Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 18


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 18

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Mo Qing carried me up step by step, while I rested my head on his shoulder and distractedly gazed at the dazzlingly radiant bright moonlight the entire way.


Until we reached Wu E Hall, the entrance guards noticed that Mo Qing was carrying me on his back. When he passed by them, they bowed their heads in greeting and I scrupulously discovered that the cold sweat on their foreheads had all dripped onto the ground.


No one had ever seen the Sect Leader carrying another person walking on the path before. I knew what they were thinking. They were thinking, I saw this scene today, would my life not end soon…

However, Mo Qing did not care about them and carried me directly into Wu E Hall.

From my place, I just got off of Mo Qing’s back and saw a black shadow flash by inside Wu E Hall. He knelt on one knee with one hand placed on the ground and respectfully bowed to Mo Qing. Mo Qing indifferently inquired him: “Is the room properly tidied up?”

“To answer Great Master, it is already tidied up and ready.”

Mo Qing waved his hand and the black shadow blinked and retreated away.

I knew that in Wu E Hall this was the specialized guard, Dark Shift Guard, in charge of guarding the Sect Leader. They were more powerful, more loyal, and even more professional compared to the entrance guards outside. They guarded the Sect Leader and defended the Sect Leader’s rights. They were responsible for monitoring all of Wan Lu Sect’s intelligence. They apprehended and dealt with those who betrayed and privately did bad things and then brought to me for punishment.

When I was here, I established this rule. It was just that I was unfamiliar with that person that came to report a moment ago. He was definitely not in that group of people that I raised when I was alive.

Thinking back it was also true, in all of Wan Lu Sect there was no one more loyal than Dark Shift Guards. When I died, they did not want to serve the new master perhaps they all committed suicide. Now in this place, this team already should completely belong to only Mo Qing.

I disregarded these thoughts, calmly raised my face to ask Mo Qing: “Master, are you planning to let me live in Wu E Hall from now on? Which part of the hall am I living in?”

“Zhuo Chen.”

I could not help it but smile slightly.

Wu E Hall was very large, in the very front was the main hall and beside it were two small side halls. Behind Wu E Hall was the Sect Leader’s sleeping chamber, Ding Feng Hall. On both sides of Ding Feng Hall were two other small side halls, one called Zhuo Chen and the other was Qing Bo.

Among these, Qing Bo Hall was a study piled up with thick tall books. I usually handled sect affairs in that place. However, Zhuo Chen Hall was always empty. I occasionally retreated there to meditate. It was only separated from Ding Feng Hall by one wall.

If I remembered correctly, the wall that connected Ding Feng Hall and Zhuo Chen Hall was the one behind the bed. With Zhuo Chen Hall’s structure, if he wanted to put a bed, then it must be placed behind that wall, too.

Then if that wall was destroyed, would it not be equivalent to sharing the same bed at night?

So, based on Mo Qing’s level of demonic cultivation, whether or not there was a wall actually made not too much of a difference!

Very well youngster, I practically saw through your evil ways!

But I could not refuse and had to agree. Soon after, a servant led the way to Zhuo Chen Hall.


Before this absolutely empty room was used only for meditation practices, and now it was suddenly transformed completely into a woman’s room.


I did not go to sleep on that bed. Throughout the night, I only sat on the divan in the middle of the room to meditate and helped Zhi Yan harmonized her body. The next morning, I waited for Zhi Yan’s soul to return. Then I took advantage of the morning light to teach her the Daoist meditation breathing technique so that she could learn how to regulate the energy flow in her meridians more effectively.

Afterward, I passed through the wall to carefully observe Mo Qing’s movements.

When I meditated last night, I pondered carefully. At present, Mo Qing had his own Dark Shift Guards. If I wanted to kill him, I did not possess Wan Jun Sword and I also was not the son of the Demon King. Besides, this body that I borrowed was still a disciple of celestial cultivation. It was ten thousand times more impossible for me to kill him than when he easily and cruelly killed me a few years ago and then single-handedly and completely inherited my position.

I still needed to obtain a team…

After I kill Mo Qing, I needed a capable team that could help shoulder the burden of Wan Lu Sect’s operation that had already become more and more enormous.

I thought of Jiang Wu. Even though it would be relatively difficult to subdue him but I ought to give it a try.

However, if I wanted to contact Jiang Wu, I must leave Chen Ji Mountain and reach Jiang City. If I wanted to reach Jiang City, I must escape Mo Qing. If I wanted to escape Mo Qing, I must firmly grasp his movements and strive to give myself the maximum amount of time.

I passed through the wall and saw that the sun had just recently risen but Mo Qing was already not on the bed asleep, perhaps… Yesterday for the entire night, he did not touch the bed.

In Ding Feng Hall, he sat facing the desk and continuously stared at the pile of books and letters in front of him, sometimes made some official reply. He was busy like the emperor of those ordinary people.

