[Eps Recap] Zhao Yao [招摇] ~ Episodes 51 – 52 Highlights

This is just highlights on the episodes. Each episode highlights are chunked together with some dialogues and descriptions, so it’s not a play-by-play.

I’m glad that Mo Qing finally had that family reunion with his daddy. I actually cried some when I was translating the dialogue. I’m also happy to watch more Mo Qing and Zhao Yao moments.

BTW, the bad editing on episode 52 drives me nuts.

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Episode 51

~~ Feng Mountain ~~

Luo Ming Xuan announced to his disciples that he killed Jiang Wu and had returned to his leader position in Zong Sect.

Then Luo Ming Xuan ordered Chi Zhi Shi to tell the other Zong Sects to meet at Feng Mountain in the next three days and also if he finds Jin Xiu, he needs to be dealt with.

~~ Qi Zhi Di ~~

Tea Shop Boss could not get Mo Qing out of his mind. He found that Mo Qing’s face was so familiar. He complained that his memories were getting worse and that he was forgetting more and more.

So he decided to go look into the Reminisce Mirror to see his past. He saw all the things that he did like when he agreed to accept the black dragon into his body for its immense power or when he pushed the inner demon onto his son’s body and wanted to kill his son but could not go through with it.

~~ Wan Lu Sect ~~

Mo Qing and Zhao Yao returned to Wan Lu Sect. Mo Qing was trying to control the inner demon in his body. He could not control his body and tried to attack Shi Qi. Zhao Yao stopped him. Zhao Yao told Shi Qi to bring Si Ma Rong over.

Si Ma Rong appeared and Zhao Yao asked Shi Qi to leave. Shi Qi left, Zhao Yao asked Mo Qing to tell her what happened between him and Jiang Wu at Feng Mo Mountain. He told her that he was struggling against the enchanted chains and saw the dragon, Wan Jun, appear.

Wan Jun: You want to get out.

Mo Qing: Who are you?

Wan Jun: I am Wan Jun.

Mo Qing: You can help me?

Wan Jun: As long as you become one with me. Don’t suppress the power in your blood. Follow it, follow me, then you can obtain all the powers of the Wan Jun Sword. Don’t you want to save Lu Zhao Yao?

Mo Qing: I want to.

Wan Jun: You powers originally shouldn’t have been suppressed

Then the dragon went through Mo Qing’s body. Then Mo Qing’s eyes became red and he had the power to break his bind.

Zhao Yao: Your inner demon and Wan Jun Sword are connected. Mo Qing, In the future, you cannot use Wan Jun Sword anymore. It must be sealed.

Mo Qing: Luo Ming Xuan is definitely going to unite Zong Sect and together they will deal with Wan Lu Sect. Right now, Wan Lu Men is in the midst of chaos. I want to protect you.

Zhao Yao: Mo Qing, don’t take my place to remember my hatred anymore. This life of mine did not come here to kill Luo Ming Xuan. I came here to protect you.

Mo Qing: Okay, I will seal Wan Jun Sword.

They are going to wait until Mo Qing gets a little bit better and then go to the Sword Tomb to seal Wan Jun Sword.

It was nighttime, Si Ma Rong and Mo Qing had a little heart-t0-heart. Si Ma Rong told Mo Qing that later on when he seals Wan Jun Sword, he cannot use any of his powers. Si Ma Rong said that Mo Qing would be no different from a normal person. Mo Qing replied that he would no longer be a threat to them either.

Si Ma Rong: Are you afraid? You are afraid that one day you can’t control yourself and will hurt Zhao Yao.

Mo Qing: Also afraid of hurting innocents. A Rong, I was sealed at Feng Mo Mountain. On a bumpy, rough, and homeless journey, I had once thought it was fine to overturn this world but the appearance of one person caused me to fall in love with this previously loathesome world. I want to protect Zhao Yao and also protect the mountains, rivers, and world that raised her.

Then Zhao Yao came into the room and asked them what they were talking about. Si Ma Rong commented that the people at Wan Lu Sect once said that he was the most gentle person in the world. Si Ma Rong also thought the same but he realized it was someone else who was the gentlest.

It was daytime, Mo Qing and Zhao Yao were outside walking around. Zhao Yao asked him what he thought of Zhi Yan’s ability in taking care of Wan Lu Sect’s business. He thought Zhi Yan was really good at it. Zhao Yao told him that after everything was over, she wanted to wander the world with him.

Mo Qing: You don’t want to become the highest overlord anymore?

Zhao Yao: It is enough to be the overlord in your heart.

Mo Qing: Then early on, you had already succeeded.

They talked about when they come back from the Sword Tomb, they will finish their incomplete wedding. Then they hugged and Mo Qing’s eyes turned red.

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Episode 52

~~ Feng Mountain ~~

All the Zong Sects came together to have a meeting. Luo Ming Xuan told everyone that the annihilation of Xu Zong Sect was caused by Mo Qing, and Jiang Wu. He said that it was because they wanted to save Lu Zhao Yao, so they eyed Jiang He’s forbidden technique and Luo Ming Xuan had proof. He announced for Lin Zi Yu to appear before them. Lin Zi Yu appeared and she concurred that the destruction of Xu Zong Sect was done by Mo Qing and Jiang Wu for the sake of saving Lu Zhao Yao.

