Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 71.01


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Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 71.01

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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Suddenly, the ground shook and the Demon Sovereign’s face became solemn in an instant. When she placed her mask back on, her physique changed again, turning back into the cold and indifferent sovereign king in black: “If the vibrations can come all the way in here, then there must be some sort of changes out there.” Pulling Shen Li along, the Demon Sovereign drew a magic array and returned to his sleeping chamber in a blink of an eye. 

Before Shen Li could even open the door to go out, she felt an extremely heavy miasma pervading the air. As she frowned, she saw that the Demon Sovereign had already opened the door to head out. 

No matter how many battles of slaughtering Shen Li had witnessed, at this time, what she was seeing at the Demon Palace still surprised her. Just a moment ago, the palace that was still majestic had collapsed completely. The pavilions and buildings were reduced to ashes. While everywhere in Gong City there were corpses lying about and blood running like water. Not too far in the distance, a big cyan dragon suddenly raised its head to the sky and roared, as if its noise could penetrate to the ninth level of heaven. It was so loud that it could wake up the dead. As if in disbelief, the Demon Sovereign murmured in a low voice “The Ruins of Heavenly Poles… A demon beast.” He gritted his teeth, “Actually managed to escape.” 

Shen Li was also surprised, this… Was actually a demon beast from the Ruins of Heavenly Poles! It fled from the border to the capital! Furthermore, if one demon beast escaped, then more was bound to come… In an instant, Shen Li’s silver spear appeared in her hand and she positioned it in front of the Demon Sovereign. Suddenly, at the same time, she saw a person standing high above on the dragon’s head. When Shen Li was able to discern his appearance clearly, she clenched her fists and her voice sounded like an Asura from hell: “Fu Sheng.” 

Once again, he created this mess. Once again, the lives of these clansmen… Were lost in his hands! As the new hatred and old hatred flooded into her heart, Shen Li’s eyes suddenly turned crimson-red. Her fingernails suddenly grew long. She could no longer hear the Demon Sovereign trying to stop her. She had not even uttered a sound yet and her body was already like electricity, in a flash, she appeared behind Fu Sheng with a move intent to kill. Her silver spear was raised and she thrusted it towards the back of Fu Sheng’s nape. 

When the spear stabbed Fu Sheng in the neck, it ruptured his blood vessels and splattered blood everywhere; still Shen Li did not stop. However, when she saw the figure of “Fu Sheng” gradually dissipating with the wind, she turned and swept the spear around. The tip of the spear streaked past a person behind her. As the fine black hair on the side of his temple and ear scattered away, Fu Sheng quickly took two steps back, bending over the dragon’s spine, smiling gloomily: “The King’s skill has greatly improved.” 

Without recollecting her strength, Shen Li withdrew the silver spear, and rotated it in her hand like a flower bud in full bloom. When she released a low growl, the tail end of the spear suddenly plunged into the demon dragon’s skull below her. The brute force was like a heavy hammer, hitting the top of the demon dragon’s head, slamming its head into the ground. With a loud “rumble”, as dust flew up, the dragon’s tail swept around for a while. Then finally, it became motionless and implanted itself to the ground. The giant demon beast got knocked out cold by this blow of hers. 

As the dust settled around Shen Li, she held the silver spear on the dragon’s head, while her crimson-red eyes fell on Fu Sheng like a cold sword. Unlike the uncontrollable red eyes from some time ago, this time, her eyes were filled with madness, but they were extremely rational, coupled with an aura of death that could instill fear into anyone. 

The tail end of the spear was pulled out from the dragon’s skull, and Shen Li rushed the tip of the spear at Fu Sheng, “Come here and die!” As each word boomed resoundingly, her powers surged violently which made Fu Sheng shudder slightly. However, the more he shuddered, the crazier the smile on his face became. 

“Hahahaha! Bravo! Bravo! Azure Sky King has become so powerful now, it’s really a great blessing to our generation!” His body appeared to have completely recovered from the burn he sustained last time. There were no traces of burn marks on his face. The corners of his lips curled up coldly, “Today, I came here to lure you back to the Demon Realm, but since you’re already in the Demon Realm, that’s even better than expected…” 

When Shen Li heard these words, she frowned instantly. As Shen Li wondered about what evil scheme this person had, she glanced at the demon beast under her feet and asked in a low voice: “What did you do to the enchantment barrier at the Ruins of Heavenly Poles?” 

“Heh, it was the Divine Sovereign Xing Zhi’s own fault that caused the seal of the Ruins of Heavenly Poles to slacken. How can this be blamed on me, too?” Fu Sheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he smiled, “Oh, that’s right, why did the Divine Sovereign Xing Zhi make a mistake? Hmm, I should really be blamed then. However, you, the King, have accused me wrongly with these words.” He smiled inexplicably, “Right now, I’m the person in this world who does not want the seal of the Ruins of Heavenly Poles to be broken. If the seal is destroyed, then it will be a trivial matter to the Demon Realm. However, if the demon beasts were all buried together along with it, then I’m going to have a major headache.” 

The seal in the Ruins of Heavenly Poles was very powerful. When Xing Zhi established that seal, he connected it to the powers of the five elements in the Demon Realm. Only by relying on the power of nature could this great enchantment barrier be formed. In the past thousand years, the Ruins of Heavenly Poles had already been integrated into the Demon Realm. If the Ruins of Heavenly Poles disappeared, then the demon beasts within it would certainly be destroyed. As for the Demon Realm, it would be buried along with them. 

Shen Li knew about this, so for Fu Sheng to say that he was not going to destroy the seal was a good thing for the Demon Realm. However, whatever words that were coming out of his mouth could only make one think that there was an even more terrifying scheme. 

Shen Li’s figure moved again. Shen Li slashed the top of Fu Sheng’s head with her spear: “What the hell are you planning!” Shen Li asked sharply. 

Suddenly, Fu Sheng smirked and waved his sword to fend off Shen Li: “This time, I’m here to invite you, the King, to discuss important matters.” He raised his sword and took the initiative to attack. As the sounds of the two weapons interlocked, his voice also sounded, “But you, the King, are an integral part of the plan!” 

“How can this king do what you want?!” As soon as her voice faded away, red flames were already adhered to Shen Li’s silver spear and she thrusted it directly at Fu Sheng. Fu Sheng used his sword to block. However, before the sword’s body touched the silver spear, he saw that the sword was bending, and then it went limp. Shen Li’s spear went straight for Fu Sheng’s throat. In a panic, Fu Sheng leaned backwards and rolled onto the ground, dodging the strike, but making an embarrassment of himself. As he touched his scalded, red throat, some crazy emotions were fliting between his brows. 

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