For such a very busy person, yesterday, he unexpectedly spent a lot of time walking back with me from Xi Yue Peak to Wu E Hall. If those times were not wasted, then, in any case, he could have taken a little rest last night.

Did he really like Zhi Yan’s body that much…

I floated before his desk, leaned on his desk, and looked at him closely.


The lantern on the table was still lit because he was busy the entire night. A few strands of hair in front of his forehead had slipped to dangle on the paper, but it was exactly because of this, as a result, it contrasted against his increasingly serious and solemn expression.


Once again, I saw another Mo Qing that was different from that ugly monster.

There were no black scars on his face nor did he intentionally cover his facial features. Apparently, like this, Ugly Little Monster was actually… Very handsome… No wonder when he first came to sweep my grave, I was stunned when I saw him.

“Great Master.” Outside came the voice of the Dark Shift Guard, “The noble guest has arrived.”

Mo Qing responded once, stood up, bypassed the desk, and briefly brushed past me. I quickly chased after him and saw him enter Qing Bo Hall. I precisely wanted to follow him and enter to see who exactly was the “noble guest” that made Mo Qing use the “busy” excuse to delay going to Immortal Island to fetch the sword for me yesterday.

But I absolutely never expected that I was unexpectedly stopped by a barrier outside the door.

I was a ghost, blocked by a force field of the world of the living? I was obstructed outside the door and could not enter.

I was extremely surprised.

The separation between yin and yang in this world was the most stable and difficult barrier to break. The magic of the living could not hurt me but I also could not touch the living. Living together in the same space and unable to touch each other but this force field stopped me.

From a certain perspective, this force field crossed the line between life and death.

I became increasingly curious, was this force field Mo Qing’s? In the end, who was he meeting inside?

My heart was so overflowed with curiosity that I did not go anywhere. I just crossed my arms and waited in front of the door. I waited from daytime until nighttime but the people inside had yet to come out. I sat there until Zhi Yan who mediated the whole day went to the doorway of Qing Bo Hall to find me.

Zhi Yan had just arrived and the door to Qing Bo Hall opened.

The two people inside walked out and Mo Qing naturally led the way. When he appeared, Zhi Yan was planning to talk to me but immediately her scalp became numb. As if from head to toe, her body immediately became rigid on the spot.

Mo Qing swept her over with a glance but the emotions in his eyes contained neither breezes nor ripples. Following behind him was an individual wearing a long veiled hat. When I saw that person, I immediately understood that it was him. No wonder I could not pass through to get in.

I was still sighing with sorrow but beside me, when Zhi Yan saw that person, she was like struck by another hammer and reawakened from her fear of Mo Qing. She involuntarily called out: “Big Uncle?”

I also involuntarily shouted out, “Huh?” I was very puzzled, “What did you call him?”

When that person wearing the long veil hat heard her words, he pulled the veil’s fabric slightly aside and looked at Zhi Yan: “Zhi Yan?” That beautiful face behind that lifted veil could make both men and women intoxicated, like the Bodhisattva in the temple, a stately masterpiece — it was precisely Qian Chen Sect Leader, Qin Qian Xian.

Zhi Yan called him big uncle, as it turned out… She was actually the Qin family’s daughter?

She actually has such a big supporter, why did she want to join Wan Lu Sect to practice demonic cultivation and then go kill Elder Liu? Was it not possible to just tell Qin Qian Xian, although Jian Xin Sect was among one of the most powerful Ten Great Celestial Sects but Qian Chen Sect was not bad either. If the two great celestial sects had a mutual confrontation, then Old Fellow Elder Liu would not withstand it for long.

Ah, that was incorrect, too… If this was the case, then Old Fellow Elder Liu was not stupid. If he knew Zhi Yan’s identity, then why did he still killed her father at that moment? That was Qin Qian Xian’s little brother, was he not openly opposing Qian Chen Sect? Thinking about this matter was indeed very suspicious!

I stroked my chin and observed Zhi Yan.

Qin Qian Xian looked at her for a moment, and then immediately let go of the veil again. The tone of his voice did not fluctuate much: “You actually came to this place.”

Zhi Yan bit her lower lip and silently said: “I told you, I will find a way to avenge my father.”

“Your father’s death was very suspicious. Liu Sect Leader is not the vicious and merciless kind…”


“I saw it with my own eyes! You don’t believe me, that’s fine, but don’t persuade me anymore.” She finished speaking and turned her body to walk away. When this young lady loses her temper it was actually direct and efficient. Shortly after, I quickly followed and chased after Zhi Yan.

When I left, the sunset was slanting down and finally, the flickering light fell on me and Zhi Yan. I turned my head to look over there at Mo Qing and Qin Qian Xian but at this moment, I saw Qin Qian Xian with his veil hat looking in my direction. As if the eyes behind that thin cotton was staring intently at me.

For others, I dared to pound my chest and ensured that they could not see me; even Mo Qing was also this way. But only this Qin Qian Xian who cultivated the Bodhisattva path, I was extremely unsure. In Jiang Hu, there was no one who knew how powerful he was because no one had fought him before, even I who was so eager to fight and win at that time.

