[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 35 – 36 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

What I love most about today’s episodes are Zhao Yao and Mo Qing finally back together! I was getting anxious! Also, these 2 episodes are mostly fluffs and Shi Qi is ADORABLE.

BTW, I’m going out of town for Spring Break, so this will be all for now.

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Episode 35

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

Mo Qing and Yuan Jie fought. Mo Qing did not want to hurt Yuan Jie because he was loyal to Zhao Yao. However, Yuan Jie attacked Mo Qing, Mo Qing got blasted to the Sect Leader’s throne.

Lin Zi Yu came in and wrapped her whip around Yuan Jie’s neck. She double crossed him. She ran up to Mo Qing and told him that she was there to save him. She asked him that he could see her now, right? That in his eyes, there was only her, right? She grabbed Mo Qing’s arm, he removed his arm from her grasp.

~~ Zhao Yao ~~

She was able to get through the knot in the tree and leave Qi Zhi Di. She was too weak and was unable to use her powers to immediately get to Mo Qing, so she had to walk.

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

As Zhao Yao walked through the uprising and all the disciples stopped fighting.

Zhao Yao: Little Ugly Monster, I returned.

Zhao Yao and Mo Qing kissed. Then Zhao Yao supported Mo Qing up to become Wan Lu Sect’s Leader. Yuan Jie said that Zhao Yao was not the one he followed, that she was a fake. Therefore, Yuan Jie tried to kill Zhao Yao and Mo Qing killed him. Yuan Jie died. (I pitied the old man, out of Zhao Yao’s four mountain lords, he did not make it out alive. He’s too bitter with the celestial sect for killing his family.)

Then Lin Zi Yu wanted to kill Zhao Yao. Shi Qi came in just in time and grabbed her whip and tore it in half. Shi Qi defeated Lin Zi Yu with one punch. Shi Qi hugged Lu Zhao Yao. Then Lin Zi Yu high tailed it out of there. As she escaped, she looked at her little snitch pet to stay and be a spy.

~~ At the Pond ~~

Qin Qian Xian and Zhao Yao talked about that year he took her body to the ice cave. He casted a spell to push his inner demon out. Now, Zhao Yao knew how Jiang Wu came to be.

Zhao Yao: I only stared at you for one night and it created Jiang Wu!

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Episode 36

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

Gu Han Guang took Zhao Yao’s pulse to see why she could not use her powers. Mo Qing became worried. Zhao Yao told him that she could not use her powers, so therefore, he has to protect her. So, he needs to take better care of his body. Then Mo Qing asked her what happened that day when she turned into fireworks. So, she told them a little bit about Qi Zhi Di.

~~ Zhuo Chen Hall ~~

Everyone was getting ready for the Qi Xi Festival. (Qi Xi Festival is the 7th day of the 7th month on the lunar calendar. It is like Chinese Valentine’s Day.) Mo Qing went to Zhao Yao’s room to invite her.

Mo Qing: Today, Shun An Village has a night market. I heard it is really fun. Do you want to go?

Zhao Yao: Yes, I want to go. I was idle and bored.

Shi Qi: Sect Leader, I want to go, too.

Zhao Yao: I’m going to talk about love. Why do you want to follow me?

Shi Qi: I also want to talk about love with you.

Mo Qing: You’re an adult now. Go find a different person to like.

Shi Qi: I like Sect Leader, is that not okay? It’s all your fault that you snatched her away!

Mo Qing (to Zhao Yao): Hurry up and marry her away.

Shi Qi (to Zhao Yao): Sect Leader, hurry up and marry HIM away!

Anyways, Zhao Yao sweet talk Shi Qi to leave and go eat hotpot at Gu Han Guang’s place.

Zhao Yao: What’s wrong? Are you jealous of little Shi Qi?

Mo Qing: I just want to hide you away.

~~ Shun An Village ~~

They walked around and enjoyed the beautiful night.

