Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 22


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 22

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For a whole day, Gu Han Guang was outside forcefully trying to pry an opening in the force field.

But then again it was a fact, other than Gu Han Guang’s medical expertise, his cultivation of internal energy was not as high compared to the North Mountain Lord. Furthermore, did not even need to compare with the rest of the Dark Guards either… Additionally, looking at the way that North Mountain Lord interacted with Jiang Wu, Jiang Wu’s cultivation base could only be higher than Yuan Jie’s.

A difference in strength could actually create a wide distance for people on the path of demonic or celestial cultivation. Jiang Wu was so confident; he definitely understood his own strength. Therefore, it was normal for Gu Han Guang to not be able to break through his enchantment barrier.

On the bed, Zhi Yan hugged her knees in withdrawal while her eyes fixated blankly on a place: “What to do now? I think I may possibly be taken away.”

As I stroked my chin, I pondered: “How about I give your Big Uncle a dream tonight.”


Yesterday, when Qin Qian Xian was at Wu E Hall, he made a force field that even I was unable to get through. It was clear that in this respect of casting enchantment barriers, his knowledge had become very deep. It would be more suitable to let him come and solve this problem. Additionally, Zhi Yan was still his biological niece; he definitely would not heartlessly watch her get taken away by Jiang Wu.


Finally waited until evening to come, I was preparing to leave. Zhi Yan’s spirit vigorously separated from her body and she hesitantly said:

“From a young age, my Big Uncle cultivates the Bodhisattva’s path. At present, I already don’t know how many years it has been. What if he… Wants to harm you?”

To be honest, in fact, I was feeling a little nervous.

As a ghost, I really did not want to be in contact with a Bodhisattva cultivator at all, especially someone like Qin Qian Xian who had cultivated the Bodhisattva path to a certain realm. What if he chanted the sutra and then suddenly I transcended this world?

However, worries bred worries; what should be done was still the same and it could not be stopped either.

“Stay here. I delivered this body of yours into Jiang Wu’s hand, so I will definitely make sure you leave safely.”

Once again, I searched for the ghost market and spent five thousand coins to buy an Entering Dream Pill that lasts half an incense time. I called out his name three times, the surrounding environment darkened, and I plunged into the darkness again. I heard the sounds of footsteps, unlike Gu Han Guang’s, Qin Qian Xian walked more steadily and a little more slowly, like walking leisurely in the courtyard, and then he saw me.

I raised my head first and smiled to express my own friendliness. He did not say anything and quickly sat in the lotus position to help me transcend: “Qin Sect Leader.”

Qin Qian Xian silently looked at me for a short moment, his compassionate Bodhisattva-like eyes dropped slightly: “Lu Qiong.” It was unexpectedly rare for someone to still say my formal name. I responded once, while he repeatedly muttered to himself, “She can… Actually, still enter my dreams…”

I could not hear his words very well but saw the palms of his two hands come together in prayer, his eyes closed, and his delicately curved upper and lower lips slowly chanted the scriptures.

I was startled: “Wait a minute! I didn’t come here to tangle with you! Don’t help my soul find peace!”

I rushed forward, reached out to capture both of his wrists, and wanted to separate his praying hands. However, I was unable to make contact with him. In a moment of desperation, I called out once: “Big Uncle!”

He was stunned. I heard the sutra chanting stopped and interjected quickly: “Your niece, Zhi Yan, was abducted by Xin Mountain Jiang Wu. She is imprisoned in Jiang City, inside a force field protected small courtyard. My South Mountain Lord is already there but he can’t break through the barrier. So, I’m in your dream to deliver a message for you to go save her!”

After I finished speaking, I just could not prevent the disdain that all of a sudden blossomed inside my heart for myself. When I was alive, I did not fear anything as high as the heavens and as deep as the earth. Now that I was dead, I unexpectedly was scared of him, Qin Qian Xian.

That year, I remembered that he was captured by me and kept in the dungeon for this supreme ruler to properly admire!


Also, that year, I heard that after I watched him for one night, he spawned an inner demon. When he returned, he secluded himself and meditated to repair his frame of mind for a long time, and only then did he once again returned to Jiang Hu.