I heard that his appearance was devastatingly beautiful, so I captured him and locked him in the dungeon to admire. I admired him for the whole night. He simply closed his eyes and meditated like a Bodhisattva statue. He was neither angry nor irritable, and furthermore, he had no intention of attacking me.


At that time, I just wanted to admire his beauty. I finished looking and released him, there was no excessive conflict.


At this moment, Qin Qian Xian just from time to time stared in this direction. Under the twilight of the setting sun, he turned his head to the side and asked Mo Qing: “Li Sect Leader, since this little niece of mine came to your noble sect, was there any unusual actions?”

“What kind of unusual actions?”

“Maybe there were times when she suddenly didn’t seem to be herself?”

I heard it and felt fear on my back; I hurriedly gazed at Mo Qing. I saw that Mo Qing’s face remained unchanged and without the slightest hesitation, he answered: “Nothing unusual.”

I was stumped, my heart said, as it turns out that Zhi Yan and I changing back and forth in her body like this was nothing unusual in front of Mo Qing.

Apparently, the power of love was so immense that it could obscure the eyes!

Moreover, Mo Qing did not inquire too much about Zhi Yan’s identity… Anyways, it could be assumed that it was like this, she had lived in Chen Ji Mountain for a while now, and if Mo Qing wanted to investigate her identity, then early on he would be clear on every detailed information regarding Zhi Yan.

Ultimately, in the end, I was the one who understood the origin of Zhi Yan’s identity the least!

Qin Qian Xian and Mo Qing exchanged goodbyes and then immediately his silhouette faded away. Afterward, Mo Qing turned his eyes and stared at Zhi Yan at that moment walking down the mountain.

I promptly called to Zhi Yan and made her stopped walking. I immediately floated over and rushed into her body, and I whispered: “I will turn back and ask. You stop.”

When my voice dropped, Mo Qing’s figure appeared right before my body.

He looked at me intently. At first, he bore no expression but after I lightly smiled at him and softly called out: “Master.” Mo Qing’s eyes also softened for a moment, and I continued, “Just now when I suddenly saw Big Uncle, I was really startled. Why did he come to Chen Ji Mountain? ”

Unexpectedly, Mo Qing did not evade and bluntly told me: “Recently, the people of Xin Mountain Jiang Wu have been causing more chaos in Jiang Zhou City. Thereby, I asked Qian Chen Sect to jointly discuss the elimination of this matter.”

I was distracted as I was surfing through countless schemes at once in my thoughts. Right at this moment, I calculated on how to obtain the greatest benefit for myself in this battle but Mo Qing suddenly asked me: “What about you?”

I blinked and asked him: “What?”

His look in his eyes carried some broodiness: “Your feud with Jian Xin Sect, what is it specifically?”

My feud with Jian Xin Sect… How would I know exactly what it was. Once again, I was not concerned about why Zhi Yan wanted to get revenge. I just needed to know whom she wanted to kill, and then I would help her kill that person!

With lightning speed, I shot a glanced at Zhi Yan. He suddenly asked such a question, Zhi Yan panicked a little and rambled incoherently starting from the root cause of the incident for me to understand this event.

I heard a few words and simply faced Mo Qing with a cheerful smile, and then took the initiative to reach out to embrace and shake his arm: “Master, look, although the sun has gone down the mountain but the glow of today’s sunset is so beautiful. Let’s not mention those chaotic worries. Wait until later, I will slowly tell you all about it. Right now, how about we enjoy the evening glow together.” I casually sat down on a step, then patted the stone step next to me and invited Mo Qing to sit down.


I heard a soft chuckle, it was Mo Qing laughing.

If I felt Mo Qing’s chest vibrated yesterday and heard his laughter perhaps it could be my imagination. So today, under the glow of the setting sun, Mo Qing’s lips and eyes were slightly curved and even though I saw that it was real, I still vaguely thought it was my imagination.


Compared to the current Mo Qing, I unexpectedly did not think the Qin Qian Xian that I just saw was that beautiful anymore

All the people praised Qin Qian Xian but in the presence of this light smile, in a split second everything else had lost its luster.


Like such, Mo Qing unexpectedly said to me: “Okay.” He mistreated his robe made of East Sea Mermaid Thread to casually sit down beside me and look off into the distant sunset. After admiring for a while, he turned his head to look at me and I connected with his eyes. In that brief moment, I unexpectedly became aware that my heart began to uncontrollably dance like yesterday again.

I shifted my gaze, somewhat confused and looked off into the distance. Then I looked at my knees and turned my head to look at the guards behind me.

These guards looked like last night, heads hanged low, faces were tight, and cold sweat dropped one by one onto the ground but all they were missing was the crying. In my heart, I thought that it was probably because they saw the Sect Leader’s many different sides, and then their lives really were not too far from death.

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  1. My radar has gone off! This QQX is the rival! and he might even know our MC ghost version. *^*
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