was stunned. Shen Li continued to say: “Back then, the mortal that I fell in love with, Xing Yun, was his reincarnation in the Mortal Realm… At that time, Meng Po’s decoction washed away all the cultivation in his body, but did not wash away his memory of being a deity. And in that lifetime, before I followed you back to the Demon Realm, in order to save his life, I gave him five hundred years of my cultivation.” Shen Li smiled, “No matter how the demon beast’s powers are removed, there will still be some aura retained in the body. He should’ve known it by then.”

While he was in the Demon Realm, he took her with him wherever he went to reconstruct the seals. At that time, maybe he had the intention to kill her, but in the end he could not do it…

Shen Li suddenly realized that at that time, Xing Zhi had begun to act a little differently from his usual self. He was no longer the indifferent Divine Sovereign, who had only the lives of all beings in his heart. So during that time… He kept his distance from her, neither too close nor too far…

So Xing Zhi, even he could be shaken in that manner.


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