[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 33 – 34 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

What I like most about today’s episodes are about Gu Han Guang.

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Episode 33

~~ Zhao Yao ~~

Zhao Yao talked to the Tea Shop Boss about a way to leave Qi Zhi Di.

Zhao Yao: No matter what the cost, I am willing to try. As long as I can leave.

Tea Shop Boss: Even willing to die?

Zhao Yao: I can’t die, but I can be half dead.

Zhao Yao followed Tea Shop Boss and Zi You to the Jing Chi. Jing Chi was a pond that helped people separate themselves from the mortal world. She had to give up the essence of Qi Zhi Di in her body, then she could find her way out. What she had to do was cleanse her blood.

Tea Shop Boss: Suffering this Jing Chi’s blood cleansing is extremely painful and dangerous. It is hard for ordinary people to bear. Even if you are lucky and pass, the damage to your vitality will be very large. Even so…

Zhao Yao: Even so, I must leave.

Tea Shop Boss: Why are you so persistent?

Zhao Yao: Because I have a deep affection for someone that I cannot disappoint.

Tea Shop Boss proceeded to cut her in 5 different places and she went into the pond of water.

Zhao Yao: Mo Qing, wait for me.

~~ Mo Qing ~~

Mo Qing planed to perform the Nine Heaven Spell. He did not care if he died, just as long as he could find Zhao Yao. Zhi Yan tried to change his mind.

Zhi Yan: Li Sect Leader, she will definitely come back. You have to take care of your body and wait for her to return.

Mo Qing: I have a plan in my heart, you don’t need to say anything more.

Zhi Yan: You have always known that it was Lu Zhao Yao?

Mo Qing: In my heart, nobody can compare to her.

~~ Zhi Yan ~~

Zhi Yan blamed herself because she left to go save Cang Ling. She hoped that Mo Qing and Zhao Yao will both be okay. Zhi Yan went to visit Cang Ling.

Zhi Yan: I just feel like I let down the demoness. I pulled her into this trouble with me. Now I don’t know if she is alive or dead. Made Li Chen Lan risk his life. It’s all my fault.

Cang Ling: Zhi Yan, if there is a fault, then it is also my fault.

~~ Gu Han Guang ~~

Gu Han Guang said some words to comfort Zhi Yan’s decision in saving Cang Ling. Then Zhi Yan asked him about when he saved Chen Qian Jin.

Gu Han Guang: Actually, it’s not really sad. May as well save her. May as well let me take her place and absorb her cold poison. May as well let her forget me. It’s better than to do nothing. When in front of your face there is only one road, the choice will not be that difficult. The result will also not be as tough to handle.

Past: Gu Han Guang begged for Lu Zhao Yao’s help to save Chen Qian Jin. Lu Zhao Yao said that she was not a doctor, why did he need her for? He said that he needed someone who has high cultivation to help push the poison out and she was the only one he could think of. In exchange for Lu Zhao Yao’s help, he agreed to stay at Wan Lu Sect and be their doctor forever.

Lu Zhao Yao helped push out the poison. Gu Han Guang absorbed Chen Qian Jin’s poison and proceeded to make her forget him.

Present: Chen Qian Jin was eavesdropping and her heart started hurting. Then she remembered some events. Her poison returned and she spat cold blood everywhere. Gu Han Guang wanted to seal her memories again but before he could Chen Qian Jin destroyed her cultivated power so that she will never forget him again. She destroyed her power because the type of cultivation that she practiced prevent her from falling in love.

Chen Qian Jin: Gu Han Guang, I am telling you. I , Chen Qian Jin, had never fear death. But I am even more afraid that I won’t remember you again.

~~ Dungeon ~~

That little pet snitch went and told Lin Zi Yu what Mo Qing wanted to do. Lin Zi Yu planned to work with Yuan Jie. It was time for an uprising.

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Episode 34

~~ Dungeon ~~

Yuan Jie’s disciple infiltrated the dungeon to give him his staff. Lin Zi Yu and him broke their manacles and escaped.

Yuan Jie went to Wu E Dian and Lin Zi Yu instructed her people to go to Si Ma Rong’s and Gu Han Guang’s place.

~~ Lin Zi Yu ~~

Lin Zi Yu stared at Wu E Dian and gripped her whip tightly.

Little Snitch Pet: Sister Zi Yu, did you think it though? If we go through with this step, we cannot go back.

Lin Zi Yu: I already cannot turn back. I can only follow this road. Keep going step by step. I will walk to the place where he can see me. I will walk to his side.

~~ Mo Qing ~~

Mo Qing got ready to cast the Nine Heavens Spell. An Luo Wei surrounded him for his protection.

Mo Qing: Zhao Yao, I will find you. I will definitely find you. Zhao Yao, wait for me.

During the night, Yuan Jie busted in on Mo Qing. Mo Qing got interrupted and spurted blood.

~~ Zhi Yan ~~

Cang Ling and Zhi Yan were having a reminiscing, pity party.

~~ Zhao Yao ~~

Zhao Yao was successful in cleansing her blood and shakily stood up from the pond. Zi You told her to take a rest at the tea shop because she was so weak. However, she wanted to immediately go back to Mo Qing. Zi You commented that he must bring her a lot of happiness.

Zhao Yao: Whichever place that has him in it, it is the most happiest place.

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8 thoughts on “[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 33 – 34 Highlights

  1. You are amazing! Thank you so much. I was thrilled to see chapter 11, but I’m saving up chapters to binge read. Please know that I am rooting for you to finish Zhao Yao all the way. My deepest appreciation. ^_^

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    1. In the drama, Zhao Yao had always had her original body and since she created a connection with Zhi Yan’s blood, Zhao Yao took on Zhi Yan’s appearance. Anyways, Zhao Yao’s scar is back on her forehead, so that means everyone can see her as herself now.


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