The present outcome, karma truly did circulate appropriate retribution…

Qin Qian Xian’s gaze was on my face and then it changed: “You’re the one following Zhi Yan?”

This Bodhisattva cultivator could indeed cultivate the Divine Eye! That day at Wu E Hall, he surely vaguely glimpsed my shadow.

I did not deny it: “I won’t harm your niece. She beseeched me and I needed her, too. We each negotiated a fair trade. It is harmless to her, Qian Chen Sect, and celestial cultivators. You don’t need to think about releasing my soul. I, Lu Zhao Yao, know myself that when I was a person, I really was not a good person. But now that I am a ghost, I still haven’t really done anything bad!”

Although it was because I still did not have the opportunity…

Qin Qian Xian heard that and was also silent for a moment: “Just now, I recited ‘the Heart Sutra.’ I have never before wanted to make you transcend.”

Then, in that case, you saw ghosts and recited ‘the Heart Sutra,’ perhaps you wanted to help yourself transcend instead?

I held back these words; suddenly I felt the darkness around me gradually faded away and once again the time of half an incense had arrived. I firmly grasped the last moment of time to tell him: “You must go save your niece! Liu Street in Jiang City…”

As the darkness disappeared, Qin Qian Xian was not seen again.


Finished delivering the dream, I returned to the outside of that small residence once more. The small child, Gu Han Guang, and the Dark Guards were surrounding the exterior of the house but they were unable to do anything about Jiang Wu’s enchantment barrier.

There was no urgency on Gu Han Guang’s face. I knew what he was thinking; he thought this matter was in fact inconsequential. South Mountain Lord had nothing to worry about; in any case, the Sect Leader would sort it out later. But here in this place, he was just saving a celestial sect woman who sought asylum with the demonic path.

It was just that in the dream, I threatened him, so then he had to accept this job. Even though he accepted, he did not say he would definitely manage it well. Right now, he was not handling it well but at least he exhausted his strength. So I could not blame him.

I understood these little moody thoughts of Gu Han Guang; therefore I was even more annoyed. Hence, I slapped Gu Han Guang’s forehead but he simply could not feel it at all.

In my heart, I recorded in his account that he did not do the job to the best of his ability. Then I entered the residence and saw some of Jiang Wu’s subordinates in the courtyard drinking alcohol.  As they drank, they made comments mocking Gu Han Guang standing outside, lashing out in all directions and also laying it into Wan Lu Sect, too.

The tip of my eyebrow rose. If this was before, I would have already unsheathed my sword. Even if I chopped your Jiang City in half here, I would rather battle against the Ten Great Celestial Sects once more. I absolutely would not allow you, an up-and-coming youngster, to seize every opportunity to be impudent before my Wan Lu Sect.

But unfortunately, this was not the same as before.

I was dead.

Therefore, I could only wait for someone to come save me.

I clenched my fist and recorded the accounts of these men in the small notebook in my heart. Did you think that I, Lu Zhao Yao, was dead, therefore had no power and would be resigned to let you all get away with it?

‘Just wait.’

From above them, I floated past their table. In these past few years, Mo Qing did not teach the lot of you the principle of behaving like a person with integrity in Jiang Hu. Later on, I would rectify this and give you all a lesson to mature upon.

I entered into the room.

I saw Jiang Wu sitting by the bed examining Zhi Yan’s countenance again. But Zhi Yan’s soul was off to the side withdrawn. She sat in the corner and hugged her legs. She glanced at me: “Does this person have some sort of sickness? He’s been sitting here watching me for almost the whole night.”


I still had not answered her, when someone suddenly rushed in and reported to Jiang Wu: “Qin Qian Xian is here!”


Jiang Wu was startled. His face abruptly became grave compared to when he heard Gu Han Guang’s name before. His complexion became much more unsightly: “He came in person?”


“Yes… Right now breaking through…”


The reporter had not yet finished speaking, when suddenly in the sky, a rolling thunder was heard slicing across the horizon. A “crack” sounded once and smashed into the force field above the small residence. The sound was so loud that even the deaf could hear. It made the ground look like it was shaking violently. I was surprised. Qin Qian Xian’s ability to break through the enchantment barrier was truly amazing. Since when did the cultivators of the Bodhisattva path become so violent and fierce?


