100 Ghost Collection ~ Prologue


100 Ghost Collection by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《百鬼集》 作者: 九鹭非香

Prologue ~ Ghost Wizard (high)

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The first wife’s daughter with a good reputation of Li Yuanwai’s family was going to get married soon, the husband was the noble son of the Shen family. The Shen family specially prepared ten miles of marriage dowry for this wedding ceremony, it caused countless envy from admiring eyes. Everyone knew that this was a beautiful marriage well-matched in social and economic status.

*Yuanwai – wealthy landlord

The two families were joyously preparing for the wedding. They were awfully busy, so no one noticed that on some early mornings, Li Yuan Bao stealthily sneaked out of the mansion.

Li Yuan Bao was the second daughter of Shen Yuanwai and his concubine. This identity was destined to lead her to live an entirely different life from her older sister. An identity that unwaveringly bonded to her throughout her life, she was unable to break away and unable to resist.

Yuan Bao liked the Shen family’s noble son. It originated on that afternoon day, she was in the loft embroidering flowers. The wind blew the silk fabric and it swayed and floated out the window. She got up to look for it and saw under the loft was a handsome nobleman wearing a sky blue brocade robe holding the silk fabric. He looked at her with a slight smile: “You embroidered this?”


“It’s very beautiful.”

In a moment’s glance, she had fallen hopelessly fond of this refined nobleman from just a simple conversation.

However, when the Shen family came to propose marriage, her father was partial and gave the opportunity to her older sister. From childhood to adulthood, the best things were always her older sister’s. She had always lived her life at ease but after she heard her father’s conversation with the Shen family master behind the cotton screen and when she saw her older sister’s blush, she felt envious; a deep hateful envy for this older half-sister.

Why are some people always so lucky?

She once heard the cleanup stable hands talking to someone about a wizard that could utilize legendary venomous insect living outside the town in a densely foggy and wooded area. As long as he was given money, he would sell a legendary venomous worm.

Li Yuan Bao did not have much money but she had some gold and silver jewelry. She packed all the jewelry inside the wrapping cloth. She wanted to buy two legendary venomous insects, one for her father, so that he would not be so biased, and the other for Shen family’s noble son …

Afterward, she could then live out her days happily together with him.

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