Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 38.02

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 38.02

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Mo Qing frowned slightly and bluntly said three words: “Luo Ming Xuan?”

I was stunned: “Master… How’d you know?”

Mo Qing’s complexion suddenly darkened and the heavy bone-chilling coldness and murderous aura in his eyes made me feel a bit intimidated. Why did this situation look like… Mo Qing actually had some grudge against Luo Ming Xuan, too?

“They must be dreaming.”

As Mo Qing said these four words heavily, I told myself that Luo Ming Xuan had a body of a golden immortal; when he was alive, he had beaten down many demonic cultivators, therefore, the demonic path had become weak. Although the Ten Great Celestial Sects still exist since Luo Ming Xuan’s “death,” but they were like a dragon without its head. I abruptly led Wan Lu Sect to rise up among thousands of demonic cultivators and for a while the demonic path had strengthened. Up until now, Mo Qing had been managing Wan Lu Sect during all these years, making the demonic cultivators and demonic path more orderly. Obviously, he almost unified everything and wanted to continue the demon king’s powerful reign from millions of years ago.

At this time, he did not want Luo Ming Xuan to wake up and give himself an additional formidable opponent which was understandable.

“You stay here.”

As Mo Qing instructed me to do so, he immediately turned around, flicked his sleeve, and opened the upstairs window of the guest house. While the night breeze swept in, I knew that he wanted to leave and hurriedly chased after him: “Master! Guan Yu Tower’s Shen Qian Jin is there, too! She needs to be saved!”


He resolutely answered without any hesitation. He did not even stop to ask me how I knew or why did I want to save her. He simply was willing to tread into the tiger’s den because of my one single phrase.

I stood by the window and watched Mo Qing’s black robe disappear into the dark night. After a moment of silence, I ultimately did not stay as he instructed.

I told myself that I did not like the feeling of entrusting all of my hopes onto others. Even if it was this kid, Mo Qing, who nowadays was already causing someone’s peace of mind to feel danger.

I jumped out of the window and leaped into the dark night. Given the current restriction on the use of the Instant Travel Technique, I could only move forward against the wind. Just when I was about to enter Jian Xin Sect, I suddenly saw a beam of demonic aura sweeping pass. Immediately after, a flash of golden light exploded in the middle of that black demonic aura. The two opposing violent forces produced rumbling sounds, like lightning strikes on the flat ground, which tore directly through the tranquil night in Jin Zhou City.

I knew that it was Mo Qing fighting against the people in Jian Xin Sect .

Judging by the intensity level, if it was not Liu Su Ruo, then it was Liu Wei.

At the same time, an intense golden light appeared in the sky above Jin Zhou City and enveloped the entire city within it. It was Jin Zhou City’s Demon Defensive Array that had sensed Mo Qing’s demonic aura, so it immediately activated.


I drifted in the air and turned back to look, but saw the large Jin Zhou City that was just peaceful a moment ago, now had candlelight lit up in every household.

This was the enemy camp. In here, it felt like even the air was against you, not even a single friend was around, and everywhere the atmosphere made people feel lonely and full of hostility.

I dragged Mo Qing into a situation like this and made him fight with others.

Until this moment, I finally acknowledge the thought that had taken over my innermost corner–

In this situation, I could not leave Mo Qing to fight alone. I could not abandon my companion.

In my heart, I had subconsciously classified him as my own people.

I plunged headlong into Jian Xin Sect.


Outside the eastern wing of the main hall, Mo Qing and Liu Wei were fighting fiercely. Liu Wei could not gain the upper hand, but inside Jian Xin Sect there were supporting arrays and also inexhaustible celestial swords. These swords were hidden in every single place in Jian Xin Sect. Liu Wei manipulated these swords, sometimes to activate the arrays and sometimes to borrow the celestial swords’ power to counteract against Mo Qing’s pressure. 


I created a defensive barrier around myself, hid off to the side to watch for a while, and uncovered Liu Wei’s fighting techniques. He absolutely did not have the intention to fully fight with Mo Qing. He was merely stalling for time. He was drawing Mo Qing farther and farther away from the east wing!

Earlier Mo Qing left in a rush, so I did not clearly explained to him the in-betweens of the whole situation. He only knew that I told him to save Shen Qian Jin, but he did not know where Shen Qian Jin was, nor did he know what these people in Jian Xin Sect wanted to make Shen Qian Jin do. 


While Mo Qing was suppressing Liu Wei, I looked for an opportunity and leapt into the east wing.


I kicked open the door with one foot and inside the room was Shen Qian Jin covered in blood dripping endlessly from her neck. Her complexion was pale and she was weakly standing in the corner of the room. Liu Su Ruo stood in front of Shen Qian Jin holding her sword, preparing to stab and end her life in one stroke. I randomly grabbed the asparagus fern bonsai pot that was beside me and threw it in an arch. The bonsai pot circled in the air and a “boom” sounded as it smashed against the back of Liu Su Ruo’s hand. It caused her to thrust the long sword into the wall next to Shen Qian Jin’s ear.

The tip of the sword pierced the wall for more than three inches, it was clear to see how much force she had used.

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