Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 74.01


Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 74.01

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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Her father… 

To Shen Li, this form of address was very unfamiliar to her. Her knowledge of this person only came from a few short descriptions given by the Demon Sovereign. Even before the Demon Sovereign had told her everything, she did not even know that her father was a demon beast. 

However, their bloodline was so bewildering. Just standing off to the side, looking at the existence that was so similar to her own true form, Shen Li could fully attest that there was a connection between them. 

As that eye floated swayingly towards the sphere of light, he chanted something in a low voice. Suddenly,  the sphere of light vibrated: “Good child, good child.” Liu Ming was so excited that his voice almost cracked: “You should wake up. Wake up, it’s time to go out.” 

As soon as Shen Li’s figure moved, the black energy that was wrapped around her body held her even tighter, so much so that it wrapped around her nose and mouth, making her unable to form a sound. 

Suddenly, the sleeping phoenix opened its eyes and a beam of light flashed in the phoenix’s eyes. The light swept out from the Ruins of Heavenly Poles to places far away in the distance. As the iron chains that surrounded the sphere of light trembled, the entire ruins lightly shook, too. Liu Ming gave a fierce smile, his eye was filled with madness: “Get up, I have already ordered people to replace the remaining four seals. After replacing you, you don’t need to be the seal of the Ruins of Heavenly Poles anymore. You will soon be free.” 

So he was using her to replace her father… Shen Li smiled wryly. Therefore, even if she refused, she could not even refuse with peace in mind… 

The raging flames on the phoenix’s plumes were scorching hot. In the sphere of light, it could not spread its wings, but it was not even angry when it was the one being shackled. The raging flames on its body burned so much that it was almost white, so dazzling that Shen Li could not look straight at it. However, in the blink of an eye, the scorching light diminished. When Shen Li looked back, she saw that the fire phoenix’s body had morphed. Its wings slowly turned into arms with five individual fingers, and skin grew on its face, turning into facial features of a human. While the feathers on its body turned into orange-red clothes that were well-fitted like they were sewn close to the body. 

As he raised his head, his Adam’s apple slid gently within his smooth, contoured neck. Then a very soft sigh came out from his lips. The breath seemed to carry the heat that had accumulated for thousands of years. It sprayed onto the inner wall of the sphere of light, causing the sphere to suddenly make a “ka-cha” sound. 

“Liu Yu…” Before his eyes even opened, he instinctively called out this name. Then slowly, the blurriness in his eyes became clearer, “Liu Yu.” 

Liu Ming slowly floated to the place before him: “Good boy, look at me.” Only then did Feng Lai’s eyes slowly converge and fall on Liu Ming. Liu Ming was so excited, “Just wait a little bit, I will release you soon.” 

“Where is Liu Yu?” 

“Liu Yu… Has been dead for a long time.” 

As Feng Lai’s body froze, he quietly lowered his head: “Dead?” 

“Yes.” Liu Ming’s voice was so sly, “Abandoned by the world, died because of the deities, and the person who caused her death is just outside the Ruins of Heavenly Poles…” 

“She can’t die.” Feng Lai clenched his fists tightly, “I still haven’t made it back yet, how can she die?” The flames around him flickered, causing the sphere of light to tremble. Shen Li wanted to explain and stop him, but the black energy coiling around her seemed to have exhausted all of her life force, preventing her from budging. 

Then the sphere of light split open. Liu Ming’s eye was wide open and his voice was shaking violently with excitement: “Come out, child. Kill the deity out there and avenge Liu Yu, come out!” 

As the sphere of light burst completely, Feng Lai was like a mysterious arrow shooting off from the bow, rushing toward one direction. Liu Ming, who was floating before him, was still laughing heartily. However, the laughter abruptly grunted to a stop. It was because the flames on Feng Lai’s body had completely consumed the last remnant of his soul! 

In the direction that Feng Lai left, there was only an extremely bright light left in his wake. When Shen Li heard a loud noise in the distance, the light from outside leaked into the dark Ruins of Heavenly Poles. Then the demon beasts rioted and ran frantically in the direction that Feng Lai had left. 

Shocked, Shen Li wanted to rush forward and stop them. However, Fu Sheng stubbornly dragged her and pulled her towards the iron chains. Shen Li was furious: “Liu Ming is now dead! Why do you still follow his orders and do such a thing?!” 

Approaching the iron chains, Fu Sheng no longer coiled around Shen Li, but the aura of her raging flames immediately attracted those iron chains that proceeded to bind Shen Li’s hands and feet like they had self-awareness. As if something was connected to her bloodline, Shen Li only felt her entire body become powerless, as if her strength was drained completely by the iron chains. 

The trembling in the Ruins of Heavenly Poles stopped and everything was temporarily quiet. As Fu Sheng was drifting around Shen Li, his voice as if exhausted: “Congratulations to the Lord on achieving his greatest wish.” 

However, apart from achieving their wish, they had nothing else left. 

“What a bunch of stubborn lunatics.” Shen Li said coldly, only in exchange for Fu Sheng’s endless silence.

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