Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 69.01


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Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 69.01

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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Walking into the great hall of the Outer Bounds of Heaven together with You Lan, Shen Li’s nose swiftly picked up something. She turned her head towards the side and her footsteps stopped immediately.

You Lan, who was hurriedly leading the way in front, heard Shen Li’s footsteps getting farther away. She looked back and saw that Shen Li was walking toward the middle of the great hall in a daze. While in front of the great hall, there stood a red-tasseled silver spear. You Lan had seen it before, it was Azure Sky King’s spear, but…Was this silver spear not already broken? Although she had heard that the Divine Sovereign Xing Zhi forcibly demanded the spear from the Demon Sovereign’s hand, she never thought that he would actually repair the spear. After the spear was repaired, it was even placed in the great hall of the Outer Bounds of Heaven.

The silver spear and Shen Li seemed to have a heart-to-heart connection. Every time Shen Li took a step closer, the silver spear exuded sounds of buzzing excitement as if welcoming its own master.

Shen Li stood in front of the silver spear for a while. She carefully looked at it for a very long time. Suddenly, she smiled and reached out to hold the staff of the spear, just like many thousands of times before, when she and it were fighting together as one. As the silver spear made revolutions in her hand, the aura of death stirred the quiet atmosphere in the Outer Bounds of Heaven. With the sounds of small tinkling bells, the end of the spear was thrust into the hard flagstone. Turbulent air surged out, lifting up You Lan’s hair and robes outside the great hall.

You Lan stared dazedly at the woman in the great hall, looking at the smile on her lips, the buzzing silver spear in her hand, and the sharp blade glowing with intense light as if it was chanting a joyous song. From head to toe, Shen Li’s majestic aura was so dazzling that it made people not dare to look at her, but that was what made it so beautiful, too.

This was the real Shen Li.

Holding the spear and straightening her back, she looked like the Azure Sky King who could hold up the falling sky all by herself with her own power.

“Great partner, I thought I would never be able to fight side by side with you again.” Shen Li stroked the red tassel on the spear. However, the feeling of ruefulness only appeared on her face for a moment. She collected the expression on her face and whispered softly, “I will have to trouble you in the future.” After saying that, the silver spear turned into a ray of light in her hand and disappeared. Then she walked towards You Lan, her steps becoming more and more resolute: “Let’s leave quickly. I don’t want to fight with your people from the Heaven Realm at this time.”

You Lan was stunned for a moment, and then she quickly led the way. After walking a short distance, she suddenly felt a slight disturbance in the air. It was very likely that the people from the Heaven Realm had finally come. You Lan looked back at Shen Li, a little stumped for words. Was it her misperception? Why did she feel that the present Shen Li seemed to have sharper senses than before.

Shen Li and You Lan hid their aura to escape the generals and stepped into the Heaven Realm from the exit.

Since the last attack, the security in the Heaven Realm had indeed become a lot stricter, but the cultivation of these guards was not enough to detect the whereabouts of You Lan and Shen Li. They made a beeline straight to the Southern Heavenly Gate. When passing through a place, Shen Li looked down and involuntarily asked: “After that day, was the Heaven Realm attacked again?”

You Lan followed her gaze and looked down. Then she immediately understood: “King, don’t you remember? That’s Lord Fu Rong’s residence.”

Shen Li was slightly stunned: “Lord Fu Rong? Why has his residence become like this now?” As she looked, she only saw that the courtyard had been bombed by something, and there was even a big hole in the ground. The colors of the red safflower and green grass in the courtyard had faded away, so wan as if it was washed away by something.

You Lan let out a sigh of disappointment that bordered on resentment, but there was also sorrow in her words: “That brother of mine, who isn’t worthy of any respect, has not done anything worthy for the pride of his family since he was a child. This time, after knowing the Demon Realm’s General Mo Fang… Oops, he can’t be called a general anymore. After knowing that that person died, my brother went almost crazy. His spiritual power exploded and it blew up his own courtyard. His spiritual power was really pure, so it actually purified even the flowers and plants. After that, he lost consciousness for a long time. Then later, he learned the news about Mo Fang’s mutiny. His entire person became very uncommunicative, and he did not allow anyone to take care of the courtyard. That’s why you see it like this now.”

How could that fickle Lord Fu Rong really be hurt? Additionally… His magic was truly very pure. So before, he was not bragging just to brag about his ability in this area.

Shen Li did not bother to think too much about other things, she just glanced at it and continued to move forward.

Almost at the Southern Heavenly Gate, You Lan and Shen Li hid in the dark first. You Lan said: “The Divine Sovereign should be busy in the Mortal Realm right now. If you want to go find him, then go east.”

Shen Li shook her head: “I’m going back to the Demon Realm.”

For a moment, You Lan was stunned, then she understood Shen Li’s meaning and her eyes dimmed: “Although I don’t understand what your perseverance is about, but if it’s possible, I, You Lan, hope that you two can face it together.” While Shen Li was silent, You Lan bowed to her, “I’m going to lead the guards away first, and when there’s an opportunity, King, please depart by yourself.”

After saying that, she stepped out and said something to the two guards, leading them away in another direction. Within that moment, Shen Li moved like the wind, and in a flash, she leapt down from the Southern Heavenly Gate and disappeared into the sea of ​​clouds.

You Lan knew that she was gone, so she did not bother to look back. Her eyes were looking high and far: “It appears that I have made a mistake about the movement on that side just now.” She said, “It’s just like a dream.”

After passing through the small gap between the two realms, Shen Li stepped into the Demon Realm. With just a single inhale, Shen Li breathed in the air in the Demon Realm and immediately frowned.

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