I was still perplexed when bustling noises outside Jiang City rushed into my ear; Jiang Wu’s force field was destroyed! I was elated but saw Jiang Wu’s entire face darkened. Xiao Yi suddenly appeared and shouted: “Li Chen Lan is also here!”


I was taken aback. I did not understand why at that moment when I heard that name, everything around me seemed to slow down.

Yesterday, I obviously exhausted all possible plans and found many people to help me. But magically, when I heard Mo Qing’s name, the huge stone in my heart suddenly dropped and gave way to a sense of peace.


He went overseas to Immortal Island to fetch the sword. He said it would take him two to three days to return. But now it had not even reached one and a half day’s time, he had rushed back and brought along a whole body of thunderous anger…

In the moment of my absent-mindedness, that Jiang Wu suddenly carried Zhi Yan’s body on his shoulder in one move.


“Withdraw.” He commanded once. He unexpectedly wanted to use the Instant Shadow Technique.

Tomorrow, Zhi Yan’s soul would automatically return whereas I could not! Although, I ate the Energy Boost Pill but for me to float from here to Chen Ji Mountain, even that was a very endless distance!

I promptly made the decision to rush into Zhi Yan’s body. Only in an instant, a gust of wind rose up all around and in a short period of time, Jiang Wu blinked to an unknown place that was thousands of miles away.

I entered Zhi Yan’s body and felt my abdomen pressing painfully against Jiang Wu’s shoulder. It was really uncomfortable that I immediately woke up and struggled for a bit. Jiang Wu also did not make it difficult for me and immediately placed me on the ground: “Already awake?”

I pushed against his chest, stood two steps away, and observed my surroundings: “Where is this?”

However, Jiang Wu did not answer and just gripped my chin. He pulled me a little roughly before him and narrowed his eyes in examination: “Li Chen Lan and Qin Qian Xian, they both actually came here in person. Little Beauty, did you know that because I wanted to hear your proposition, I let this Jiang City turn into a really big drama?”

Hmph, unknowledgeable, what did it matter that Mo Qing and Qin Qian Xian personally came. Before I had empty-handedly fought against the Ten Great Sects and still incidentally saved Mo Qing.

Right now in this drama, the biggest highlight clearly was that you had kidnapped Lu Zhao Yao.

It was just that you did not know and other people did not know as well.

I gave Jiang Wu a suggestion: “I’ve changed my mind. This proposition can’t be done anymore. But you can let me go so that Li Chen Lan and Qin Qian Xian temporarily won’t chase after you.”

Jiang Wu laughed, even though right now he was running away but the arrogance in his eyes did not diminish: “Someone that can catch up to my Instant Shadow Technique, it’s even impossible for them, Li Chen Lan and Qin Qian Xian, to accomplish.”

“Such arrogance!”

Suddenly these two words dropped from the sky. I heard that familiar voice and could not help but lose my soul.

I knew why Jiang Wu was so confident to say these words that no one could catch up to his Instant Shadow Technique because no one knew where he would go. There were millions and millions of possibilities in this huge world, how would someone know where to search. Still, Mo Qing had truly found it and also quickly which I could not help but be astonished.

I watched as Mo Qing’s figure appeared behind the big tree. I looked at his ever-present star-like eyes that thoroughly revealed a bone-chilling coldness of killing intent.


I just felt my heart drumming sounds of “ba-dum, ba-dum” heartbeats. Even though I used to be in the middle of a situation that was ten thousand times more difficult and dangerous than this, I still had never before had such a feeling.

I had never thought that one day when I was thrown into prison; there would be a person who would miraculously appear on the scene like a hero.

He willingly crossed the deep water and jumped into a sea of fire to come rescue me.

Most importantly…

He even had such an astonishingly beautiful appearance.

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  1. Omg this chapter was soo pleasing to read…i m falling soo hard for Moqing ☺😌 goodness he is is ginally back & is soo handsome🤭 my dear zhaoyao is falling hard too….cant wait for next chapter….thnku loads😊❤❤

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  2. Omg this chapter was soo pleasing to read…i m falling soo hard for Moqing ☺😌 goodness he is finally back & is soo handsome🤭 my dear zhaoyao is falling hard too….cant wait for next chapter….thnku loads😊❤❤

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