Luo Ming Xuan finally announced his true motives for the meeting. He wanted to go kill the Demon King’s only son.

~~ Wan Lu Sect ~~

At Cang Shu Pavilion, Mo Qing and Zhao Yao were reminiscing and admiring the moon. Zhao Yao told Mo Qing that she was tired and wanted to sleep for a bit. She went to sleep on his shoulder, then suddenly his inner demon flared up and concentrated in his left hand. It tried to kill Zhao Yao but Mo Qing suppressed it.

Mo Qing quickly sat Zhao Yao down at the table. The guards saw him struggling with his left hand, came over to help him but got scared when it attacked them.

In the end, Mo Qing was able to suppress his inner demon but Wan Jun Sword busted out of its trunk and killed the two guards.

Mo Qing cried and Zhao Yao woke up because something did not feel right. Mo Qing told Zhao Yao that it was not his doing.

Zhi Yan, Si Ma Rong, and Zhao Yao were at Wu E Hall trying to figure out a plan to help Mo Qing and deal with Wan Jun Sword.

The next morning, Mo Qing and Zhao Yao were laying in bed together. (The editing just jumps here and there and doesn’t make sense, it’s so bad.)

Zhao Yao: You’re awake?

Mo Qing: I haven’t slept so peacefully in such a long time.

Zhao Yao: Was it be because the inner demon was suppressed or was it because I accompanied you?

Then Zhao Yao suggested that they go for a walk. They went to Qi Zhi Di.

~~ Qi Zhi Di ~~

Mo Qing and Zhao Yao went to the tea shop looking for Zhu Ji. Upon seeing them, Zi You immediately knelt down and thanked Zhao Yao for saving his life that time. He told her that he went to look into his past and he remembered that he was Lin Zi Yu’s little brother. He heard that his sister had betrayed Wan Lu Sect and speculated that she must have a reason to do it. (Yeah, she go jealous and went crazy.) Zi You asked when the time comes, Zhao Yao would think of their relationship in Qi Zhi Di and would spare his sister’s life. Zhao Yao agreed.

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

Mo Qing and Zhao Yao returned to Wu E Hall and heard that someone was looking for Mo Qing. It was Tea Shop Boss, Zhu Ji. Mo Qing told Zhao Yao that Zhu Ji was his father.

Zhu Ji: I have returned.

Zhao Yao and red-nose disciple left to give their reunion privacy.

Zhu Ji: Child, I am so happy to see you again. Really happy.

Mo Qing: Father, why did you always stay in Qi Zhi Di for so many years?

Zhu Ji: That year that I sealed you away, I went to get Liu He Tian Yi Sword. I did not succeed and was rebelled against by my subordinates. Because of a coincidental opportunity I fell into Qi Zhi Di. I know that I did a lot of unforgivable things to you. You definitely will not forgive me. Really fast, I will forget really fast. I will forget these events that I just remembered. I only remembered telling you to wait for me. I want to return and see you. I miss you. I see you, see that you are very well. I am relieved. I can leave with a peaceful mind.

Mo Qing: Father, you don’t need to leave. Let Zhao Yao and I have another family member.

Zhu Ji: Okay.

Then Mo Qing presented his father a cup of tea.

~~ Xu Zong Sect ~~

Liu Cang Ling went to investigate what really happened at Xu Zong Sect.

He went to the Ancestor Memorial Hall and heard tapping sounds coming from the hidden room under the dry well.

It was Jiang He’s disciple.

Liu Cang Ling removed the rubble and saved him.

~~ Wu E Hall ~~

The next day, Zhu Ji was confused why he was there. He did not recognized Mo Qing. Zhu Ji only remembered Mo Qing at five years of age.

Zhu Ji: My son is Li Chen Lan. From the beginning, I saw him as my inner demon but after that he became my son. But I did a lot of unforgivable things to him. I truly regret it. He… He is only five years old. Five years old and it was the first time he was controlled by the inner demon. He wanted to kill people. I stopped him but I accidentally broke one of his arms. I thought that when he woke up, he would definitely cry. He would cause trouble for me. He would blame me. I never thought that this child… He, he did not cry. He… When he woke up, he laughed at me and with his other arm grasped my hand like this. He still called me father. My son, Chen Lan. I hope that you pass through this mortal world in great waves (the meaning behind Mo Qing’s name) with an unchanging heart of a newborn baby.

It was nighttime, Mo Qing just laid his father down to sleep and returned to Zhao Yao.

Mo Qing: If he completely forgets these things, what should I do?

Zhao Yao: Whatever he forgot, he could never forget you.

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  1. More crazy editing on on the drama on the remaining episode.
    Thank you for doing this. Atleast i can understand what they are saying. 😊

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  2. Thank you for doing this, the bad editing and my not understanding of chinese, they didn’t make me understand much but with your recap I can make sense of everything.

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