Zhao Yao: Little Ugly Monster, when did you differentiate me and Zhi Yan?

Mo Qing: When you saved Liu Cang Ling and took Yuan Jie’s hit, I knew. Only you have that look in your eyes and imposing demeanor.

Zhao Yao: After you confirmed that it was me, you gave me this (necklace)? What is this? That year in front of the mountain gate, you gave me this and now, you gave it to me again. Is it something really important?

Mo Qing: You knew?

Zhao Yao: In Qi Zhi Di, I looked into some of my past. But first, tell me what this is. Why must I wear it?

Mo Qing: This is Khuy Xin Jing (Spying Heart Mirror).

Then Mo Qing explained to Zhao Yao that he wore that necklace when he was young. He did not know what it was used for. After what happened in front of the mountain gate, he wanted to give her something but besides the necklace, he owned nothing else. So he gave her the necklace. Then at that time, he knew what Khuy Xin Jing was. It could spy into someone’s innermost thoughts. It could let him see what Zhao Yao was doing at all times. Zhao Yao thought Mo Qing was a peeping tom! Anyways, she agreed to keep wearing it.

~~ Cang Shu Pavilion ~~

Shi Qi, instead of going to Gu Han Guang’s place for hotpot, she went to Cang Shu Pavilion where Qin Qian Xian was.

Qin Qian Xian: Why didn’t you go out and play? I heard there’s a night market down the mountain, it should be really fun.

Shi Qi: Sect Leader doesn’t want me anymore. So, I…

Qin Qian Xian: So, East Mountain Lord, do you want to go admire the moon with me?

They admired the moon at Cang Shu Pavilion. Shi Qi told Qin Qian Xian that the moonlight was not beautiful but with him under the moonlight, it was very beautiful. Then Shi Qi sadly took out some wrapped chicken drumsticks to eat. Qin Qian Xian was surprised that she had chicken drumsticks on her. Shi Qi told him that everyone was supposed to be at Gu Han Guang’s place to eat hotpot. However, she did not want to go, so had this chicken drumstick. She gave Qin Qian Xian a drumstrick, too.

Shi Qi: I truly like Sect Leader. But why is the person next to her is Little Ugly Monster. But I really want to be together with Sect Leader. When I think of that, I can’t eat the drumstick anymore.

Qin Qian Xian tried to comfort her. Then Shi Qi had a epiphany. Since she really like Zhao Yao. She should be with her at every moment and not waste time because it was not easy for her to return this time. So, Shi Qi dragged Qin Qian Xian to go eat hotpot.

~~ Gu Han Guang’s Place ~~

Everyone met up. They were invited to eat hotpot at his place to celebrate Qi Xi Festival. They played a drinking 5-word game and ate hotpot.

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3 thoughts on “[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 35 – 36 Highlights

  1. Thank you for the summary! I have a few questions if you don’t mind.
    1. Is Shi Qi romantically attracted to Zhao Yao or is it just that she admires her?
    2. Can you explain Jiang Wu’s existence a little more? Was he a result of a forbidden desire within Qin Qian Xin for Zhao Yao?
    3. Why did Qin Qian Xin take Zhao Yao’s body to begin with?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. Shi Qi is not romantically attracted to Zhao Yao. Shi Qi doesn’t know what love is yet. She is devoted to her best friend, Zhao Yao. And wants to spend as much time as she can with her.
      2. You could say ‘forbidden desire.’ One night of Zhao Yao’s staring created an obsession in QQX which gave birth to his inner demon, Jiang Wu. When he pushed his inner demon out, it absorbed demonic auras around battlefields and such, then he was able to take a human form.
      3. QQX said that his obsession started with Zhao Yao, therefore, his obsession must end with her. He did his spell/ incantation/ meditation in front of iced-up Zhao Yao, to push his inner demon out or he will lose all his years of celestial cultivation.

      Liked by 1 person

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